Guide To Eradicate Odor From Shoes

Guide To Eradicate Odor From Shoes


Guide To Eradicate Odor From Shoes


You can get your shoes customized from the shoe customizing website, but sometimes even the best company is unable to help you with odor control. Summers can be very tough for shoe lovers as they have to get through the humidity and the reek that forms in the shoes due to the moisture in the air.


You have visited the right place if you want to get rid of the disturbing odor. What if the odor has conquered your shoes, here are some ways to win over the odor rather than throwing away your favorite pair of shoes.


When you have bought a website customize shoe that is expensive but it is stinky, do not ruin it by applying deodorant spray on it as it can damage the material of the shoe and the deodorant spray is also not the permanent solution for the shoe reek. The odor is caused by the moisture that is left behind in your shoes after you wear them off and the moisture becomes a breeding ground for the bacteria.


So, the permanent solution to the shoe problem is the killing of bacteria and your shoes will be ready to be dressed in again. Here are some easy to do methods to get your shoes refreshed and enjoy your summer in your favorite shoes.


Here are some household items which will help you to remove the odor from shoes:


  • Baking soda- it is a natural deodorizer

  • A bar of soap-removes odor

  • Sunshine-prevents the growth of bacteria

  • Lemon peels-a quirky smell

  • Rubbing alcohol-a household item used by many ladies at home


So here are some ideas that are recommended by most of the websites for custom shoes:


Baking soda-You will need two coffee filters and essential oils as per your choice for carrying out this process. Just put some baking soda in the coffee filter and add some few drops of essential oils as well and just band the coffee filter. Leave the sachet overnight placed in the shoes and the next day your shoes will be ready to go.


Rubbing alcohol-This method is used to remove odor by most of the website to customize shoes as the rubbing alcohol does not stay for long on the shoes and dries up easily. It is also an antiseptic, which kills the bacteria and prevents the reek.


Soap-It is easy to select the online shoes design and same like that it is easy to remove the malodorous smell from your shoes if you have some spare soap bars. All you have to do is to keep the bar in the shoe and the soap will absorb all the odor as well as moisture and leave behinds a fruity smell.

Cotton balls-Soak some of the essential oils in the cotton ball which are fruity in smell and leave them overnight in the shoes.


Lemon peels-Before going to bed, place some lemon peelings in the shoe and you will get your shoe odor-free.


Visit the official website of website for more ideas.


Guide To Eradicate Odor From Shoes

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