Do Sneaker Ball Works? Know Everything About Sneaker Balls

Do Sneaker Ball Works? Know Everything About Sneaker Balls

Do Sneaker Ball Works? Know Everything About Sneaker Balls


Sneaker Balls are air fresheners for our sneakers. Let's be real; we all know how smelly our sneakers can get, and all we want to do is to get rid of that smell, so we use sneaker balls. Sneaker ball is a deodorizer, specially made to get rid of the sneaker smell and to replace this smell with a fresh scent. We are custom sneaker artists, and we would love to help you know everything about sneaker balls.


Yes, Sneaker Ball does work, and they successfully get rid of the smell from our sneakers and leave a pleasant smell in our sneakers. This little air freshener can last for six months. They aren't toxic or harmful for our feet; this is just baking soda and charcoal; you can use it without being worried.


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1. Why Does Sneaker Smell?


Typically people think sweat on our feet is the one to blame for the smell, but this isn't entirely true. Our feet can't smell only because of sweat, but when our sweat gets mixed with bacteria, they cause the sneaker to smell.


Shoe smell is unbearable and should be taken care of as soon as possible. Keep your shoe adequately ventilated; if warmth and moisture get together, they will provide warmth environment for bacteria to develop.


Sweat problems are different in different people, some sweat more than others, so their feet smell more than others. Your socks and shoes are to blame as well.


Don't be sad about this problem; this is a fundamental problem that can happen to anyone, and you can quickly get rid of this smell problem. All you have to do is to follow these steps to get rid of the smell.


How To Get Rid Of Shoe Smell?


After knowing the cause of smelly shoes, you must be wondering how to get rid of the shoe smell. These are some tips you can use while using Sneaker Ball.


i. Try To Prevent It


Preventing smell to happen will be the best thing you will do to get rid of the smell. It also doesn't make sense that you learn ways to get rid of the smell, but don't try to prevent it from happening.

Wash your feet, especially when
weather is hot Wash your
Soles between toes

Wear when sneakers are completely
dry, and all the moisture is gone.

If the sneaker moisturizes quickly,
keep them in the sunlight to
get them dry fast.

Don't wear the same sneaker for
two days in a row

Consider Using Moisture Socks,
to move moisture away from feet.


Ii. Get Rid Of Bacteria


Bacteria develop in the moisture of our feet and cause our sneakers to smell. We shouldn't let bacteria get away with this; they should be killed. After dealing with bacteria, your sneakers will be smell free.

Bacteria don't survive in a cold
environment, so keep sneakers in your
freezer at night in a plastic bag.
You can use a spray to kill bacteria
as well. Use an equal mixture
of distilled white vinegar and water.


Iii. Get Rid Of Smell


When you are done with bacteria and moisture now, it is time to get rid of the smell caused by bacteria and humidity. For this purpose:

You can use baking soda

I don't recommend throwing it
directly into sneakers

Get a coffee filter or piece of
cloth and make balls of baking
soda then put them in
the sneakers for a night


iv. Keep Your Sneaker Dry


Now, you have taken care of the smell, but to keep that smell away, you always need to keep your sneaker fresh and dry to prevent this unbearable smell from happening again.


Place an extra bar of soap in
sneaker overnight

Stuff old newspaper into your shoes
to soak any moisture left

Place some drops of essential oil on
cotton and leave it in your shoes
overnight for a pleasant fresh smell

Use Cat litter, put some litter into
socks, and keep them in your shoes,
the litter will soak smell.


V. Get Rid Of Old Sneaker And Buy New One


If you are still facing the smell even after applying all these steps, then it is time to buy new sneakers and get rid of the old ones.


To buy new high-quality sneakers, you are on the right website. We offer custom sneakers that you can design yourself, Visit Custom Page To Know More.


2. Odor Balls?


To get rid of the smell in our sneakers, we use Odor Balls; it kills the bacteria that causes our sneakers to smell and leaves a pleasant scent (If they have a pleasant smell) in our sneakers. It also protects us from foot sweating, which causes smell in sneakers as well. In short, if you have smelly sneakers, then odor balls are here to get rid of the smell.





3. How Sneaker Balls Work


You probably used air freshener in your room and how it fills the room with scent and eliminates any unpleasant smell in your room. Sneaker balls work the same way, we keep them in our shoes and work as an air freshener and eliminate odor in our sneakers.


Keep a sneaker ball in your shoes overnight, and it will eliminate the smell. To use the sneaker ball again, twist a little, and you can use it again. A sneaker ball can last for six months, which is a long time.



4. What Is Inside Sneaker Balls


Inside sneaker balls, you can find different ingredients, depending on the company and what kind of chemical they use to make sneaker balls.


Could be Sodium Bicarbonate
also called Baking Soda

Or Sometime Cyclodextrin

And perfume to add scent

5. Sneaker Balls Ingredients


You will need below a list of ingredients to make sneaker balls:


Baking Soda


Safety pins



Different companies have different formulas, but commonly, odor-absorbing chemicals like baking soda or Charcoal are used. Most tea bags are used to housing the baking soda without any leakage.


You can open the tea bag and fill it up with baking soda, which is an active ingredient to soak up spiteful odors from shoes and use a small safety pin or stapler to close it. After that, take a small container stick tea bag, close it up and place one in each shoe and enjoy your less stinky shoes.


6. How Long Do Sneaker Balls Last?


It depends on the frequency of use, but usually, a small sneaker ball can be used for 6 months. They actually apply to release fresh odor so we can close them for extended use also.


7. How To Use Sneaker Balls?


There is a straightforward way to use sneaker balls, you just have to twist the ball and leave in shoes for the whole night. In the morning, they will be fresh and clean and smell like the sweet scent; if the company included the fragrance, then you can feel the aroma. You just have to remember to take away balls before putting shoes on.


So, with a user-friendly and straightforward practice, you can enjoy fresh and less stinky shoes and a comfortable walk for the whole day.


8. Are Sneaker Balls Reusable?


There is always a question in your mind, can you use a sneaker ball more than one time to refresh your shoes. There is nothing to worry about because sneaker balls can be reused. Until and unless it’s depleted, you can keep using them for months. You can make it last longer if you adjust the balls for intensity and close up when not in your use.


A good deodorizer ball maintains fresh fragrance for a long time, and its service life can be extended to two months by twisting it. Its small and round design also makes it easy to carry and place anywhere safely.


9. Can You Refill Sneaker Balls?


As I told earlier, how you can make sneaker balls at home, by using the same procedure, you can refill it in new teabags.


Usually, people buy from a store in packs and that ones are longer-lasting than handmade, so no one bothers to refill. When you know that a ball lasts mostly 6 months, then a 6-pack could keep a pair fresh for one and a half years.





10. Are Sneaker Balls Toxic?


There is also confusion about sneaker balls and a question raised in your mind, are Sneaker Balls are Non Toxic. So there is nothing to worry about it safely and nothing deadly in it.


If you read out its ingredients (baking soda, Charcoal), both are used in food items like cookies and barbecue. Food items are safe, but it does not mean you can use them in large quantities. Even too much use of baking soda also can harm the kidney and also cause severe other diseases.


Even for a long time, activated Charcoal is used to eat, but a couple of years ago, the health department of New York City banned it. It has been used as an antidote for poisoning, and hangover, but later on, this practice also stopped.


11. Are Sneaker Balls Poisonous to Dogs?


As you can read, its ingredients are not toxic, but you must keep your dogs away from them. It can be broken down by your dog while playing or trying to take a bite in curiosity.


Usually, when small dogs approach these balls, they could get stuck in the throat or jaws and are harmful to them. Even when a big dog tries to eat it up, it will be more damaging because any broken part can cause internal bleeding.


Most of the ingredients are non-toxic, but an overdose of baking soda can cause stomach pain. So in these conditions, you even don’t know how they react to different chemicals. Some of them started vomiting, so in that case, withhold their food contact a veterinary doctor or poison control.


12. Making Sneaker Balls


If you make Sneaker balls at home, just arrange the following things.

Small plastic container



Safety pin small size

Baking soda

Citrus fruit peels

Poke holes in the container, then cut the one teabag and empty the tea after that, fill the baking soda in a teabag, and seal it with a safety pin properly. Another bag can be filled with a pleasant scent or with citrus fruit peels to replace the bad smell with a nice one.


Put these bags in a container and close it, now you have nice smelling sneaker balls. You can use them not only for shoes but also for drawers and lockers.


13. Do Teabags Work?


If you don’t bother to make proper sneaker balls, then you can also use the only teabag for this purpose.


Just take some tea bag and leave them overnight in your shoes in a somewhat dry place. Black tea can absorb odors, and herbal tea has a pleasant smell, so it depends on availability. But after that, carefully remove these teabags to avoid any other use of these teabags if you don’t want a tea that has a smell like feet.

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