DIY Tips To Restore Faded Suede

DIY Tips To Restore Faded Suede

DIY Tips To Restore Faded Suede:

restore faded suede

For restoring your faded shoes, you need a dye that can work well on your faux suede and some helpful tools. Before dyeing your shoes, you must clean all the dirt from your suede shoes.

Recently one of our suede wearer customers asked: How to clean faux suede boots? She used her dad’s shoe cleaner and tried cleaning her black suede boots. She scrubbed them hard with a brush and now her boots are faded and have turned in gray instead of black.


She was in great need of help and was looking out for a DIY solution. has helped her with simple to follow DIY tips to restore faded suede. Let’s have a look at it as this might help you too.

If your faux suede has also faded recently, then the great news is that you can now easily repair a simple fade. The color of the suede shoes is just on its surface and fading occurs when you try cleaning your shoes with the wrong method. This can fade your shoes.


What all you need?

  • Clean towel
  • Bucket of water
  • Sponge or a soft toothbrush
  • A mild detergent
  • Dye for suede
  • Application tool for dye
  • A silicon spray

Steps to restore faded suede

  1. You can start by creating an easy solution of mild detergent and some water.
  2. You don’t have to make bubbly water and soap mixture as this may be stuck to your shoes.
  3. Add a small amount of detergent for cutting through grease or dirt on your suede.
  4. Few drops of detergent will be enough.
  5. Make use of a sponge or a soft toothbrush for dipping in the water and your detergent solution.
  6. Start scrubbing your suede shoes with it, make sure you don’t damage its nap.
  7. Try blotting your item for removing as much water as possible and let it dry for some time.
  8. For easy and smooth dye application, follow the directions given on the dye and follow its drying time for reviving the color of your favorite faux suede.
  9. In the end, when your dye is set, use silicon spray for protecting your faux suede from dirt or water in the future.


    Additional advice and tips by experts

    • Make sure you dye your suede shoes with a darker color and not with a lighter one.
    • If you are following DIY steps, then don’t go for changing its color.
    • The faded suede can be easily revived and other damage can pose some issues.
    • Get it professionally repaired in case your suede is damaged apart from color fading.
    • 100% polyester suede shoes which are also termed as Ultrasuede, cannot be dyed with a regular fabric dye.
    • The Ultrasuede requires a disperse dye and it should be applied like a pro.
    • In case, the surface of your shoe is having a dull finish due to the residue, you can wash it without any stress or damage.
    • If you don’t want to use water and detergent, you can also choose the suede cleaner or degreaser. suggests going for a patch test always before performing such DIY methods at home.








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