How To Clean White Sneakers Using Simple Kitchen Items

How To Clean White Sneakers Using Simple Kitchen Items

How To Clean White Sneakers Using Simple Kitchen Items

The white sneakers are must-haves these days for many. But white is one color that catches stains and marks easily. This makes them lose their brightness. Here, you will find an amazing hack and expert tips to know how to clean your white shoes at home.

Everyone loves to wear white and bright sneakers, but very few want to do the hard work behind maintaining and cleaning them. For all such lazy people and for the ones that don’t want to buy expensive creams for maintaining their white sneakers, Freaky shoes have come up with amazing shoes cleaning hack.

In this hack, all you need is a few products from your kitchen to get started. The very important thing you need is Hydrogen peroxide. It is non-chloride bleach that can be combined well with the baking soda, and it forms up the bubbles which can help in cleaning fabric and lifts stains.

Remember that snowy white color of your shoes which you see when you buy your favorite white sneakers. After wearing it for some time, they all turn up grey, dusty and muddy. Well, no you can get rid of this dust and grime by following the below-mentioned hack for cleaning white shoes using simple kitchen items.

Things you need

  • ½ tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda
  • ½ tablespoon of warm water
  • Small scrub brush

How to get started?

Mix all these ingredients and apply this paste on your white sneakers with the best help of a toothbrush. Start scrubbing the stains gently for removing discoloration or tough stains. Let this mixture stay for around 30 minutes.

Rinse it with water and you are all set with sparkly and shiny white kicks.

Why does it help?

It is because the hydrogen peroxide is a non-chlorine bleach. When it is combined with the baking soda, it turns out in forming bubbles which help in cleaning fabrics and lifting tough stains.

If you are not having the time to remove grease from all over the shoes, then common only on the scuffed rubber soles and get a magic eraser. It works as the best solution when you are running out of time.

These are some of the easy ways which help a lot in getting rid of the dirt from the shoes. Toothbrush helps a lot in cleaning all types of shoes.

Experts tips for cleaning white shoes

Various experts have also come up with tried and tested ideas and they added,

  • You can get rid of the dirt on the shoes using a perfect finish stain removal spray and an old toothbrush
  • Check the shoes for all washing instructions
  • You can wash your shoes in the washing machine by setting them to 30 degrees C
  • Let the shoes naturally dry in the sun as ultraviolet rays act as the best natural stain remover

Now when you have learned how to keep your white shoes clean, make sure you apply this hack every time on your shoes to turn them new once again.

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