A History of Stephen Curry’s Ankle Injuries

A History of Stephen Curry’s Ankle Injuries

A History of Stephen Curry’s Ankle Injuries:

    Injuries are one of the worst things that somebody wants to get themselves into, which is why most of them try as much as they can to make sure that they do not undergo such a painful experience. Once you are injured, you will not be able to do so many things, including catering for your personal needs. This is why you should try as best as you can to be careful in whatever work or sport you may be involved in to ensure that you shy away from them. In most cases, most of the injuries that players undergo are quite dangerous, which is why they take a long time to get to their normality.

In the NBA, injury is standard, as most of the players have suffered even if it is once or twice. However, this article will talk about the history of injuries that Stephen Curry has undergone and how he managed to heal and come back as a strong player on the court. Ever since entry in the NBA in 2009, he has shown his best skills in the court by plying tremendously. This was who he was then and even to date. Stephen Curry is the son of Dell Curry, who was also the NBA player. He was picked as the seventh player in the NBA draft of 2009, and he officially became an NBA player.

Moreover, from the time he joined the NBA league, he has managed to be named as a 3-time NBA champion player having won 2 MVP awards and also a 6-time all-star. As most of the NBA players know, it is quite challenging to get a soft spot in the league, and that is why most of them work hard to make sure that they are recognized in the little things they do on the court. However, one has to perfect himself to ensure that they are best at what they do. As for Stephen Curry, his consistent performance gave him a great spot after he was named as the best pure shooter in the NBA that ever existed. This was a spot that came from his hard work and the skills he had in basketball.

The elite status he has received since he entered the NBA has made him one of the NBA's greatest players. This is something that most players want when they put all they have to play their best on the court. He is one of the players who will not wait to be told of his achievements in the game, but you will see them with your naked eye that this player deserves it all. He was already one among the best NBA players who would change the entire NBA with their massive workout and skillful gaming that impressed most of their fans. The NBA young-boy lg as most of the player referred to him.

However, there are times when your game goes down because of some reason, which has been happening to Stephen Curry several times. One of the most things that always kept Stephen Curry out of the court was his recurring ankle injuries. The multiple injuries that he has gone through always threatened his career with the hopes of many that he would have been the player to change the NBA's future. The injuries he went through has made him weak, a position he never wanted to be in. This has made him miss most of his games; therefore, being unable to showcase his skills on the court.

Personal Experience


Most of the injuries that players have are ankle injuries; however, they are recoverable once you seek medication. Moreover, if you have undergone several of them, you will always worry whenever you are playing. You will be in fear that you might, by any chance, have another injury. There will be so many questions in your mind that will always affect your account, which is wrong whenever you are playing. How is the injury going to affect me? How is it going to happen this time around? This will always make you uncomfortable when you are on the court.

Additionally, you will never have a peaceful mind whenever you are playing because you will always be worried about your ankle's situation. For this reason, you will lose Your ability and the skills you had before you had the injuries, and this is not good at all. You can never play well once you have gone through some injuries. In most basketball games, some players once have undergone some injuries; you can never play the same again. The ankle is one of the essential parts of the body that is needed whenever you are playing, and that is why you need to make sure that you prevent that from happening. It is both physical and mental problems that will ever affect you in your entire career or even end your career if it is worse.

Most of the people who have injuries will ever affect them even if they heal physically, and this will never allow you to play the same way you did before you got the bruises. Moreover, you can never have the same confidence to play due to the fear that you may get the injury once again. You can never expect a player who is from injury recovery to perform the same way, and in most cases, it may affect the performance of the whole team. As one who has undergone through the same, then I can attest that it is something you can never want it ever to happen too you because it will affect you both mentally and physically.

Therefore, you can be able to bad it is to have it. Curry is one of the players that has undergone some injuries, and they have been documented since he entered the NBA. Below are some of the years that Stephen Curry has been out of the court because of the ankle injury.

2010 – 2011


This was his second season in the NBA since he joined in 2009 during the NBA draft. However, he managed to appear in 80 games due to his health condition. This affected his starting career big time. In this season, the ankle injury was when he was hurt during the preseason; however, this became a recurring problem to him in the regular seasons where he was forced to be out of the court because of the frequent injuries.

One of the injuries happened while he was dribbling and it just occurred as a fluke, this happened when his team was playing against the spurs when he happened to roll his ankle. The frequent injuries that occurred to the same ankle reached a point where he needed to have surgery to keep it safe, which was at the end of this season. This was never what he wanted when he joined the NBA. He had the skills needed to keep him going, and it was surely going to make him a great NBA player if it were not for the frequent injuries that he went through. However, despite this, Stephen Curry never gave up; he returned to the court whenever he felt that he was right to play.

2011 – 2012


He returned in this season after having an off-season to undergo ankle surgery. Unfortunately, he had another injury on the same ankle, which forced him to appear in only 26 games in the entire season. The multiple injuries that he had gone through made him be one of the players who were top be traded to Milwaukee Bucks; however, the worrier never did that, and the chose to retain him. They then decided to trade Monta Ellis in place of Stephen Curry despite his injuries.

The multiple injuries he had this season forced him to end his season to undergo his ankle surgery. This time they cleared all the scar and debris tissues that were found in his ankle. However, this affected him so much that he started to think about how he spent most of his time in rehab when he was supposed to be building his career in the NBA. Despite all this, he was still named as the NBA champions by year.

Most of the people began to worry about what was happening to him since he was just young and new in the NBA, and all they had to say is that Curry was a Grant Hill 2.0 or had a glass ankle. Such like comments were not suitable for him since he needed to be encouraged to make him have hope that he will be okay. His contract as a Worrier player was nearing the expiry period, and the organization had to decide what to do with him next.

2012 – 2013


Fortunately, he survived his 2012 surgery, and he joined the next season, which was also when he signed a new contract with the worriers. What motivated him was that there were no significant damages that were detected from his recent surgery, which kept him going.

Even if it seemed to him that things were better now but hey were not; however, in this season, he improved having participated in 78games with only three minor injuries.

2013 Off-Season


In the 2013 summer, the was appointment of a new director in the worrier. Moreover, he was an additional member of the training staff of the worriers. However, before he joined the team, he watched all the games Curry participated in and the vast injuries he was experiencing. He was then set to change Curry to make him work extra hard and make him appear on the court often.

The new treai8ning introduced by Lyles did not only focus on the strength but also his muscles that would make him strong enough. However, the main part where they put their concentration was his ankles. Fortunately, all the effort that the training experts did bare fruits because this time around, he came out to be reliable than before. Moreover, this gave him the spirit of going forward with his career. This removed the thought that he would suffer from the same again; Curry had a positive mind that he would never go through what he went through again.

2015 – 2016


So much was noticed when he returned to play, and he was on top of the game for three years. His skills and the ability to dribble the ball made him win the first MVP award, and that was not all he contributed so much to the team until when they had their first title from 1975. he played most of his games without having any challenges with his ankle. However, it came to happen in the year 2016 when they were playing against Houston Rockets. He missed some of the games during the season, but he would return and help the Worriers to make it to the finals. He was also a player who never missed the NBA jams, which made him one of the greatest players in the NBA.

2017 – 2018


In this season, his ankle problem came back again, and he went through it multiple times. However, the Worriers went on to win the title even after Curry appearing on the court 51 times in the whole season.

2018 – 2019


He had some injuries during this season, but non was that severe, which forced him to be out of the court for a long time. He had a tweak when they played with the Clippers, but it was not that serious, so he came back to continue with the season. Since he was still experiencing this, he made it clear that he will do all he can to remain on the court; however, his ankle held up a bit, which allowed him to play.

Bottom Line


Injury is one thing that has been part of Stephen Curry ever since the NBA drafted him in 2009. moreover, with his earlier injuries, it was a must for him to go for surgeries, but this came to pass when the trainers realized that he needed more strength on his ankle, and that was what was done. The multiple injuries he went through in his early career made him suffer a lot.


Despite the injuries, Curry has managed to win various NBA champions and MVP awards; this is a total indication that this is a great player. The training that he went through and the determination made him strong, and this taught him that working out regularly helps a lot in building our strength. Lastly, if you need more information on the same, visit Freaky Shoes freakyshoes.com and have all you want to know.


A History of Stephen Curry’s Ankle Injuries

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