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Are Hey Dude Good for Beach?

Regarding aesthetics, there's no disputing that Hey Dude sneakers are perfect for a day at the beach. The Hey Dude shoe design is ideal for the summertime. Thus, Hey Dude sneakers' lightweight, breathable construction makes them a natural choice for a day at the beach. Near the water, they are wonderful.

Comfortable and stylish, Hey Dude shoes are an excellent choice for the warmer months. Wearing a pair of Hey Dude sneakers on the beach is cool in the summer. However, the cloth does dry quickly after becoming wet, so remember that they are not waterproof.

It's important to wear footwear appropriate for the beach, as not all footwear is created equal. Let's find out if Hey Dudes sneakers suit the sand and surf in this post.

Is Hey Dude Good for the beach?

Are Hey Dude Good for Beach?

Canvas or stretch-cotton uppers are water resistant, so your Hey Dude kicks can get wet without fear of damage. To answer your question, though, they need to be watertight. Hey Dude, sneakers will become soggy if you wear them in the rain. However, Hey Dude now sells H20 shoes, which are "water-ready" and more suited to the shower.

Although Hey Dudes footwear isn't waterproof, the lightweight material dries quickly. Each shoe is so airy and light that it can float in water.

Wear waterproof, no-show socks under your Hey Dudes if you care about keeping your feet dry on the beach. As much water as possible will be repelled with their aid.

Make sure the shoes are properly tightened to prevent them from coming loose. Your Hey Dudes will get wet, but they will keep the sand and seawater out of your shoes. To dry your Hey Dudes after a day at the beach, remove the insoles and put them somewhere out of the sun and with good air circulation. It will take a little while for your shoes to dry out.

The stretch-knit upper on Hey Dude sneakers is incredibly breathable, so they are not waterproof. 

Although water won't deteriorate the material, it does penetrate it. Think through it in the similar way you would any other article of attire. T-shirts may be washed in the washing machine with little thought. But would you rely on one to keep you dry if it started to rain? Let's hope not!

Similarly, the canvas and knit top on a pair of Hey Dude loafers won't protect your feet from getting wet if you step in a puddle. Hey Dude, sneakers aren't ideal for the snowy season because they aren't watertight.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canvas or stretch-cotton uppers are water-resistant, not waterproof.
  • Hey Dude sneakers will become soggy in the rain.
  • Hey Dude sells H20 shoes that are "water-ready."
  • The lightweight material dries quickly and can float in water.
  • Wear waterproof, no-show socks for drier feet on the beach.
  • Tighten shoes properly to keep sand and seawater out.
  • The stretch-knit upper is breathable but not waterproof.

What are Hey Dude shoes?

Are Hey Dude Good for Beach?

The Hey Dudes brand was formed in 2008 in Italy. The Wally look was always part of their concept. They've exploded in popularity overnight across the globe. The ultimate in breezy ease and laid-back cool, Hey Dudes are a must-have. 

Their footwear is shaped to conform to and follow the natural motion of the wearer's feet. The memory foam in the insoles and the EVA outsoles provide cushioning and mobility.

Can Hey Dude's shoes get wet?

You can get your Hey Dude shoes wet without worrying about damage. Of course, this only applies to the most fundamental Hey Dude footwear, which features stretchy cotton or canvas uppers. 

Get in touch with Hey Dude's support staff for information on how to care for your suede, wool, or leather shoes from a limited edition collection.

Remember that the memory foam insoles are not water-resistant, but the main canvas and cotton uppers are. But I need to give the place a good scrub down occasionally.

If you wash your Hey Dudes correctly, they can withstand a spin in the washing machine or a good old-fashioned hand wash. Avoiding boiling water and harsh detergents is the most critical safety precaution here.

How to clean Hey Dude's shoes?

Are Hey Dude Good for Beach?

Use a brush with soft bristles to remove loose debris from your shoes before throwing them in the washing machine. The washing machine should be prepared for cold water washing by selecting the mild or hand wash cycle. 

Take care to use a mild detergent. Put in the Hey Dudes when the machine is three-quarters full. If you want to clean your shoes, remember to remove the insoles first.

The best way to dry your Hey Dudes is to hang them out of the sun. Your shoes will dry more quickly, and any bacteria they may have will be eliminated as a bonus. It's not a terrible idea to toss in a dryer sheet to help eliminate any remaining odors, though.

Now, follow these simple steps to clean your shoes if you go to a beach.




Brush off loose debris from shoes using a soft-bristle brush.


Prepare washing machine for cold water wash on mild or hand wash cycle.


Use mild detergent for washing.


Load Hey Dudes into the machine when it's three-quarters full.


Remove insoles from shoes before washing for thorough cleaning.


Dry shoes by hanging them out of direct sunlight.


Hanging helps quick drying and eliminates bacteria.


Optional: Add a dryer sheet to remove remaining odors.

How do you wear Hey Dudes in the summer?

Dudes for Men look great with jeans and a plain tee or flannel, while your favorite Hey Dude Shoes look great with shorts and a tee. Swim trunks, a t-shirt, and a pair of Hey Dude Shoes are perfect for a day at the pool during the warmer months.

Are these shoes suitable to wear in winter?

There are better choices for chilly weather or snowy conditions. Not even winter-specific styles should be worn on snowy ground.

Your feet will get cold in the snow if you wear hey dudes since they are not watertight. Consequently, it's not withstanding the snow.


Although hey dudes aren't waterproof, they dry out quickly after getting wet. They can withstand moisture and won't slide about. Therefore, these shoes have become the number one choice for everyone.

Thus, they are fully water-resistant, so you can wear them in any wet environment. Even if those dudes won't retain the water out of your shoes, they won't make things any more uncomfortable either. After drying, you'll still feel the same level of comfort and mobility.

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