5 Easy Ways To Turn Any Shoes Into Non-Slip Shoes

5 Easy Ways To Turn Any Shoes Into Non-Slip Shoes

5 Easy Ways To Turn Any Shoes Into Non-Slip Shoes:

Slipping because of slippery shoes is a common act. It happens intentionally, and sometimes unintentionally. Mostly slippery shoes are considered as the culprit, and that’s fair enough. We humans are made this way and never blame ourselves. But now you don’t need to blame your shoes anymore. Here are the best 5 ways to turn any shoes into non-slip shoes. Curious to know how? Well, here you go!

  1. Use Anti-Skid Pads:

Sometimes our shoes get wear out their original sole’s grip due to continuous walking onto them. That’s perfect, alright! Don’t think you have lost your favorite pair of shoes. We can still repair them. You can use anti-skid pads, these are super-adhesive, and easily stick to the bottom of the shoes. You can have non-slipper shoes back!

  1. Add An Insole:

No two-foot size can be the same when it comes to shoes fit. Finding balance and stability can be tough when wearing a pair of shoes, no matters heel, or casual footwear. Every person’s footprint is different; some have flat feet while others have high arches, so surely we can save footwear is meant to be relatively universal. Additionally, there is no guarantee one shoe can easily fit a lot of people. In that case, you can add an insole to cater to your foot. Yes, you have heard it right!

It can help you by keeping yourself away from falling on your face.

  1. Buy A New Pair With A Proper Gripping:

No doubt, all people have different needs when it comes to footwear, whether needed for an occasion or heading to the gym. Whatever the need is, we need our shoes to get us through our day to day activities. So it’s always better to invest in the top-quality pair of shoes with a proper gripping. This way, you can avoid slipping.

  1. Use Coating Spray:

Isn’t it wonderful? There is an effective product that you can use as a gripping adhesive when properly sprayed onto the sole of your shoes. It’s the best product to prevent slips and falls from sidewalks. You can use it whenever you intend to go outside, especially in snowy weather.

  1. Scuff Your Sole:

To add grip to your shoes, you need to scuff them. Maybe it sounds silly, but it works. Although shoes are specialized to enhance your grip perfectly, many new shoe’s bottoms are super slippery and can be the reason for your fall. However, scuffing your new shoes is simple and requires no extra effort.

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