How to Clean Your Converse

How to Clean Your Converse

How to Clean Your Converse

Shoes, who can ever afford to leave without them? They have been the source of happiness, support and comfort since they were invented. They are one of the outfits that you will never miss in people's wardrobes. Everyone keeps talking about shoes because they know the impact that footwear has brought to their lives. However, in the past years, shoes were only considered to be a protection outfit, but that perspective changed when fashion evolved. This was when people realized that shoes could be used in different fields in life apart from using it to protect their feet from environmental factors.

Moreover, most of the sneakers that are produced in this era are so different from the ones that were created in decades ago. These are more advanced because unlike in the past where the cobblers only considered the features of the shoes, nowadays the shoemakers base their production on both the functionality and the comfort the boots are likely to give the wearer. However, the reason why people wear shoes is not only to protect their feet but to make them look smart and presentable. As a respected individual, you can barely walk or go somewhere without your shoes on, and this proves how important they are to your lives.

Furthermore, most of the shoemaking companies such as Freaky Shoes have tried their best to make sure that they make quality shoes that will be impressive in the market. However, the great part is that Freaky Shoes have extended their services to their buyer by allowing them to customize their shoes. It does not end there, and they go ahead to ensure that they design the same thing that the customers had recommended or customized. Also, to some extent, they allowed you to design your shoes to make sure that you are conversant with what you want to have. It was quite challenging in the past when it came to the measurement of the feet because the length of feet varied and this was not possible for more than two people to wear the same shoes with the same measurement.

Similarly, this was the reason why the shoemakers stated to keep the measurement of every individual that came to buy shoes from them. This helped them because they were able to produce shoes that could fit anyone that visited them. It can never go without notice that truly, shoes have changed the lives of many. However, if you have ever worn shoes, you will probably understand why they will always be the best thing to have ever evolved. It has made most of you concentrate more on buying shoes. Like any other type of wear, shoes can be categorized in different types such as canvas, leather, converse, suede and many more.

However, this article is going to base its discussion on converse shoes, its history and most importantly, how you can go about when you want to keep them clean. When you are wearing your converse, the best thing you can do to them after taking them off is cleaning. Keeping your shoes clean is one of the ways of making sure that you maintain them, thus increasing the chances of them lasting longer. Most of the shoes that are left dirty tend to get damaged or wear out within a short time something that you can avoid by keeping them clean.

The History of the Converse All-Star Chuck Taylor

According to the records, converse shoes were the first shoes to be used by the basketball players, and it was the best selling footwear at that time. Its popularity was realized when researchers stated that the majority of Americans owned a pair or two; that is why this type of shoes will always be in the game for the longest time. It was neither from the Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Fila, and it was Converse All Star Chuck Taylor.

Converse Rubber Corporation first opened its business in the year 1908; however, during this time, the company was only involved in rubber related footwear and galoshes. Also, they were used to operating in seasons. However, with time the company decided that they would base their production on athletic shoes that would probably serve the growing sports around the world. The efficiency of their work made most of the people if not all, to be interested in the practices of this shoemaking company.

Moreover, with the popularity of basketball, the company saw it as an advantage and choose to base their shoe production on basketball so that they can wear them while playing. However, before they decided on which type they were to make, they chose to do their research and this where they came up with All-Star basketball sneakers. It was then produced in the year 1917. furthermore, this type was in the market for only three years. By 1920, the company was ready with Converse All-Stars, which were made in leather and canvas version.

The shoes were first introduced in Northern America, and it consisted of a leather upper which covered the ankle and a thick rubber sole which provided strong support to the wearer. Its sales ascended with time, and this was because of Charles Chuck' H. Taylor. He was a basketball player who played for the Arkon Firestones. His love for the shoes made him join the converse sales force in the year 1921, which placed him in the position of the player and a coach at the same time. He coached Converse All-Stars which was owned by the converse company. Also, they used to create custom shoes which made them one of the best shoe producing company.

He promoted converse all-stars during his career in basketball by travelling across the world. In 1932, Chuck Taylor was added to the ankle patch due to successful promotion of the shoes and the new designs he introduced in making sure that this type of shoes changed its outlook with time. This was the year when Converse All-Stars was changed to The Chuck Taylor All-Stars. With no time every basketball player had their shoes, and it was Chuck Taylor All-Stars. He came up with a white design in the year 1930which was to be worn in 1936 Olympic.

The white is a type of shoes that you can find in the market to date since it was one of the best makes that were produced during that time. In 1949, after World War II, the introduction of Chuck Taylor's white Chuck and classic black took place. The popularity of the shoes made basketball to be a professional sport worldwide. This also led to the merger of the Basketball Association of America and National Basketball Leauge, which gave birth to the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The new competitors stepped in once Chuck Taylor passed, and Nike Corporation led these new groups. As soon as they stepped in, they greatly influenced the market of converse shoes and a lot of changes being experienced by the majority of the shoemaking companies. There was the introduction of new designs by the new companies. They produced sneakers with different high tech, leather uppers, air cells and the colour looks. The stiff competition in the market made Converse drop All-Stars and go with new brands such as Dr J and One Star.

Athletic shoes became so popular by 1970 that saw many people preferring athletic shoes to other types of footwear. During this time the Converse Chuck Taylor became counter culture footwear from the top. Also, it became so popular with the rock musicians who found them to be comfortable; however, with the younger generation, they wore them because of their colours, comfort and its nice looks.

Moreover, most of the All-Stars were now purchased because of their popularity, fashionable and the fact that they were now considered to be leisure footwear. However, it was made one of the most reco9gnised shoes when it was produced in different varieties from colour, pattern, prints, age groups to special models. Even after it downfall due to the new shoemaking companies, it is still one of the top five best basketball shoes.

Unfortunately, the converse company started to experience a lot of challenges in the 1980s and 1990s, and this was evident when its management kept on changing without bearing fruit. This became a lot of time challenge which forced the company to announce itself as bankruptcy in 2001. however, it was not that easy to dissolve it; therefore, the new management took ver the converse company, which resulted in the closure of all converse companies in the USA and shifted to Asia. The company was later bought by its rival, Nike after its successful reestablishment.

Fortunately, Chuck Taylor continued to exist in the market even after huge changes took place in the shoemaking industry, and this is seen with through its great sales across the world. Surprisingly, the sneakers can be worn by both men and women, and this is why they will forever be in the market and will never lose their taste. However, Converse Chuck Taylor have maintained their popularity and fashion, unlike other sneakers which drop their market easily. Also, they have managed to sale more than a billion pairs of sneakers. This is an indication that they are the best shoes of all time.

The good thing is that as the year's pass, converse continues to win the heart of many as many people like their good look and feel comfortable when they wear them. It is one of the brands that have stayed in the market for a long time. It has nine decades by counting. Since it was established in 1949, it has never changed its design from Chuck Taylor.

steps used when washing your converse

Your converse shoes will always get dirty once you have worn them no matter how careful you might be. Once your shoes are dirty, you need to make sure that you keep them clean as soon as you can to prevent them from wearing out easily. When you walk with your shoes outside your homestead, the possibility of them getting dirty is high, and that is why you are advised to wash them once you return home. However, converse sneakers are one of the most simple shoes that you can clean without having to look for some specialists to do it well.

Most of the people prefer to wash their shoes using their hands, yes, it is recommendable but not in shoes that have stains or dirt on their uppers. With this, you will need strong detergents for you to achieve want you to want for your sneakers. If you still notice that your shoes are not making any change after cleaning them then consider using your washing machine to wash them. However, below are some of the ways that can be used to make sure that your converse shoes are sparkling clean and free from dirt and stains.

Method 1: Spot-Cleaning

Step 1: Make a Cleaning Solution

Since you are dealing with converse shoes, it will be appropriate if you use laundry detergents to clean them. They will work well for you in making sure that they are clean and free from dirt and stains. You will need to mix up 2 cups of warm water and 1/4 cup of laundry detergent. However, if you want to mix them well, use a big bowl and make sure that the container is clean before you start mixing your remedies.

Furthermore, when your converse sneaker is covered with dirt all over the upper and the sole, then you will be forced to have enough solution that will take you through both pairs of your sneakers. With laundry detergents, you will need to have the following to ensure that your shoes stay clean; a dish soap, window cleaner, body wash and shampoo. However, before you consume them, you should make sure that they are the recommended detergents that will help you to navigate through your pair of sneakers.

Step 2: Fill a Bowl with Clean, Warm Water

This will be used to rinse your shoes once you have applied your detergents. Most of the cases when you want to wipe off the detergents from your boots you are required to use a clean piece of cloth that will not leave a mark on your sneakers when you are wiping them. To avoid wastage of time, the bowl you are using should be clean. However, the cleaning solution can only be removed from your shoes when the dirt is completely off your sneakers. To customize my boots, it is good to make sure that they are clean before that is done.

Step 3: Dip a Washcloth in the Soap Solution and Start Cleaning your Converse Shoes

Dip your washcloth in water and make sure that it is completely wet and then use it to scrub the uppers and soles of your converse shoes to get rid of the stains and the dirt. Insert the soap inside the shoes and make sure that it penetrates to the toe place. Do it repeatedly while rinsing the cloth in clean water. When you are done with this part, you can now dip your shoes in a cleaning solution and then continue with your work.

Moreover, if it is okay with you, you can consider removing the shoelaces if you want to wash them appropriately. Also, remove them to make it easy for you when you are washing them. You can as well use this method to wash the inside of your sneakers just to make them as clean at the outside. Cleaning shoes should not be something to debate on because when you clean your sneakers, you will be able to control so many things, including bad smell and itching feet.

Step 4: Scrub the Rubber and Soles

You cannot expect the dirt and the stains to come out of your shoes when you are using your hands to wash your shoes. For the earth to completely be removed, you should make sure that you scrub them off. However, you will need to dip your washcloth in your solution and use it to scrub your sole and the rubber. If your footwear has tougher stains, consider using a toothbrush to remove the dirt that is grounded in your sole.

Scrub the rubber parts of your shoes and the sole thoroughly and make sure that they are free from dirt and stains. You should put your focus on the toe parts because these places tend to pick a lot of dust when you are walking. In most cases, when the rubber of your shoes is not scuffed that much, it will be easy for you to wipe them quickly without spending a lot of time on them. However, do not give up, especially when you do not know how to make your sneakers clean because Freaky Shoes will always have you covered.

Step 5: Wipe the Shoes with a Clean Wet Cloth

You will need to use your clean, wet piece of cloth to get rid of any soap residue or dirt that will have remained on your sneakers after you have scrubbed them. However, you should examine your work and make sure that you leave no stain on your shoes. Also, it is appropriate for you to be contented with hoe you have cleaned your sneakers, and this is why you need to take a good look at them once you are through. If you are unable to get rid of the deep scuffs and stains, you should consider using another method that will probably work for you. The colour of shoes will always determine what detergent to be used when you are cleaning your shoes. For example, you cannot use the same detergent to wash a red and white converse.

Step 6: Let your Shoes Air Dry

Different varieties can be used to dry your converse shoes with such as newspaper, drying machine, fan, blowdry, or you can consider using rice to dry them. In this case, you will need to scuff the paper inside your shoes so that when the shoes dry, they can maintain their shape. Choose a place where there is good circulation of air and leave them to dry. However, make sure that you do not use direct sunlight to dry them because they will be damaged within a short time.

Moreover, if you want your shoes to taking the shortest time to dry, you should consider drying the sneakers separately. When they are completely dry, you can tie the laces and put them on. However, if you want your shoes to dry faster, consider taking them outside but not under direct sunlight. You can cover them if the sun is too hot. You can also choose to use a hairdryer but set it on a warm mode to prevent it from damaging your shoes.

Method 2: Using the Washing Machine

Step 1: Remove the Shoe Laces and the Insoles

Fortunately, this is one of the best methods that can be used to wash both the inside and the outside of your shoes. However, for you to clean the appropriately, you need to make sure that you remove the laces and the insoles of your footwear and clean them separately. Also, when washing your sneakers in a machine, it's good to remove the laces so that the machine might not damage them.

Step 2: Pretreat the Shoes with Stain Remover

When your sneakers have deep stains, foodstuffs, or grass, they will surely get off easily when you use a stain remover and then leave it to penetrate your shoes well before you put them inside the machine. In this case, you can choose to apply the stain remover you use on your cloth. Put the required amount to make sure that all the stains are off your shoes.

However, if you have bright-coloured shoes, then it is good if you do not use the stain remover to remove the stains from them. Because unlike other types of shoes, the stain remover might bleach your footwear. Also, before you insert the boots in a washing machine, you should consider removing the dirt because they might clog in your machine if you leave them.

Step 3: Place the Shoes, Laces and the Inserts in a Washable Bag

In this case, you can use any piece of cloth provided your shoes can fit inside, you can either use a pillowcase or a delicate bag. Once you have inserted them inside the bag, tie the top part of the bag before you put them inside the machine. When you seal your shoes in one bag, it will reduce the chances of damaging your machine when you are cleaning your shoes.

Step 4: Wash the Shoes on the Gentle Cycle

You can use both coll and warm water to clean your shoes; however, for those who are afraid of using warm water in fear of brightening your boots, then you can choose to wash them with cold water instead. If you want to prevent your shoes from getting damaged, then you should avoid using hot water to clean your sneakers. It does not matter how the deep the stains are, always prefer using cold or warm water. In most cases, when you use hot water to clean your footwear, it will loosen the glue that holds your sneakers in contact, causing them to separate.

You will also be required to use an equal amount of the detergent you are likely to use when operating on a small quantity of laundry. When your shoes are delicate, you should consider shying away from another clothing article just to make sure that you do not damage your shoes.

Step 5: Let the Shoes Air Dry

If you want the best for your sneakers, then you should never choose to dry them using a dryer even if it's just using low heat. Moreover, any amount that is used to dry shoes will damage them. Also, too much heat might loosen the glue which will make the sole to separate from the uppers. The easy way to do this is by stuffing them inside the newspaper and then give them humble time to dry. You should also consider putting them where there is enough air circulation. You can wear them once they are dried.

Most of the shoes do not need harsh heat for them to dry and this is because it is appropriate for someone to have more than a pair of shoes so that when the other one is washed, you can put on your spare shoes. When you are going to purchase your pair of shoes from Freaky Shoes make sure you buy enough shoes that will be able to take you through all conditions.

Method 3: Tricks for Removing Stains and Scuffs

Step 1: Use a Magic Eraser to Remove Stains

Once you have your magical rubber or eraser, you can use it to get rid of the stains, food, or grass that might have stacked on your shoes. You can do this effectively without any challenges. You can also use the eraser to rub away scuff marks from your rubber shoes and make them free from scuff again. If the other methods of removing stains are not working for you, then you should consider removing them with the use of a magic eraser and experience a change.

Step 2: Use Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide

Most of the people have this remedy around their home but fail to know that it can help you when it comes to washing your shoes. As researchers put it, it is one of the most powerful natural ways of cleaning your footwear. However, this reagent works well when you use it to clean your white shoes. However, for those who have shoes with different colour apart from white, then do not use this remedy to wash your shoes because they might be lightened thus losing their original colour. Below are the steps you need to follow when washing your shoes using baking powder;

  • Mix a half tablespoon of warm water, one tablespoon of baking soda, and a half tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide to come up with a paste.

  • Apply the paste on your old toothbrush and use it to massage the paste on your sneakers to get rid of the stains and dirt.

  • Leave the paste on your shoes for fifteen to twenty minutes for it to work on your boots well.

  • Once the minutes are over, use a clean piece of cloth to wipe your shoes; however, you may choose to repeat the whole process if it did not work well for you with the first time.

Step 3 Use of Rubbing Alcohol

This will only work well for you if your shoes have ink stains or scuff marks that are small. Dip the cotton in rubbing alcohol then use it to wipe the surfaces of your shoes where the stains are visible. However, you should do it gently to prevent you from damaging your boots. You should do this repeatedly until your shoes are sparkling clean.

  • In case you have nail polish as a stain on your shoes, then you should consider using nail polish to get rid of them.

  • You should also use paint thinner to wipe off the paints.

  • Toothpaste can also be used in place of rubbing alcohol.

Step 4: Bleach your Shoes

Unfortunately, this method only works in white shoes because when you use it to wash other colours, then they will probably be damaged. This is why you are advised to avoid it whenever you want to use to wash other types of shoes apart from white converse sneakers. When using it, you are supposed to wear protective cloth to prevent your skin from getting in contact with the bleach. Below is how you are supposed to use it;

  • Mix five-part of water with one part and then stir them to make sure that they are mixed well.

  • Use a brush to rub the stains off your sneakers.

  • Use a clean cloth to wipe the whole area then allow your shoes to air dry.

Bottom Line

Having you converse clean is the most important thing that you can do to your shoes. Most of the people keep their sneakers when they are dirty, something that will always lower the lifespan of your shoes. Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep your footwear clean at all time. With the information provided to you in this article, you will easily use them and ensures that you clean your shoes appropriately without any challenge. Most importantly, you should always ensure that you consider the methods of cleaning because the way you clean your black converse shoes is not the same way you will use to wash your white converse sneakers. Lastly, you should also consider visiting Freaky Shoes, and they will be able to show you how to design your shoes.


How to Clean Your Converse

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