3 Simple Methods To Tie Yeezys

3 Simple Methods To Tie Yeezys

3 Simple Methods To Tie Yeezys

No matter, whether you want to step in your Yeezys shoes for a casual date or an evening day out, we are here to guide you about three simple and quick methods to tie your favorite yeezys shoes which can give your shoes a new look every time.

You can easily now replicate its “factory knot”, “noose knot” or can go for the trendy untied look. Let’s get started.

Method 1: Factory knot

  • This is the simplest as you need to lace your shoes so that you can slip them off and on anytime. Make sure you tighten up the laces for staying on the feet and keep them loose enough to slide your feet in without adjusting your laces every time.

  • Ideally, you can go for around 15-20 cm of excessive shoe string hanging on each side of the eye holes.

  • The laces should run side-by-side and must not cross one another at all.

  • Wrap your yeezys shoelaces around your first two fingers of the lower hand and upper hand for wrapping stretched laces.

  • Make sure your wrap is loose enough so that you can easily slide your fingers out of the shoelaces without any hassle.

  • Cross your lace ends overwrap and pinch the same under the thumb.

  • For creating a loop, work your fingers out of the wrap.

  • Adjust your laces as per your comfort and your factory knot is ready.

Method 2: Noose Knot

  • Create the first knot as you normally tie your shoes

  • Start winding end of the free lace around your upright loop, around halfway up.

  • Keep on tightly winding around its original look, and work towards down.

  • Stick the end of your free lace into the bottom gap and pull the same through its way.

  • Tighten up your shoe knot by pulling free end and loop just above wraps.

Method 3: Untied Look

  • Unlace your shoestring from last eye holes set. Imagine your shoes are laced already and pull its every end back through top eye hole on its tongue sides.

  • Cross them beneath the tongue of shoes and then re-lace them through these holes.

  • If you are willing to lace your shoes first, there are various criss-cross lacing and options of straight lace that you can go for.

  • Cross the end of the lace underneath the tongue and leave extra slack. Leave them a bit loose so that you can have free inches of lace on either side.

  • You can go for around 3-4 of free lacing on each side.

  • Finish lacing through eye hole present on the same sides. Leave the end of the shoelace freely dangling from last eye holes.

  • Lace-up your shoes a bit lose, which acts very casual and trendy. Follow the above methods for an untied knot and make few tweaks until your every section is loosened and then leave your shoes untied.

The above-mentioned methods to tie Yeezys shoes are amazing. Try any of them or change them every weekend to step in style in Yeezys shoes.

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