Changing the look of your shoes with laces

Changing the look of your shoes with laces

Changing the look of your shoes with laces:

     We at Freaky Shoes consider shoelaces as the small part of our dressing and often ignore it during deciding what to wear and what not to wear. We don’t give the importance which shoelaces are deserved during our fashion and style decisions. The simple and small change in the t can totally transform your look. Shoelaces are not something which should be ignored. Let see how a small and simple thing can transform us from boring to stunning.

Are you fed up of lacing up the same old pair of shoe every day in the morning? You can’t afford the costly new good quality pair of shoes but won't change. A simple switching out of shoelaces can totally transform not only the appearance of your shoes but your whole outfit. Below we will discuss shoelaces, how to change shoelaces, advantages, and disadvantages of shoelaces, shoelaces styles and shoe lacing methods.

Try the contrasting effect of shoelaces. Contrasting always highlight the brighter and darker shade of color. If you have applied a new stylish pattern of shoe lacing than the color of leather and shoelaces should be the difference. The different color will highlight the shoelaces and appearance of shoes will change.

If changing of color is too much for you then change the shape of shoelaces. Another method for change appearance is to change the pattern of shoe lacing. The pattern of shoe lacing can also entirely change the look and you should practice 4 to 5 methods of shoe lacing. Shoelaces styles sometimes look more prominent than the shoes themselves.

Selecting the right color for shoelaces is also a tricky and important choice. The same color of shoes and shoelaces will show harmonious look and it is best for the professional environment. During interviews, official and business meetings the same color look more appropriate. In another case you can match the color of shoelaces with something else in your outfit. It can be matched with a tie, belt, socks, bow tie or cufflinks.

The colorful shoelaces are also an option but it depends on the type of shoes and dressing you wearing. In casual dressing, the colorful shoelaces can be applied but with dress shoes, it will look awkward.

In nutshell, shoelaces are as important as shoes themselves in the entire outfit of the person. As truly said shoes are the windows to the person’s personality so are shoelaces. Whoever looks at shoes will look at shoelaces in the first instance so shoelaces style, color, and pattern should be chosen carefully.

 Informal settings, these things are noticed and persons are often judged on their sense of style. The due cares for shoelaces represent the detailed care for dressing in a person’s personality. One who cares for such a small aspect of the outfit as shoes will be the more curious for big things. It should also be taken into consideration that not all colors of shoes work with all colors of shoelaces.

Changing the look of your shoes with laces

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