Fixing The Old Converses And Making Them Like New

Fixing The Old Converses And Making Them Like New

Fixing The Old Converses And Making Them Like New:


The converse is a very famous brand that has been producing footwear since 1908. The sneakers that are made by the company are very stylish yet simple in appearance and are characterized by a thick rubber sole. The company has chosen metal as the material for making the eyelets of the shoes which makes the laces to smoothly go into the eyelets.


It is very natural that after a certain period, the shoes start losing their spark and become dirt, which means that you will have to approach a custom shoe maker Edmonton and get them rejuvenated. But, the cost of repairing or rather getting them maintained by a shoemaker is quite expensive. The cleaning and maintaining of the converses are necessary as well because if the shoes are not maintained well, their life may shorten.


You do not have to worry as, here is a method using which you will be able to do some mild cleaning and remove the dirty grey color from the soles without visiting a custom shoe maker Bangalore. So make the best out of your shoes by following the given method.


Procedure to clean the soles of your converses


To clean the soles of the converses you need to form a solution and need an old tooth-brush. Follow the given steps to clean the soles.


  • Take one cup of lukewarm water and two tablespoons of baking soda and create a mixture out of it.


  • Take the toothbrush to dip it in the solution and start rubbing the soles of the converses so that the black gunk that gets

    formed on the soles is removed without going to a custom shoe maker Ocoee. In place of a toothbrush, you can also use a

    sponge to scrub the soles and then rinse the soles with water and dry them using a clean towel.


Procedure to clean the upper part of a shoe


  • To properly clean your canvas shoes, you first need to remove the laces for deep cleaning.


  • Take a rag and dampen it with warm water and in circular motion rub the canvas and the eyelets to give them a shiny metallic look.


  • If you still notice any tough stains on the shoes after cleaning them with warm water, then you do not need to visit a custom shoe

    maker in Lahore to get your stains removed. You can remove the stains by applying some vinegar on the tough stains and then

    allow the vinegar to do its work for a few minutes and your shoes become stain free.


Repairing the torn shoes


In case if your shoes have small holes, then you can also fix them by using some blobs of fabric glue and apply it on the hole using any tool. You also do not need to find a free custom shoe maker if your canvas shoe has a big hole. Just take a patch and stick it on the shoes and your shoes will be repaired and ready to go.


The way to transform and repair your old converses is quite easy as you have read, so use these methods to make your old converse look new.

Fixing The Old Converses And Making Them Like New

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