How Can The Problems With Heels Be Solved

How Can The Problems With Heels Be Solved

How Can The Problems With Heels Be Solved:

   The characteristic feature that every other woman wants to have is long and toned legs. So, the women who have an average height and those who are small in height, they have a got a solution to let their legs also look long which is heels. Heels are very famous among women and they give a classy look to their simple outfit as well.


Heels are customized by crafting certain designs on shoes and they are very famous as well. But wearing heels comes with pain and problems as well. They damage the foot as well as also cause pain in them. So, what can be done to make your heels comfortable by eliminating the pain and problems?


Here are some of the issue and their problems regarding the heels which are brought before you by the foot fitter.


Problems and their solutions


Problem no. 1- Heels are a problem



Certain women like to design my own shoes or heels but later they are not able to walk in them. The heels are difficult to walk in and no one wants to prove to be a joker in an event wearing the heels. Heels are something that is worn occasionally by women and they are found by women to be disturbing.


So, if you want to wear heels and also carry them with grace, then choose wedges over pointed heels as wedges are comparatively easy to walk in as there surface area is large so the bodyweight gets distributed all over the feet. The other alternative which is advised by a sneaker creator is to apply a heel cap on the base of the stilettos which will provide a rubber grip while you walk.


Problem no.2- Chaffed heels


Chaffed heels are very common problems that are faced by women. Chaffed heels occur when the back of the sneakers designs your own or of your heels get rubbed very harshly to the skin which causes redness and blisters. Chaffing occurs by a new pair of shoes or is an ill-fitted pair of heels.


The solution to this is a moisturizer. Apply some amount of moisturizer on the back of your foot as this will avoid the rubbing of surfaces. You can also purchase some heel grips and insert them in your heels as they will form a protective layer between the heel and the skin.


Problem no.3- Paining toes


Sometimes, while designing your own sneakers or heels you forget about the toe box area which later causes your toes to suffer as they do not get the proper area to fit in and the develop blisters. The tight heels result in the toes to suffer from blisters and pain. There are certain times when women try to fit in their foot in the wrong sized heel and the little finger gets no space to wiggle.


To avoid this problem, use a shoe stretcher to stretch your heels and you thereby get the right size of the heels which will not let you develop blisters.


Here were some of the problems regarding heels and their solution which you can use if you are also a victim of hard to walk in heels.

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