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An Informative Guide on Courtside Seat Prices in an NBA Game

An Informative Guide on Courtside Seat Prices in an NBA Game:


Going to watch a live game of basketball is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. Such an intense and power-packed game like basketball will never bore anybody. The game has become extraordinarily popular worldwide in the last 20 or more years, which means you can watch a game anywhere.


There is something very enticing about witnessing the professional and athletic basketball players up close and personal rather than watching them on television. A game of basketball gets even more exciting when you watch it in person at the highest levels. However, getting the highest-level courtside seats requires some effort.


You need to purchase the tickets to get in the arena, where the match is being held. These arenas can be tight-spaced and accommodate a few thousand people, or vast enough to accommodate several thousand people. Whatever the arena's size is, the courtyard seats are among the best places for spectating the game.


Reasons Why Courtside Seats are the Best


A professional-level basketball game is different because fans can experience the live-action and intensity of the game from their own eyes. Other sports like football usually contain some form of distance between the playground and the first row of seats where fans are seated. However, in basketball, being seated at the courtyard seats means you are just a meter or two away from the boundary lines.


You will be extraordinarily lucky if you get granted one of the courtyard seats. Being so close to the arena, you can sometimes be even sitting next to one of your beloved basketball players. Through courtyard seats, fans can get a different perspective on the entire game. From up close, you can witness the game from an angle just like the coaches and players see.


If you are well aware of basketball basics, you will definitely have a great time learning and experiencing it. People who are not familiar with basketball can have an equally fantastic time. Being right in front of star players and seeing them so closely offers you an opportunity to observe how brilliantly they play. And of course, there will not be a better chance to witness their amazing stunts, moves, talents being performed right in front of you.


Courtside Seats Are Incredibly Pricey


As front seats to the game, these courtside seats come at a high price. Courtside seats are usually the costliest seats to get your hands on. The exact price typically varies and depends on the teams playing in that match, respectively.


The team you will be spectating and the league they will be playing have a massive role in setting the price of an average seat's ticket and the cost of courtside seat tickets. If a particular team or game is in high demand and if the game is crucial, evidently, the price of the tickets will be high.


For a regular season of an NBA game held in a small city with a smaller market, the courtside seats would typically cost around a few hundred bucks. When more popular teams come for NBA playoffs, the price of courtside seats shoots up to several thousands of dollars, sometimes even more.


For international games, college games, the Olympics, or the World Cups, the prices of courtside seats can be quite high. But the seats for NBA playoffs are by far the priciest. Surely you have experienced an NBA game before and seen a famous rapper or actor seated in the courtside.


Imagine spotting Drake during the championship of Toronto Raptors or Jack Nicholson during each Lakers game. Sitting on a courtside seat is regarded as a status symbol. The price of these seats can only be afforded by the extremely affluent, and often are only granted to those who possess a wealth of money.


Places From Where You Can Get Courtside Seat Tickets


A few blessed fans you can spot near the front row might not have wasted so much time and effort in purchasing them. A handful of big corporations buy a dozen of these tickets and hand them over to prestigious clients and executives. In the meantime, media firms and agencies might get these tickets to boost talent.


Media celebrities usually have access to free tickets from their managers or players. Being seated on the courtside during an NBA game allows them to gain exposure, especially more if there is a forthcoming project that is starring them. A common man can buy tickets for the courtside seats with a season package or purchase them from the NBA Tickets website.


When it does come to buying tickets for the NBA playoffs, you can almost always expect a house full or fall short on the hands of a tycoon who can afford them. Contrariwise, it is still possible to buy a handle of tickets for a regular-season at a reasonable price.


The Cost of Courtside Seats


As mentioned earlier, there is no exact price that can be quoted for the courtyard seats. However, we will indicate a precise breakdown of some of the typical rates and the prices you can anticipate for a particular team. You will also be looking at some of the NBA playoffs and finals. Also, note that when one of the league's big shots pays a visit to your city, the courtside seat prices are bound to shoot even higher.


The usual price range for an NBA playoff's courtside seat would be around $300 to $20,000. This is a massive variation in price that may differ between cities and games. Teams with huge markets such as the Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Los Angeles Lakers typically charge the highest amounts of dollars you can see towards the more top end of this range.


On the other hand, teams with a smaller market such as Atlanta Hawks, New Orleans Pelicans, and Utah Jazz will be categorized towards the lower end of this range. The price range these teams are categorized under can change from year to year, based on how successful they become


Some Record-Breaking Prices Paid for Courtside Seats


Close to playoff time, the price of these courtside seats can surge significantly. During NBA Finals of the year 2019 between the Raptors and the Warriors, somebody set a new record when they purchased 2 courtside seats for a price of $50,507.50, each. That amounts to more than $100,000 for a game.


This is not even the most extreme record. In 2017, a hard-core NBA fan pulled out $133,000 for 2 courtside seat tickets to Game 5 of the NBA Finals, which took place between the Cavaliers and Warriors. And in 2016, one individual handed over a little less than $100,000 for 2 tickets for a final match between the Cavaliers and Warriors.


As crazy as it sounds, the people who are fanatic about these things are more than eager to pay a hefty sum of money for it as well. In conclusion, the average price for a courtside seat during the regular NBA playoffs can be roughly $2500. Still, the final price is determined by the team and market.


Perks of Courtside Seats


Apart from getting such close access to intense action, being seated on the courtside seats comes with its own set of perks. When you are being charged such a seemingly high price for one ticket, you are entitled to endless perks that go hand in hand with front-row tickets. These perks can be classified into three categories, namely visibility, amenities, and access.


  • Visibility


A courtside seat also increases your chances of being caught on camera. You can appear on television anytime during the entire game. Another additional perk of sitting on the courtside is that this is the perfect chance to show off to everybody added in your social media accounts.


Undoubtedly, you will not receive a better opportunity to flaunt and make people jealous when you upload selfies of yourself and snaps of the entire court on Snapchat and Instagram.


  • Amenities


Courtside seats account for an exclusive and premium experience. Hence they come with heaps of facilities and amenities to make your experience surreal. Popular amenities include padded chairs, private valet parking, VIP entrance, concierge services, and all-inclusive beverage and drinks.


  • Access


The courtside seats offer an unmatched experience to a basketball match as you are seated only an arm's distance away from the world's most exceptional players. You will be able to listen as the players have intense conversations on the court, and as far as the view of the game is concerned, courtside seats offer the best view, hands down!


Concluding Thoughts


Courtyard seats are a splendid way of watching an exhilarating game of basketball. Watching a live match is charming but watching a basketball game from the courtside seat is beyond words. If you have an opportunity to purchase these exclusive tickets and are wealthy enough to afford it, it is worth spending. Everybody should get a chance to experience the thrill and excitement of watching these athletes play up close.


The majority of us cannot even imagine or pay such a high price for the courtside seats to the NBA playoffs or Finals. However, spectating a regular-season match from anywhere on the court is just as exciting. If you do wish to experience a match from the courtside seats but are hesitant on spending all your hard-earned money, you can go for a less famous league within your locality.


A few high school or small colleges may even be able to organize free seats for you. You can enjoy watching a good basketball game, even on a lower level, without the need to spend a fortune.


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