Helpful Tips For Getting A Better Grip On Basketball Shoes

Helpful Tips For Getting A Better Grip On Basketball Shoes

Helpful Tips For Getting A Better Grip On Basketball Shoes

If you are a beginner or an advanced sports player, then you must be aware that what an important role a shoe grip possesses. The shoe grip is essential for making a safe and quick stops & turns.

But when the basketball shoes are filled with wax and dust, this causes the sole to lose its entire grip. Due to this, there are more chances of injury. No doubt, there are many ways for improving the traction of your basketball shoes. Some of the top ones are mentioned below,

Keep your shoes clean

Constant wiping of shoes can help in maintaining a good grip. You can wipe your shoes with a damp towel, this act as the best solution. When you will not let the dirt buildup, its traction will automatically be increased.

Regularly mopping of court for minimizing dust

A clean floor can make a huge difference. Try dry mopping as it can offer good results. The wet mopping is one of the easiest ways for keeping floors clean but this needs a dedicated staff. The dry mopping, on the other hand, is much helpful to move the dirt and dust, but it doesn’t remove it completely.

The dry mopping can be a favorable option when any liquid spill or to absorb the perspiration if any player falls.

Application of a grip lotion or gel on soles

Out of all these methods for getting a good grip in basketball shoes, this method is for all that need quick improvement in their grip. You need to have good patience and time for this method.

It is because you need to sit, apply the lotion on the shoe and let it dry. Then, repeat the same process on your shoes and wait again for it to let it dry. This helps a lot in improving the grip, but it lasts for only some time.

For regaining the traction, you have applied this gel again.

Get your hands on a sticky mat

You can try a sticky traction mat that is available in the market. It is the quickest method for improving the grip. It is because it grabs the dirt off effectively from your rubbery soles as you step on and off from this adhesive surface

This offers the dirt free soles to everyone around, which results in a superior grip within less than three seconds.

This sticky mat is also popular as a traction board which comes with adhesive sheets, that are disposable in form. It has a sturdy base. Their bases are made of highly compact and modified Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Terpolymer for added durability

It is also bonded with a rubbery and ripped backing from the underside of the base which prevents damaging or sliding floors. You can keep using this top sheet until all your adhesive is covered with dirt and dust.

Then, simply remove the top sheet of the mat which is exposed to a clean and new sheet.

Try these simple methods today, and attain a good grip for your basketball shoes.

Helpful Tips For Getting A Better Grip On Basketball Shoes

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