How Long Does It Take To Customize A Shoe?

How Long Does It Take To Customize A Shoe?

How Long Does It Take To Customize A Shoe:


If you want to know the exact time taken for customizing a shoe, the answer may vary as it depends on various factors. A good shoemaking factory can make one pair as a sample in 1 day. It is easier to cut, stitching pieces, and lasting a pattern that can take a few hours.


In case, you are not having the right materials in hand, or require welded details, printed logos, hardware and a lot more, it can take more time. The new development of a shoe sample requiring an outsole or a shoe pattern can take around 4-5 weeks to process. This time is sufficient for shoes when they have the right material, color, and a molded outsole.


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Time taken by a shoe factory for making production order

For example, if you want to know how much time is taken by a custom shoe maker in completing their production order of 5000 shoe pairs. Suppose, its development process is completed, the upper patterns, cutting dies and outsole tooling is ready.

Then it can take around 90 days.


Why a production factor takes such a long time?

It is because of its organization & logistics. The process to make custom shoes is not that complicated. The process to get all shoe parts together, in one room for assembly, is a time taking process.


Materials for a shoe

  • The factory first calculates the material required for making 5000 shoes.

  • Then, they place an order to sub-contractors and vendors for the materials.

  • They never stock raw material, they wait until they receive an order for buying materials.

  • The shoe materials cost around 50% of the final cost of the shoe.

  • The factory demands advance payment before starting the production process, which may take around a week.

  • The shoe material buying process is a complicated one as there can be payment issues, quality or color issues as well.


Material timing

It takes a lot of time to produce outsoles (2 weeks), mesh (3 weeks), leather (4 weeks) to arrive. This timing also depends on the processing of a sub-component. In the case of midsoles and outsoles, the factory considers molds productivity. In some of the situations, you might need to buy more molds for making the process of production faster for famous sizes.


Processing of the materials

It might take 40 days for materials to be delivered at a shoe factory. Once your material arrives, it needs to be processed before stitching can start. Some of the shoe materials are required to be cut & then sent for logo embroidery. Some of them are sent to screen printing departments and for in-house welding.

This process might take some time.


Assembling of shoes

One stitching line can only stitch around 800 pieces in a day, based on the complexity of stitching departments. One shoe assembly line can assemble 1300 to 1500 pairs in a day.

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