Getting a custom slide designer might sound easy but getting the desired result from the custom slide designer might not work as planned. This is because the process of customizing slides or sandals is unique and different from the process of customizing other footwear.

There is no need to worry because you have managed to find yourself on the right page at the right time.

Freaky shoes is an online platform that allows you to personalize your slides. The easy to use platform allows you to upload texts, colors, photographs and custom logos you will like to have in your slide. The same way you get your custom t-shirt designed by professionals, your slides can also be unique.

Unlike every other custom design and prints, freaky shoes will help you print the entire color spectrum you have chosen from edge to edge at high resolution to get the perfect result. Having photographs on the slides will also give a crisp look.

Getting sandals customized differs a lot from the conventional sides or sandals because you can find another version of your sandal design, except you want to have a duplicate. Additionally, one of the myths about custom design you must have read on different platforms is that you can only design a slide at a time. Don’t be deceived because here at freaky shoes, we have no minimum or maximum order quantity. You might have plans to make a custom slide for your family, lover or friend, freaky shoes have got something for everyone.

The process of getting your slides or sandals customized is easy:

  • Kindly visit freaky shoes and fill in the requirements:

  • Choose the preferred text you will want on your slide

  • Upload the preferred image you will want on the slide

  • Lastly, ensure you choose your preferred strap color

Here are answers to a few questions you might want to ask as regards getting yourself a custom slide.

Q1: Is it expensive to get a custom designed slide?

A1: The answer to the question is simple. Getting a custom designed slide is not expensive (note: don’t confuse being cheap for low quality)

Q2: Are the slides for men only?

A2: No, the slides and sandals are for everyone. We have products that match everyone’s taste. We have slides and sandals for women, men, and kids too.

Q3: How about my size and color

A3: One of the core strength of freaky shoes is that we don’t get out of stock. Irrespective of your size, you will get your product delivered to your doorstep.


Do ensure you check out freaky shoes and fill in the requirements so you can get your custom slide or sandal made by an outstanding custom slide designer delivered to your doorstep.




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