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How to Clean Nike?

It is heartbreaking to see that your new Nike shoes are getting dirty on their first day. You have invested a lot of money and love in these sneakers. So, you must want them to last longer.

For this, you need to keep your shoes clean and maintained. In this way, they will look brand new for a long time. 

But, how can you do this? To help you, I am going to discuss two methods of cleaning Nike shoes. The methods will roughly take one hour, and you will get spotless footwear.

So, let's delve into the details.

How to Clean Nike Shoes?

How to Clean Nike?

Cleaning Nike shoes will not take much effort and money. You can clean them with the objects present in your home. So, you don't need to get tense when your footwear gets dirty.

There are two methods of cleaning Nike shoes. One is the official method that the Nike company has approved. The other method is cleaning these shoes in a washing machine.

Before proceeding, I want to tell you that the company doesn't approve the use of washing machines to clean Nike shoes. 

But, I have seen a lot of people washing them in the machine, and their sneakers last for a long time. 

These people use a particular method to clean the footwear in the machine. I will tell you their specific method in this article.

So, without wasting any time, let's delve into these both methods.

Cleaning Nike Shoes with Hand- The Official Method

For this method, you need the following cleaning tools.

  • An old toothbrush or shoebrush
  • Mild detergent or cleanser
  • Warm water
  • Bowl
  • Sponge or microfiber cloth

Collect these things before starting the cleaning process. It will make the process easy and flawless.

  • Scrub your Shoes

  • The first thing you need to do is to take a dry shoe brush. If you don't have one, then take an old toothbrush. You just need to make sure that it is thoroughly dry.

    Now scrub it on your shoes. This will take out the excessive dirt from your sneakers. Keep scrubbing until you are satisfied that your footwear is thoroughly cleaned.

    But, how will you clean the crannies of your shoes? For this, you can take a screwdriver or paint brushes to scrub the nooks of your shoes.

  • Make the Mixture

  • Now, you need to make a mixture. For this, take a bowl. Pour lukewarm water and add some mild laundry detergent to it. You don't need to make the water more soapy. Because it can damage your shoes.

    Also, you may need to freshen the mixture on and off while cleaning the shoes. So, be mentally ready for it too.

    Important: The mixture will be different if you are cleaning Nike Flyknits. In that mixture, you will need cold water and a mild cleanser. Because warm water can damage its fabric. Also, laundry detergent is harmful to Flyknits as it can impact the dye. So, use cold water and cleanser.

  • Take off the Laces

  • You can take off the laces from your shoes to clean them. You just need to soak the laces in the mixture and scrub them. It will take off the dirt from the laces, making them clean and fresh.

    Afterward, you need to change the mixture to clean your shoes.

  • Clean your Shoes

  • You need to scrub your shoes with microfiber cloth now. Dip the cloth in the mixture, and scrub it on every part of your footwear. You should make sure that you don't make your shoes wetter.

    If you don't have clothes, you can use the sponge in its place too. Also, make sure that you change the mixture when it gets dirty. 

  • Wipe Them

  • Now, you have applied soapy water to your shoes. It is time to wipe them. For this, you need to wash your clothes or sponge with warm water. Thoroughly wash it to get rid of soapy water.

    Now, wipe your sneakers with it. This will clean the soapy water from your shoes, leaving them spotless.

  • Air Dry your Nike Shoes

  • In the end, put your shoes in an open area for air drying. You should never put them in the air dryer. Because the heat of the machine can damage them.

    Also, you should make sure to never put your shoes under the sun. The heat of the sun can discolor them. So, put them in the shade. 

    After almost 12 hours, your shoes will be thoroughly dry and ready to go outside.

    This is the simple method that Nike's company approved. Now, I am going to tell you the second method. 

    Clean Your Nike Shoes in a Washing Machine

    How to Clean Nike?

    I am again telling you that Nike's company doesn't like this method. So, you should only do it when you are in a hurry. Otherwise, try to avoid the washing machine. 

  • Check the Material of your Nike Shoes

  • You should make sure that your shoes' material is suitable for the washing machine. Because some materials can endure the machine but some can't.

    So, if you have leather and suede shoes, never put them in the machine. You can clean them only by hand. 

    But, if you have canvas, rubber, and fabric shoes, you can go for this method. 

  • Pre-Clean them

  • Before putting your shoes in the washing machine, you need to pre-clean them. For this, rinse your shoes to get rid of any excessive dirt.

    You should use a toothbrush or shoe brush to rub the surface of shoes. You can make a cleaning mixture of water and mild detergent for this.

    If it has any stains, you can remove them now. For this, take the stain remover with warm water. Apply it with a microfiber cloth or sponge to scrub the stain.

    Remember: You should only use a toothbrush or soapy solution on Nike Flyknit. Also, remember to use a cold water mixture on it.

  • Check your Washing Machine Settings

  • You need to adjust your washing machine settings. Adjust it on a mild and delicate cycle. You should keep those settings that you use for washing the lingerie. Also, add the cold water to the washing machine. Because warm water can damage your footwear.

  • Put The Shoes in a Bag

  • Now, you need an old pillowcase or a mesh laundry bag. Place your shoes and removable laces in it, and zip the bag properly.

    Now, add any mild detergent and baking soda. You can use oxi stain remover too if baking soda is not available. Then, start the cycle.

  • Air Dry them

  • When the washing cycle ends, you take out the shoes. Then, put them in any ventilated place to air dry them. You should follow all the guidelines for air drying which I told you earlier.

    So, this is the whole method of washing your shoes in a washing machine. Now, I am going to tell you different ways of removing stains from your shoes. 

    How to Remove Stains from Different Nike Shoes?

    How to Clean Nike?

    Some stains on the Nike shoes are stubborn and noticeable. So, you need to give extra time and effort to them. There are different methods of doing it. 

      • Leather Shoes: Leather shoes can easily become dirty. So, you need to clean them regularly with the first method I have discussed. But, if it has any stains, you should use leather conditioner. It can make it stain-free. But, you shouldn't rub the shoes violently. Otherwise, they will get damaged.
  • Suede and Rubber Shoes: If there are any marks or stains on suede or rubber shoes, you need a pencil remover or suede rubber to clean them. Rub it in the direction of the material to get rid of stains. If any stain is not coming out, you can use white vinegar. Apply it with the help of a towel, and scrub it in the opposite direction.
  • Fabric or Flyknit Shoes: You can use an Oxi stain remover to pre-treat your shoes. After that, use the first method I have told you.
  • So, these are different ways of getting rid of stubborn stains. You can make these tips a part of your shoes' cleaning process. Till now, I have told you how to clean the surface and laces of the shoes. But, what about insoles? How to clean them? So, let's discuss it now.

    How to Clean Insoles?

    Cleaning insoles requires you to be gentle and careful. Because they can easily peel off or get damaged. So, follow the process along with the precautionary steps I am going to tell you.

  • Wet the Insoles

  • First of all, put your insoles under the running water. It will thoroughly wet them. Here, you should be careful and delicately clean the insoles. Because they can easily get damaged.

  • Scrub them

  • Now, it is time to scrub them. For this, you need a toothbrush, dishwashing liquid, or laundry detergent. 

    Pour the liquid or detergent on the insoles, and use a toothbrush to rub them. You should be careful around the label. Because rubbing that place can damage it badly.

  • Run the Cold Water

  • After scrubbing, you need to rinse your insoles. For this, put them under the cold water. Thoroughly wet them to take out every ounce of soap or detergent.

    Here, you again need to be cautious. Otherwise, the insole can be broken.

  • Dry the insoles

  • In the end, you need to dry the insoles. For this, lay down a towel and put them on it. Fold the remaining part of it above them. 

    Tap lightly on the towel or gently press it. This will take out a lot of water from your insoles. 

    After that, put the insoles in an open space for air drying. Or, you can also put them under the fan.

    In this way, your insoles will also get clean and fresh. This will make your shoes thoroughly cleaned. 

    Now, I am going to tell you a few tips for cleaning your Nike shoes on the go.

    Tips for Cleaning Your Nike Shoes Daily

    These tips will keep your shoes fresh and clean daily. Moreover, it will save a lot of your time when doing thorough cleaning.

  • Use Pencil Remover

  • You should keep a pencil with you whenever you go out in your Nike shoes. When you see any watermark or stain on the rubber part of your shoes, take out the pencil. 

    Rub the eraser on the mark as you rub it on a piece of paper. The eraser will remove the stain mark as it removes pencil marks on the paper.

  • Use Baby Wipes

  • You should always have a few baby wipes in your pocket or purse. These wipes are wet and gentle. So, you can rub them on your shoes whenever they get dirty.

    In this way, your shoes will always remain clean and stain-free.

  • Replace the Laces

  • No matter how much you clean your laces, they can become worn out or dirty with time. The dirty laces give a bad appearance to your shoes.

    So, you should replace your laces with a fresh pair. It will give your shoes a fresh and clean look.

  • Have Inserts

  • You should buy a few inserts for your shoes. These are cardboard or stiff paper pieces that will keep your shoes in shape. 

    You can put them in your shoes when you are not wearing them. This will keep them in shape. 

    So, these are a few tips that you should follow to maintain your Nike shoes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you Clean Nike Shoes with Dish Soap?

    Yes, you can clean them with dish soap. But, you should make sure to dilute the soap with warm water. Never pour it directly on your shoes as it can damage them. Also, never use dish soap on suede shoes.


    So, these are two famous methods of cleaning Nike shoes. You must have noticed that they are easy to learn and follow.

    If you follow the tips I have told you with the cleaning methods, your shoes will always remain stain-free. So, do remember these methods and make them a part of your life.

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