8 Basketball Shoes That Are Best for Ankle Support

8 Basketball Shoes That Are Best for Ankle Support

8 Basketball Shoes That Are Best for Ankle Support
If you are a basketball player, surely you must have experienced that chilling moment after falling down from a layup. This is the moment when you are unsure of what will happen to your ankle. Sprained ankles are prevalent injuries that all basketball players have to go through, be it amateur or professional.

Even a star player like Kobe Bryant stands victim to such an injury, which occurred in 2013. When a doctor informs you about such an injury, it can be utterly devastating, regardless of whether it is your profession or playing just for fun. The most dangerous thing concerning ankle injuries is that one can never be sure how long it will take to recover.

This intense sport requires an excessive amount of jumping, dodging, and quick movements. Hence, it is highly necessary to select the right pair of basketball shoes that will keep you away from the list of on-court accidents. There are many options of footwear designed specially to support your ankles and minimize the chance of accidents. This article features some of the best basketball shoes that provide ankle support and mitigate the risk of injuries.

Things to Look for in Ankle-Supporting Basketball Shoes

It might seem to you the basketball shoes provide ample support for your feet since the majority of the basketball shoes cover the ankles. However, the reality is quite different as kids, teens, and adults get attracted to contemporary designs and fancy advertisements. Before moving further and looking at some of the most top-recommended basketball shoes, it is absolutely vital to know what you need to look for in a pair of basketball shoes.

  1. Good Ankle Support

The first thing to search for when buying basketball shoes with brilliant ankle support is to see the style. You should always avoid any style of shoes that involves low or mid-cuts. The high-cut style of shoes helps players to restrict unnecessary ankle movement. Though this might lead to a more restricted free feeling for some, the ultimate goal is to prevent the chances of ankle injuries.

Getting your ligaments stretched too far or injuring your ankles can be one of the biggest threats for basketball players. It can keep them off the court for weeks, maybe months even. Keeping this in mind, we need to cancel out a significant portion of the basketball shoes in the market, narrowing it down only to the very best.

  1. Energy Absorbent

Secondly, some of the best basketball shoes contain elements in them that will cut straight to the root cause, i.e., awkwardly landing down off a jump. Shoes designed to soak in the energy coming off of a careless jump or fall can start off with a leading rank.

  1. Traction

From here onwards, you will look at some other shoe factors that act as a contributing factor for ankle support but require less urgency. Shoe traction is one of the most crucial factors which keeps basketball players from slipping badly and placing their ankle at a chance of getting twisted.

  1. Appearance, Price, and Comfort

The final conditions that we will shed light on are the less fancy features that ultimately define the shoe's quality but do not exactly relate to ankle support. These factors are weight, price, comfort, and looks.

Best Ankle-Supporting Basketball Shoes

Contemporary models of shoes do not necessarily have all the things it takes to be the best ankle-supporting basketball shoe. Note that a few of these top picks might not necessarily be from the latest collection of shoes.

Some of these new and old pairs still receive the most marks for increased ankle support and comfort. It ultimately depends on you to decide how much value you give to ankle support against weight or style. However, for the most part, our focus will be on ankle support.

Now that we looked at the critical factors that must be present in ankle-supporting basketball shoes, we will highlight some of the best ankle support shoes.

  1. Nike Air Maestro II

The Nike Air Maestro is indeed one of the best choices of basketball shoes. It takes up the look of a typical, old-fashioned shoe but with several features that will assist you remarkably on-court. The full-length Nike air unit is one of the most outstanding features of this shoe. It makes the shoes feel incredibly light because of the soft padding.

It protects the foot's bottom that is mainly affected due to all the running and jumping that basketball entails. If you are flat-footed, this is the best shoe that will eliminate your feet' discomfort and help you give your best in the game.

The Nike Air Maestro II shoes are a bit higher than your typical sneaker. This allows basketball players to move swiftly and dodge on the court easily because of its increased ankle support and reduced injury chances. It is also designed with leather material to make sure the sneaker lasts for a long time.

  1. Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1

The Adidas D.O.N. Issue No.1 comes with excellent traction and has resulted in a lot of satisfied customers. Buyers have excessively praised the shoe's superior herringbone design and footing abilities. The D.O.N. operates fantastically with its springy padding, comfort, stability, and impact protection.

It comes with great support and a terrific lockdown, like the majority of other models of Adidas' high-performance athletic shoes. The movement and fitting of D.O.N. are sturdy even though the overall build of the shoe is bulky.

  1. Under Armour Men's Lockdown

Under Armour's (U.A.) Lockdown is indeed a highly cost-effective basketball shoe that deserves to be on this list. It contains all the essential things one needs when it comes to looking for a basic basketball shoe with ankle support.

Though Under Armour does not include the aesthetic looks and flashy appeal of a standard Nike flagship sneaker, it is quite comfortable and practical. Under Armour's original E.V.A. sock liner offers all the necessary support and cushioning that your feet need after hours of playing pickup.

The shoe provides ample traction that will make you last through a basketball game, due to Under Armour's multi-directional gripping pattern on the rubber-based outsole. It comprises lightweight leather and some other light artificial elements. Regardless of any condition, Under Armour will not let your guard down when you head for a rebound or layup.

This particular shoe might be a little clunky but note that it costs quite less for a good quality shoe. If you overlook the attractiveness of an Under Armour Lockdown shoe compared to the appeal that other shoes have, you and your feet can go a long way ahead.

  1. Nike's Zoom LeBron Soldier IX

This shoe model is Nike's way of responding to bad ankles. Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IX has undergone extensive marketing by Nike and is definitely living up to its reputation. This is a premium quality Nike Shoe which makes it quite costly. However, its explosiveness, style, and features for ankle support all make it worth it.

Quite fascinatingly, you will not find laces in Nike Zoom. This unique shoe brags a 3-layer strap system. The first strap is positioned low down. The second is placed where the laces usually perform their function. The last ankle strap locks and protects your ankle.

This ankle strap is one of the leading factors that make Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier IX different from other sneakers. The ankle strap provides excessive support that is needed to bring down your opponents with pride. This pair includes a multi-directional gripping that is good but not excellent.

Moreover, the shoe comes with zoom units at the forefront of the heel of the shoe. This offers additional padding and a bouncy response. It works primarily for players with heavyweight, who can activate this novel technology. Nike Zoom is incredibly helpful for people with a big build and weak ankles.

  1. Adidas D Rose 7

Adidas D Rose 7 was launched by Adidas as a response to Nikes Hyperdunk in 2017. These shoes can be compared with each other on prices and the fact that both brands have a regular and knitted version. The knitted version of D Rose 7 utilizes Adidas's premium knitting technology that does not deviate much from Nike's method.

However, this model does not own the same kind of ankle collar made with knitted material, as can be found in Nike. Much like the Nike Hyperdunk, the gripping of these sneakers are fantastic. This shoe designed by Adidas supports players in every possible way it can.

Due to Derrick Rose's name printed on the back of the shoe, you can be assured that there will be ample support. This will prevent an ankle injury or keep you from losing an ankle on a jagged fall or turn. Altogether, D Rose 7 is a high-quality shoe. Those who love Adidas or are fond of the style will find this to be the most suitable shoes.

  1. Under Armour Drive 4

U.A. Drive 4 is indeed one such shoe that definitely fits the list for people who are looking for additional ankle support. Its ankle collar is a prime feature that does a great job maintaining an upright position for your lower leg.

Based on your posture and comfort levels, the ankle collar might even be a little too stiff. There is little room to stretch your feet or blend in with the material. Often players might feel that they are fighting with their movement, but it is delicate.

Drive 4 has been praised and criticized equally regarding comfort. However, you should know that Drive 4 had undergone extensive research and tests before launching in the market. So, none of these challenges are intense. The structural plate that stretches from the front of the foot till the heel prevents the shoe from twisting and bending.

A good thing about Drive 4 is that it contains micro G (foam cushion), which is known to be the best form of padding in the market. It is incredibly robust, thick, and responsive. The U.A. has launched a winning shoe, and its price definitely makes it a top choice for many.

  1. Air Jordan 34

The Air Jordan 34 returns with the extremely prospering herringbone traction design that makes the shoe well-gripped and sturdy. Its excellent Zoom Air Setup offers terrific, bouncy padding that works amazingly for small players with swift movements and more giant men.

The Air Jordan 34 is equipped with strong support even though it is widely advertised as a lightweight performing sneaker.

  1. Under Armour Curry 3

The UA Curry 3 comprises brilliant quality threads that provide extreme flexibility and strength. In fact, these threads are a patent trademark of all the Curry models to date. ThreadBorne is the excellent quality thread used to produce these shoes and make them extra supportive.

The herringbone design used in Curry 3 provides excellent traction on the court. These particular shoes offer high-quality support for your ankles since they have been designed especially for this reason. The carbon fibers allow it to provide a sturdy grip on the forefoot and arch. Moreover, the carbon fiber stem keeps the ankles from twisting or bending while landing or jumping.

It also limits the rollover movements that often happens during a heated game. The shoe has a broad base, and this particular feature gives players improved steadiness. The high-top design fits around the ankle perfectly.


In conclusion, the most crucial thing to note while looking at these shoes is that they all come with excellent ankle support. Each shoe that has been mentioned above comes with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Hence, even though no footwear can be classified as perfect, these shoes come with a set of unique factors or technology that makes them worthy.

While selecting for the right pair of basketball shoes with ankle support, do not forget to think about the purpose which they will be used for. You also need to ensure that that shoe is right for your feet. Keeping these few pointers in mind, you can look for the style, color, and design that suits you best.

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8 Basketball Shoes That Are Best for Ankle Support

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