Easy ways to customize shoes –Canvas Material

Easy ways to customize shoes –Canvas Material

Easy ways to customize shoes –Canvas Material


Almost every customizing shoes website chooses canvas material for making their customized shoes. The reason behind the choice of the canvas material is that it the cheapest, easiest and safest material to work on. Many of the companies started their work on the canvas material to make their customized shoes. As it is already mentioned that it is the safest material, and is non-toxic, children can also work on canvas and give wings to their creativity.


Many times when you are feeling for something creative to do a thing, you must have thought to make my own shoes. So, as per the expert tips, here you can find the basic requirements, then will move on to the three P’s that is preparation, painting and preservation, and you will find the important tips too. If you want to get some artistic ideas for your projects, then follow the below-mentioned steps.


For making your shoes, you will need:


  • Canvas shoes

  • Brushes and palette

  • Painter’s tape

  • Acrylic paint and finisher




The customize shoe website recommends the people who want to customize their shoes to make sure that the shoes are clean and tidy. Then, use the painter’s tape or mask to cover the areas on the shoe that you do not want to paint. You should take every possible step to avoid the paint to spread over other areas.


To avoid your soles getting painted, mask your soles as well. If you are very concerned about your shoes, then you can also use the brush for the painting instead of an airbrush. There is no need for any preparations for the fabric paints and if you do not want to stiffen the material of the shoe, then use fabric paints like Jacquard Textile and Deco Art So soft which are also budget-friendly.




When you think to customize my shoes, then you must know the art of painting. The painting of the canvas shoes is not that easy. So, apply thin layers of paint as if you will apply a single thick layer of the paint, the paint can lead to clumps and cracking. The number of layers that you will apply on the shoes, will also depend on the shade of the color, whether it is light or dark.


When you see the shoe custom slides with the picture, you will notice that even the custom shoe website applies over three to four layers and then the painting is completed. Firstly, when you will apply the paint colors, there will be gaps formed, but there is nothing to be worried about as, after four layers, the paint will settle on its own.




In the end, to protect your work and make it waterproof, apply the last two layers of the finisher. Use a brush in place of spray to cover every painted part of the shoe. Most of the people go for the matte finish but there are also other types of finishes like the gloss or satin finishes.


Visit the Freaky Shoes website for more ideas.




Easy ways to customize shoes –Canvas Material


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