Are you a basketball game enthusiast, a player or aspiring to be one? Do you enjoy watching games with friends, whether at home or in the arena? Watching sports such as football and basketball in the courtyard can be a thrilling moment, especially for anybody who aspires to be a player.

21 Basketball features at least three players at any point of the field. The game can also be played without time restrictions until the winner is found. For the beginners aspiring to join the team, this kind of basketball can a good starting point to an excellent player. The game does not involve harsh rules. A participant is only expected to master basics. Also, the rules are accessible in NBA Instagram and YouTube. This blog discusses how to play 21 basketball.

However, those who cannot make to the arena can access the NBA for free live at their homes and enjoy with their families. Basketball games are categorized into different types. These basketball games are outlined in every NBA season schedule, giving their fans time to plan for their watching. The most common type liked by many fans is 21 basketball.

Game Structure

The game requires 3 players and its played anywhere provided there is a basketball hoop. Each of the players represents one team and keeps the records of their scores.
The free-throw line is designated in a horizontal line of about 4.6 meters from the hoop. However, when playing on a smaller courtyard, the free-throw range can be tailored to fit your preferences and space.
A three-point line is drawn 7.24 meters from the basket hoop. It is a broad semi-circular line that encloses the free-throw line. The three-point line can also be adjusted to fit a smaller court.

Basic Rules

The game is not different from other types of basketball sports, though it has some adjustments. The rules can also be added or subtracted by players who wish to do so depending on how they want to play the game. The basic rules include:
  • Each regular shot is worth two points. Steady shots can be made from anywhere in the court except the free-throw line and three-point line.

  • Each 3-point line shot is three points. These shots are only made front the 3-point line.

  • Each free-throw line shot is one point. They are made from the free-throw line.

  • The winner in the previous game starts a new one.

  • 21 basketball has no fouls unless It is absolutely necessary.

  • The shooter has to make NBA range 3 pointers before shooting a free-throw.

  • A player in each game makes only three free throws.

  • Getting stuck at 20 means going back all the way to 15 points and start again.

  • Before winning the game at 21, the shooter needs to make another NBA 3.

Since the rules may seem complicated to new players, the most basics may be emphasized.

The Gameplay

The game starts by determining who takes the ball possession for the first shot, which is determined by all shooter taking turns in shooting the hoop rim. The person hitting the hoop rim begin the game. The ball must not go through the basket or else the shots would be repeated until the winner is found.

The first shooter can also be determined by all shooters making the single free throw to break the ice. The shot that breaks the ice is counted as one point. However, in other variations, this step can be skipped and all the players to scramble for the ball until one fall in ball possession, similar to NBA jam arcade.

After the first shooter is determined, the ball is now live to all players, who then start fighting for the rebound. The shooter with the ball makes a shot from the 3-point line and others try to stop him from accessing the basket hoop. The ball is dribbled up to the 2-point line with a score earning two points. In case the score is missed other players will run for the ball and whoever gets it start at the 3-point line

After making the field goal, the scoring player is allowed to make up to three free throws from anywhere in the field. Each score made on free-throw earns 1 point. After three successful free throws, the other opponents choose one player to challenge the shooter on the one-on-one matchup and try to stop another goal. The shot made at this stage earns the shooter more points. If the shooter misses the shot, his opponents’ possess the ball and tries stop them from shooting the into the basket.

In case the shooter scores all the three free throws and another score made at the 2-point line, he is given the ball back at the key line, or the 3-point line and the game will be live again. The shooter would try shooting from this 3-point line and get 3 points at once. However, the shooter will try to surpass the opponents and reach the basket hoop and shoot, earning 2 more points at a time until he emerges the winner of the game.

Any opponent who steals the ball from the shooter has to dribble the ball out of the 3-=point line before trying to make a shot. The opponent cannot shoot the ball into the basket before clearing the ball out of 3-point line. The opponents also have to make several shots to be beyond the shooter for the game to continue.

Winning the Game

A player wins after accumulating 21 points, hence the name 21 basketball. In case a player scores a minimum of 21 points, the scores are reduced to 11 points. For any player with 20 points but afraid of going beyond 21 points, there is an option to miss a free throw by hitting the rim, earning 1 point.

However, this tactic is tricky since the ball may go through the basket by a shot. In this case, the shooter loses the game, falling back to 11 points. Suppose two players have a tied score of 19 points, they must compete differently to determine the winner.

One player has to make a shot worth 2 points to win the game. In one variation, after accumulating 21 points, one successful shot at the 3-point line is made to win the game. Missing this shot means the points would reduce back to 11 and the game would still be live.

Variations in Rules

There are different ways of playing. Watching it in the arena or back at home through NBA for free live, additional variations in rules can be noticed. The common changes in rules include;


  • The shooter is awarded points for the shot made at the starting point of determining the ball possessor.
  • The points can be increased to 15 rather than reducing to 11 when the winning shot is missed.
  • The defender is forced to male the fourth free throw instead of only three. Missing the fourth free throw denies one the ball and the opponent will clear it.
  • In changing the awarding points, a field score and a throw short are awarded 1 and 2 points, respectively.
  • A legal shot must be a top shot. This means the score must be above the eyeline.
  • The defender is allowed to try a 3-pointer shooter instead of only three free throws. In this case, a long 3-pointer shot is necessary to be declared the winner of the game. Most experienced players commonly use the variation.
  • If a shooter misses the next shot after the points are reduced to 11, they still be reduced to 0
  • In a case of a wide variation in skills among the players, the one with less than 11 points carries the tally to the next game.
  • On the twitter rally, in support of the variation, the winning point is increased to 24. Suppose the individual scores beyond 24, the points are reduced to 8. The rally was also carried out on nba Instagram.
  • Player shooting at the foul line must hit the rim when the points are 19 to prevent simply hitting the backboard and regaining the ball without a rebound.
  • In “Breaking the ice variation, the defender is not penalized for scoring above 21 goals, however, it will be mandatory to first make a free throw successfully to win the game.


How to improve shooting skills.

Watching those players on NBA for free live and wishing to be a good basketball player, you could be wondering how you can score those 21 points faster. Worry not! Improving on shooting skill is the first step a good player should focus on before going to the court to play. These skills can be enhanced through reading on NBA Instagram and blogs or by practicing. Let us take a quick look at how you can achieve amazing tactics to win over your opponent’s faster.

  • Locate the rim: locating your target or the rim earlier than your opponents gives you time to set your brain and have a calculated distance to pass through your opponents. Put your eyes on the rim as you play with the ball.
  • Holding your follow-through: always focus on your follow through and prevent the problems associated with troubleshooting.
  • Be yourself: trying to copy what other basketball legends do is a common but a serious mistake. For instance, copying how Kobe shoots while hanging on air will lead to frustrations and earn you a place in benches. To be a good shooter, be yourself and work towards your goals.
  • Relaxing your wrist: Be as relaxed as possible when making your shot. Finishing with tensed wrists reduces your speed for following through.
  • Avoid thinking about your goal: it’s wrong to think of how and when you will get the next goal. Instead, focus on your ball and how to pass through your opponents. Thinking about your next goal will blind your thought and opponents can easily steal the ball from you.
  • Groove at least 50 shots before the game: Before the actual game, do single-player shooting session to be confident enough with the shooting. Grooving at least 50 goals before the actual game not only does it improve your shooting skills but also creates a competitive ground with your opponents.
  • Get a training partner: How will you know when you have mastered the tricks without having someone to compete with? Get a trainer and create competitive training to improve your shooting skills.
  • Film your shooting: it’s vital to see how good or bad you are at shooting. Take videos of your training frequently and learn from them. Watching your training enables you to make adjustable corrections.

The Bottom Line

Basketball is one of the easiest games to play provided you master the rules and tricks involved. Reading the skills from various blogs and articles from nba Instagram can improve your shootings. Did watch basketball legends such as Kobe Bryant and wonder how they became so much experienced and command the field? They started like you and took their time shaping their field skills. With 21 basketball knowledge, on needs to be focused and determined to win the game. Playing becomes simple when rules are followed.

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