5 Best Ways To Remove Wrinkles Of Leather Shoes & Boots

5 Best Ways To Remove Wrinkles Of Leather Shoes & Boots

5 Best Ways To Remove Wrinkles Of Leather Shoes & Boots:

Tired of using shoe shiners and stuff like these that result in the same as before?

Instead of wasting more money on buying new shoes every month, we are here with new techniques and ideas that could save your dollars and remove wrinkles of leather shoes and boots yourself.

You haven’t heard about ironing shoes. Have you?

Leather is not intended for ironing, but with careful and accurate steps your dress shoes, boots, sneakers might look as if they are just unboxed. We are going to explain this method and some others in detail.

Let’s get right to it but before starting, keep in mind to be careful as excessive heat could damage the shoes. It is recommended to try it on a small chunk before giving it a shot.

Remember! Some minor creases would still be there as everything on earth is bound to age circle.

Here is the best method you can choose to remove the leather shoes creases.


Method 1: Using An Iron


  • Steam iron

  • Cardboard stuffing or newspaper

  • Water Bottle.


It will be easier if you remove the laces. Fold the paper in the shape of your foot and tap it so that it holds its shape. Pour the water in iron (60-80°F). Place a wet washcloth over the shoe’s damaged area and iron it. This enables the leather to stretch. Leave the washcloths on the shoes while they cool down. Results would be better using a shoe tree. Avoid using excessive moisture and heat.


Method 2: Using A Steamer

The results would be more efficient using a steamer as compared to iron as it works well on round edges. Remove the shoelaces. Cover the toe box with a washcloth. Gently move the steamer on the cloth will remove the wrinkles.


Method 3: Using A Blow Dryer Or Heat Gun

This method works better when the leather is fully stretched. Place the shoe on a shoe tree. Grip the blow dryer or heat gun away from the shoe about 3-6 inches, moving it continuously to avoid burns. Rub the creases to mold the shoe in proper shape when the leather is hot. Once it gets cooled, use polish to renovate its texture. Try to avoid the lighter ones as heating leather may darken it.


Method 4: Massage With Oil

You can even use oil which is specially designed to use on leather. It can help to release creases.

Simply apply a few drops of oil to the crease, and gently massage the leather to soften it. You can place the shoe on a tree. The method is the best for minor creases. It’s recommended to condition creases for long term working.

Method 5: Alcohol

You can also use alcohol to relax the leather. It can reshape them if they are properly creased. The process of using alcohol is simple! You can fill a spray bottle with water and rub alcohol over it.

We hope these methods will help you remove the stubborn creases from your leather shoes. Don’t forget to share if you have something interesting to share with us.

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