Customize Your Canvas Shoes Like A Pro

Customize Your Canvas Shoes Like A Pro

Customize Your Canvas Shoes Like A Pro:

If you have an old pair of white canvas shoes and you are not at all wearing them because they look outdated and boring, then chances are that you are missing out on some interesting detailing.

Yes, if you want to give your old canvas shoes a creative look and don’t want to buy new kicks, then using sharpie markers on canvas sneakers and read this guide can be the best for you. After reading this you will be a master in customizing your canvas shoes easily.

Even if you are a beginner in customizing canvas shoes and hold a great passion for doing it, you can check out the best and easy steps and creative ways to draw on sneakers for customizing your shoes like a pro.

Things you need

  • A pair of white canvas shoes

  • A paper and a pencil for making a drawing or a computer for selecting designs and printing them

  • Scissors for cutting the pictures

  • Colorful and black markers

  • Colors that can adhere well to canvas custom sneakers

Follow the DIY methods below,

How to draw on canvas shoes

  • First, decide whether you want to have a big picture on your canvas shoes or want to divide them into sections.

  • Start drawing the art that you want on your shoes

  • You can also make use of a computer for extracting pictures.

  • After drawing or printing, cut these pictures according to their shape carefully.


  • This is the easiest way to draw a design on your custom basketball canvas shoes

  • Lay the cutouts on your shoes and start tracing its outline

  • Take a sharp pencil and make small holes in the strategic plan on the cutout. Start lining outline back up on this cutout and make small dots on shoes wherever you have made the holes.

  • Make a light tracing so that your shoes don’t get damaged with your sharp pencil.


  • Outlining is a must in everything and so is in the canvas designing.

  • Use a black color marker for filling in the outlines


  • This is the most interesting step for many.

  • Begin with your foreground first. Fill the background color, once you are done.

  • Try using dark colors so that they can pop up the art and can look much better on your shoes.

  • Make sure you don’t spill your colors outside the picture you have made on your canvas shoes.

  • Use your light colors first and then follow up with dark colors easily.

  • If in case you want to write some quotes, you can write it with colorful markers or use a bold marker for writing it. These quotations look better and define ones personality.

Let it dry

Once you have finished your marking and coloring, let your canvas shoe dry off for some time. You can leave it as it is for a day. This allows the colors to sink well in the shoes.

If you like this easy DIY for drawing a design on your canvas shoes and coloring them like a pro, keep following Freaky shoes for more crazy and creative updates.


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