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How to Clean Leather Shoes – Full Restoration Guide

How to Clean Leather Shoes – Full Restoration Guide:

Customized leather shoes are a new trend in the market. If you are new to the term customized, then I am here to let you know what is the meaning of custom shoes! Custom shoes are your normal daily shoes with little bit designing on them according to your desire. Now you will ask how much do custom shoe cost in 2k20? It doesn’t cost much.

Even, you can make custom shoes in your home as well. Online custom services are also available, like Nike custom shoes. But if you are looking for an affordable alternative, Freaky Shoes is here for you.

Such eye-catchy shoes come great care and maintenance as well. With time, your shoes look old and rough, especially leather shoes? It becomes dull with little marks and scuffs. I know if you are reading this article, then you surely have gone through this too—nothing to worry about. Today, I am here to guide you on the steps regarding full restoration and care techniques of leather shoes that will keep your shoes lasts longer and looks new. Let’s get right into it.


 How to Clean Leather Shoes 

Step 1: Remove the laces

You can do it with laces on if you have another pair of laces. Otherwise, remove them as they may get damaged or worn off. You can clean them separately. Put these aside afterward.

Step 2: Damp cloth wiping

This is one of the important steps as dust particles or anything that is on the surface may further scratch your shoe leather. These can be removed with dampen cloth. Apply little water on any Flannel cloth and rub it in a circular motion until all types of particles are removed from the surface. Make sure to clean the upper surface as well as sole.

Step 3: Soft Brush

The next step is to use a brush cleaning the remaining dirt and other particles. You can use any brush, however, for better results, use the brush that is made precisely for shoes.

Step 4: Leather conditioner

4th and the most effective step is to use a leather conditioner. Leather is the one element that fades with time. It’s just like your skin. To stop the fading and cracking process, it needs moisture just like we do.

You can apply moisture directly or use an applicator that should come with the majority of the good conditioners. You can also use any cloth if in-case you don’t have an applicator.

Again, this is the most important and hence more time for the moisture to settle down in pores of the leather. Wait for at least 30 minutes before the next step for better results.

Step 5: Polishing

You have just like a new pair of shoes now. To put the cherry at the top, polishing is the next step. Apply litter polish and gently rubbing the shoes with a brush will give them the finishing touch. For better results on shoe toe, you may use polish applied on a cotton ball. Rubbing it in a circular motion on the toe will create sophisticated contrast.

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