Complete Guide On How to Wear High Tops Sneakers

Complete Guide On How to Wear High Tops Sneakers

High top sneakers have made a comeback. Back in the 1980s, there was a fashion of high top sneakers, which were readily available in a large number of colors, styles, and brands. They are now more in fashion than earlier trends.


We will focus on how you can style your high-tops for different occasions and how to wear high-top sneakers. There is a wide variety of high-top sneakers. Some of them are massive, and some are thin. Some laces are tied, and some don't need to be.


Decision On High Tops


You first need to ponder upon what trend you want to follow. What sort of sneakers do you want to style with, either thin or thick?


If you want to go for thin high tops, then it is like a pair of Converse sneakers. Such shoes made of a light fabric are tied to the top, so it is a figure-hugging against the leg.


There is a problem with thin high sneakers that if it is tightly laced up to the top, the shoes can make your ankles look troublesome and awkward.


Chunkier Sneakers can make your feet look much more significant than they are. Ponder carefully what color you want. Always choose the color that you want.


Always consider those high top sneakers that would suit your personality. Those sneakers that would style your wardrobe nicely are the best ones.


It is said that simplicity is the best policy, so it implies high top sneakers as well. Like other things, high top sneakers are at their best when simple.


Of all the colors, black is the best to choose and suits both men and women. But the main problem with sneakers is that if they are tightly laced, your feet can look smaller and a bit awkward.


Pulling off these high top sneakers is not that easy because the shoe is so assertive. However, if it is paired with the right outfit, high tops can make an extraordinary look. It gives you a unique, modern and fashionable look.


How To Wear Palazzo Pants With Thin High Top Sneakers


Suppose you pair your thin high top sneakers with Palazzo Pants that are wide at the bottom. They allow a glimpse of your skin to pop out between the pants and shoes. This will keep your body proportions feeling right. This outfit is most popular among women, and it best suits them.


In the case of men, a combination of baggy pants with high top sneakers is a straight no. When high top sneakers are worn with loose pants, then it gives a bulky look. It doesn't seem so graceful rather cool and stylish.


Men must pair their high top sneakers with a pair of casual straight or skinny jeans and a cool T-shirt and an open cardigan.


How To Wear High Top Sneakers With Skinny Jeans


If you don't know much about the combination and styling clothes and shoes, wearing high tops with skinny jeans is the shortcut and the easiest way to get a stylish and casual look.


When high top sneakers are worn with skinny jeans, then never forget to roll the hems up or crop them. It is a fashion to show off your ankles. Other than this, it is a trick to balance your proportions.


If jeans are tucked into your high-tops, then it is not a big deal. What you should do is to avoid wrinkles and pools of fabric. The same rule goes for long jumpsuits as well.


Rolling The Bottoms Of Jeans To Create A Look With High Top Sneakers


Such a look works for both spring and summer that works for both men and women. If you wear crop pants with your High top sneakers, it creates an exceptional look, which is highly in trend and latest fashion.


One thing must be kept in mind: socks peeking a boo will make a tedious look.


So when you crop or roll your pants, it helps you to focus attention on the shoe. And if purposefully showing a little ankle, it gives an exceptional look. Such a look only works with clean, smart sneakers of a single color.


How To Wear High-top Sneakers With Chino Shorts


A combination of high top sneakers with chino shorts is adorable. However, any shoes can be worn with chino shorts.


Generally, high top sneakers give an exceptional look with short items above the knee, rather than low hemlines.


Some years back, wearing thin high tops with short skirts and dresses was very popular among pop-punk and skater circles. Celebrities and the current trends choose chunky sneakers to balance out the volume.


You can wear high tops with long skirts and layered outfits, but it is risky. For this, you must have lots of flair and confidence to pull them off.


What Tops To Wear With High Top Sneakers


It is best to wear skinny jeans with high tops. Such a look is tremendous and very contemporary. This look is made for men and women as skinny jeans are popular in both. While wearing your skinny jeans or other skinny pants or tights with sneakers, it gives a pleasant look.


As black is a universal color which is a classic and essential shade so don't wear the same color as your jeans. Your shoes are highlighted. The lower half of your outfit boasts off.


High top shoes are not an informal one as many think, but today this is not a big deal, and everyone is comfortable wearing it. They are seen wearing top-up sneakers either in business meetings or on the runway.


Nowadays, it is not observed what one has worn or what sort of items you wear but the fabrics and materials they're made up of.


Basic sneakers are not worn on every occasion. They must be worn solely for casual situations.


Casual Wearing of High Tops Sneaker


If you are gone for groceries or an afternoon out with friends, wear your high top sneaker with a neutral or graphic T-Shirt. Choose to wear a looser shirt rather than a tight one. Do not put your shirt into your trousers or skirt.


Wearing High Tops Sneaker in Semi-Formal Event:


If you wear your high top sneakers with skinny jeans and a blazer, a dress shirt or knit jumper in a date or low crucial meeting is classic.


In other cases, All-Stars are better for semi-formal events than chunky or loud sneakers. They are indistinct, and they're more of a familiar sight.


Wearing High Tops Sneaker in Artsy Event


You can wear the latest high-tech or design high top sneakers with long layers, including capes, flowing skirts, and sweaters wrapped around your waist to a gallery or movie premier. Go all or nothing!


For choosing the colors of your choice, Wear a white or neutral one with a colorful accent. It is not necessary to match your high tops sneakers, but it can be of harmonizing color.


Patterns, like stripes, damasks, or plaid, should only be worn with neutral or two-toned high top sneakers.


Wearing High Top Sneakers With Chinos Pants


If you pair high top sneakers with a pair of fitted cargo or chinos, anyone can be drooling over it. There are several options on how to rock this look. But the best is to stick with a classic pair of white high top sneakers.


You can pair those white high top sneakers with a pair of black or grey chinos, a plain or printed fitted shirt of your choice, and a leather jacket.


If you want to wear fitted cargo, then go on wearing khaki or olive. They must be fitted as well, but they go well with a roll on the bottom. If you pair them with a plaid shirt and a casual sports jacket, it will give a great look.


Chambray or casual oxford shirt will look great with both pant pairings. You can switch your pants for each unique pairing to make several choices.


Wearing High Top Sneakers With Tapered Sweats


If pairing high top sneakers with tapered sweats, it will be superb. Exhibit just the right amount of street style. They're ideal for those who have never stepped onto a basketball court. Pair your high tops with grey sweats, a printed shirt, and on top, wear a camo field jacket that is in fashion.


Dress Up Your Sneakers.


It is best to wear dresses or skirts with high top sneakers in ladies' fashion. This fashion will highlight and peek your legs and make them look long and lean.


Men can also dress up their high top sneakers, obviously not with a skirt. Instead, a well-fitted trench coat can look very impressive and modern with the right high top sneakers.


Socks To Wear With High-top Sneakers


Generally, it is said by most people not to wear socks when you're wearing high-top sneakers.


But nowadays fashion designers and several stylists have set up a trend to wear socks with high top sneakers. Just roll your trousers up and let these frilly, lacy, or brightly colored socks peek at a boo from the high top sneakers. It is not necessary that the color has to match the shoe, as long as it does not give a horrible and gaudy look.

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