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How Much Do Color Changing Air Forces Cost?

How Much Do Color Changing Air Forces Cost?

You have seen people wearing color-changing Air Force shoes and now want to try them as well? If so, then the first question that comes to mind is, how much do they cost? Well, since Nike is one of the most popular shoe-manufacturing brands in the world, people fear that its shoes must cost a lot. But that’s not true in most cases- which is why I am here to answer how much the price of color-changing Air Force shoes is.

Color Changing Air Force shoes cost 110$ to 170$ depending upon where you are buying them and whether there are any discounts offered or not. Generally, the shoes you order from Nike cost less, and the ones listed on other online platforms like Etsy are a little costlier. But no matter what, you will not regret buying color-changing AF shoes as they both look and feel special. 

Want more info? In this article, I am explaining how Air Force shoes change colors, which ones you will see, and from where you can get them. So, stay till the end. 

Nike Color Changing Air Force 1 Low UV- Key Details

Nike released Air Force 1 Low UV shoes in the summer for those people who love to wear color-changing sneakers. They are more unique than the regular ones as they are designed in such a way that their color changes whenever you go outside in the sunlight or heat.

But why sunlight/heat? 

How Nike Air Force Shoes Change Colors?

It happens because Nike treats these shoes with UV, which makes them “sun-sensitive.” Plus, such inks are applied, which are also reactive to sunlight. Since the sun rays have UV, the shoes start to react to it and the color change occurs.

So, which Air Force colors change into which? 

You know that Air Force shoes are in black, blue, and white colors. When you go outside, these colors change to purple, gold, blue, and yellow. However, laces, linens, midsole, and tongue will stay the same.

Now, it’s time to find out about the Women’s Special Air Force color-changing shoes. 

Women’s Exclusive Air Force Color Changing Shoes

Nike has also released the women’s exclusive color Changing Air Force shoes that also cost around 110$. These shoes are loved by all because they have a white upper body that gives them a gorgeous look. 

But this white leather has been treated with photochromic inks, which is the reason behind their color-changing properties. The upper part of the shoes will turn blue, the heel will turn magenta color, and you will also see the purple touch all over the shoes. However, the midsole will stay white. 

So, if you wear them and go in the sun, the deceptive makeover can fool anyone about the color of the shoes.

Air Max 1- Another Nike Color Changing Shoe

Nike has also released Air Max 1 in the summer, which is also an elegant color-changing shoe. Although it is a little more expensive than Air Force Low, it is also in high demand and goes out of stock faster than expected. Just like Air Force, it is also one of the popular Nike series and has been revamped and re-launched in the market a lot of times. 

Air Max 1 costs around 140$, and the prices may fluctuate. 

But these sun-sensitive ones are different as they are great deceptors. When you wear them, it will feel like you just have regular white shoes on. But when you go in public, the color will change (which might also shock the fellow walker). Similarly, when there is shade, the shoe color will get back to normal.

So, if you also love to have color-changing Nike shoes, go for the Air Force and Air Max ones. But let me tell you- Air Force ones are in higher demand than others because people think they provide more comfort, they are more durable, and their style outdo every other shoe.

Where Can I Buy Nike Color Changing Air Force Shoes?

You can buy any Air Force 1 shoes from a number of platforms, but the best one is still from Nike. In addition, Etsy is another valuable platform from which you can buy hand-painted color-changing Air Force shoes at an affordable price. These shoes on Etsy will cost around 150$ to 200$. Furthermore, you can also get Nike shoes from Amazon.

When you place the order, your Air Force shoes might take up to seven business days to come to your doorstep. However, if you order a hand-painted one, then it might take a month. The reason is that hand painting takes around two to three weeks at least due to a high number of orders. Then, the seller will ship it, and you will get them in the fourth week of ordering.

There is another type of shoe that Nike has released in the market. Air Force 1 and Air Max 1 are sun-sensitive, but these are sun-blocked. Continue reading to know more details. 

Nike Air Force Color Blocked 1/1

In the Air Force series, Nike has also introduced color-blocked shoes that have a wonderful outlook. They have a multicolor upper (five different colors) with a plain white sole. These colors are neither damaged by heat nor affected by sunlight in any way- hence the name “Sun-Block.”.

Final Words

All-inclusive, Nike Color changing Air Force shoes cost between 110$ and 170$. There is no specific price because the cost keeps on changing depending upon from where you are buying them and whether there are any special discounts/deals on them. 

But those who love color-changing shoes and prefer quality do not care about the price. 

You can buy color-changing Air Force shoes from Nike, Etsy, and many other online platforms. 

So, if you are thinking about buying a color-changing one, then I suggest you go for these Nike Air Force ones without any hesitation!

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