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How Converse Stars Are Made Through A Vulcanized Process

How Converse Stars Are Made Through A Vulcanized Process:

Are you the one who wants to know how the Converse All Star shoes are made? Well, the All Star Converse, the popular Jack Purcell, and many other classic converses are made with the best help of a process of vulcanized shoe-making.


About Chuck Taylor All Star

The converse rubber shoe company was opened by Marquis Mills in Malden, Massachusetts in the year 1908. This company was manufacturing rubber shoes and engaged themselves in making vulcanized rubber-soled footwear for children, women, and men.

The company started manufacturing the vulcanized athletic shoes for tennis and other sports too. In the year 1917, the All Star basketball converse was introduced. Further in the year 1921, the basketball player Chuck Taylor or Charles H Taylor turned as an ambassador and salesman promoting shoes around the US.

In the year 1932, the signature of Taylor was added to the patch of All-Star. From then, the All-Star also turned as “Chucks” or “Chuck Taylor”.

The Vulcanized process: It is a simple way of heating a rubber which is in its raw form and further curing it. This process is one that creates the cross-linking inside rubber compounds that bonds it together. Before the rubber gets vulcanized, it is gummy, stretchable and easy in wearing.

After getting vulcanized, the rubber gets stretchable, tough, and all set to wear.


How the All Star Converse is made?

In the process of converse vulcanized shoe, the parts of a soft white rubber shoe outsoles get attached to shoe upper before the rubber is cured with heat. With the attached sole parts, the whole shoe should be heated well in the vulcanizing oven.

Further, the shoe is heated on around 170 degrees C that is to over 300 degrees F. The heat required for vulcanizing the rubber sole may melt polyester and nylon fabrics.


Raw materials for converse shoes

What are the All Star Converse shoes made of? They are made of the materials which are resistant to heat like leather, suede and cotton canvas with the metal hardware. This is the one that limits the choices of material for the designers of converse footwear so they are required to be highly creative.

The converse materials are also key to the classic look of the amazing style.


Assembly of Converse All Stars

The All Star Converse shoes are double wrap shoes. Its first operation is trimming and bonding of the toe cap parts. Its upper further gets a pre-wrap before the rubber outsole is attached. The pre-wrap is a layer of rubber that is very thin and tall enough for covering its upper, which also wraps down around the bottom edge of its upper.

After the outsole and pre-wrap are bonded and outer wrap gets applied, the final operation gets attached to textured toe with a foxing tape and the rear “license plate” of the heel logo portion is also fixed. These parts are known for covering the seams of outer wrap.

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