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Are Air Force Ones Still Cool: Yes Or No [Explore]

Are Air Force Ones Still Cool: Yes Or No [Explore]

In the sneakers category of the market, new shoe brands keep introducing and replacing other brands, but a wave of eagerness about some footwear remains alive forever. The Air Force 1 was designed by Bruce Kilgore and was first presented in 1982 by featuring Nike Air technology. However, many sneakers enthusiasts wonder whether the Nike Air Force 1s still looks cool or got out of the trend.

Let me tell you - the classical, stylish, comfortable, and wearable nature of Air Force 1s has still been widespread. Many sneakers fanatics are crazy about them because of their rich history and impressive style that looks fascinating with a casual outfit.

Unlike other brands, the Air Force 1 doesn't wrinkle as they are designed from softer leather; they use embossed logos instead of fabric labels; these logos are long-lasting, look unique, and are more reliable than their competitors.

Let's read ahead and explore more about Air Force 1 and find the reasons that make them revolutionize the game and sneaker culture forever.

Are Air Force Ones Still In Trend?

Thanks to partnerships and popular general releases, the Nike Air Force 1 stands at the highest spot in the list of the most widely worn shoes in history. In 1982, Bruce Kilgore created it, and it was made available in both a High-Top and a Low-Top style. Years later, the design is still undeniably the company's top seller. Due to its excellent quality and great style, numerous celebrities, like Travis Scott, Hiroshi Fujiwara, G-Dragon, and others, wear it frequently.

In terms of Nike's overall sales, the Air Force 1 is constantly in style. In the best-selling shoes from the company, they consistently win the first position. Of course, there are waves of excitement for these shoes.

In Air Force 1s, Being Off-Trend Is Impossible! 

High sales, especially of the all-white and all-black versions, reflect the Air Force 1s silhouette's accessibility and allure. Both sneakerheads and non-sneakerheads maintain at least one pair of AF1 in their collections without any concern that they will become "uncool" because it seems as though both hues are consistently fashionable.

As far as publications like Sneaker News are concerned, the AF1 sneaker may not always be at the top of the buzz list. However, due to the sneaker's adaptability in terms of color scheme and materials, celebrities love to wear these shoes.

Factors That Make Air Force Ones Cool Even In 2022

There is no secret that aside from the Air Jordan Signature Line, Air Force 1 is Nike's most successful model in the last 30 years. Let's dig out some factors that have made Air Force 1 the timeless choice for 2022. 

Retro Is In

During the COVID time, when it was difficult to assess and try different shoes, the Air Force 1s remained in fashion. Sneakers fanatics longed for these safer, more straightforward, trendy shoes even in the hateful COVID time.

Due to the incredible likeness of these shoes, the Nike brand increased its budget for the Air Force 1 and other previous sneakers for the brand's growth and popularity.

With time, even in the 21st century, the AF1 continued to enter culture through hip-hop rappers, producers, and artists, becoming a favorite for Jay-Z and Rakim. Nike's consistent release of special AF1s for every occasion and holiday (often both) kept AF1 lovers updated. The limited edition designs and basketball regulation-friendly colorways look so cool, but the white-on-white model is the best of the best.

Influencers Are On Board

Although TikTok can't take credit for the shoe's recent success, its most popular users undoubtedly contributed because the Air Force 1 has become a trend in TikTok style.

Young female users frequently wear clean kicks with sweatpants, hoodies, bikini tops, and shorts. TikTok Addison Rae, who has 60 million TikTok followers, enjoys dancing by wearing customized Nike Air Force Ones.

TikTok singer Addison Rae also met his friend for dinner at BOA in West Hollywood while sporting a pair of personalized Air Force 1s. The traditional look of Air Force Ones is also attracting the attention of influencers who don't belong to the sneaker community. 

These shoes are particularly trendy in summer because Ariana Grande and Cameron Diaz are setting trends by wearing them.

Air Force Ones Are Adaptable

Yaya Mazurkevich Nuez, the co-founder of InHerSoles Collective, said a shoe translates well to a person to the public because every shoe has different accessibility and price range and has a simple and classic character.

Co-founder Jasmine Gonzalez remarked, The model hasn't disappeared; mainstream America has simply learned about its rich past. The AF1 has stood the test of time and will continue to do so because it’s versatile.

Yaya Mazurkevich Nuez, the co-founder of InHerSoles Collective, said, "It's a shoe that translates well to the public because of the access and price range and has that simple and classic character." 

Co-founder Jasmine Gonzalez remarked, "The Air Force Ones haven't disappeared; mainstream America has learned about its rich past. 

Our Summary

No matter what, mind it that AF1 isn’t going anywhere! These shoes are so popular, so there is no concept that these shoes will go out of style ever. Whether there are mass production pairs or limited designs, celebrities, and TikTok stars are wearing these shoes even in this 21st century.

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Also have them in red and white which to me is the ultimate colour combo, currently muddy as I walked the basset hound in them yesterday in wet old Devon, pillow case wash is needed with my knackered out air 90’s


Just bought a white and blue pair, can pair them with jeans or a suit and walk about looking fresh as F.


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