Crocs: You Either Love Them, Or You Hate Them

Crocs: You Either Love Them, Or You Hate Them

Crocs: You Either Love Them, Or You Hate Them:

Crocs are one of the best shoes available in the market. Various styles are available according to genders, occasions, and ages. However, it doesn’t mean Crocs are for all. These shoes are known for their comfort and style.

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What Are Crocs?


It’s a unique brand that began as foam clogs. Over the years, this brand has introduced a range of different shoe styles. The first pair was manufactured in 2002.


Crocs is a popular brand shoe to date. They have sold almost 300 million pairs of shoes worldwide. You could find a variety of shoes; whether sandal, slip-on, or flops, you can have anything.


The Classic Crocs Clog


These shoes are considered as the most comfortable for camping, depending on which camp you sit in. Undoubtedly, Crocs clogs are the best in their appearance, but it's on you whether you love it or hate it. These are made from a unique foam type resin, known as Croslite.


Types of Crocs


Crocs are among the most popular shoes, and the best thing is that these could be customized according to your style, color, and patterns. Right now, there are like 400 different types of Crocs available, which you can get from the official retailer. However, following the popularity of clog shoes, Crocs have introduced a wide range of different styles for different occasions.


Why Do People Hate Them?


You must have heard that crocs are very discordant shoes. Yes, you have heard it right. You could find various people bashing this design. The biggest reason is that they look ugly. But the fact is, whether you like them or hate them, you just can't ignore them.

The classic clogs are actually rough shoes with open mouth design, with various ventilation holes throughout. Well, that is actually something which had never seen by anyone before. But one thing is for sure that the other big brands will never appreciate this brand due to its style and colors.


Crocs: You Either Love Them, Or You Hate Them

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