How to Customize Your Own Pair of Sneakers

How to Customize Your Own Pair of Sneakers

How to Customize Your Own Pair of Sneakers

Attention, designers; there are great ways in which you can use to express your creativity through your sneakers. There are sites like and other shoe brands that allow you to design your own personalized pair of shoes. Furthermore, you are free to show off your creativity in artistic work to the world in your own way. The best thing is, you are also allowed to custom sneakers with picture to explain you artistic work in details. Your will not only be promoting your artistic work but also give a fine look to your sneakers. However, as it is important for you to design your sneaker, it will be fair to know how you are supposed to customize them. Below are ways on how you should go about it.

Choose your sneakers

It is up to you choose on either canvas or leather sneakers. And decide on what image would you want to create on your sneakers. However, I would advise you to pick on vinyl or leather because they are much easier to deal with. For the beginners, a canvas sneaker is not what you should desire to start with because they are much trickier, unless you are conversant with different types of paints and how they operate on different surfaces, you should not pick on them.

However, you should feel to visit to be given detailed information on the same. How much do custom sneakers cost? This question has been to people’s mind, especially those who would love to have their own sneaker. However, you should not worry anymore because Freaky Shoes has got you covered on everything you would love to have access on.

Make a sketch

To begin with, for you to have the best results on anything you are doing, it is always proper to start by making a sketch to see if you are totally good on them. You can at some point use the sketch to direct you on what you want your sneakers to look like. This will help a lot before you start applying permanent paints on them. Making a sketch should not be something that you forget to do, because that is always the root of making something wonderful.

Therefore, when you are working with a pair of shoes, sketching will help you make sure that your design looks identical. This is because you are after making something wonderful and successful. With sketching, you cannot only use papers as your check-up plan but also illustrator and Photoshop from your computer can be a good choice for you.

Get your paints

Moreover, now that you have everything in order, it then a good time to pick paints of your own choice. Of course the image and the colors you would love to have on your sneakers is very important for individual who have desire on customizing their own sneakers. However, before buying any mark paints from supply shops, you are advised to taste them first, because you might find out that they are not what you intended to have for your sneakers. This will really affect your art work. However, if you are after the best mark paint, then visit and they will be delivered to you with friendly prices.

Additionally, there are paint markers who produce weak and low quality paints that are extremely watery. For experienced artist you should be aware of this, because in most cases, this type of paints cannot work well for your artistic work. Therefore, for you to have the best results make sure you pick on paints with high consistency. You should also put in mind that custom sneaker descals are part of the thing that you are to consider when customizing your sneakers.

To add on, produces mark paints in different sizes, i.e. small to large. This enables you to pick any size as long as it levels up to your expectations. You should also remember to choose paint based on your sketch, do not pick on a large paint when your sketch is small and vice versa. You will only be misusing by doing this. Make sure you fill the spaces and define curves to be able to control the lines. A point to note, when the tip is thin, it makes it easy for you to draw detail, and the thicker it is, the more paint used to spread to large spaces.

You can also choose to work with spray paints. However, you should make sure that you look for skinny caps if you are using them as a base. This will help you prevent the aerosol from covering the details you would love to show on your artistic work. Most spray cans are very difficult to deal with but they are the best to use on large canvases. That is why for beginners, you are advised not to use spray paints for their custom sneakers art work. If perfection is what you need for your work, then make sure you stick to mark paints.

Finally, as an artist you may want to pick on a can of clearcoat for your art work. That is your own choice to make but it might be useful since it extends the life of your art work. It also provides protection to potential cracking that may occur when the customized sneakers are worn for a long period of time.

Create an Outline

If any case you would like to apply for a material meant for outlining your custom sneakers, Freaky Shoes have products like Workable Fixative which is actually a good sample for your artistic work. It allows you to create a fine outline using a pair of pencil. However, it is very easy for you to erase any mistake when you make a mess up when are creating your outline. This allows you to move forward easily.

Furthermore, you should make sure that you create your outline with much care. Outlines on your sneaker should correspond to the other. In case you have steady hands, it is possible for to use a slim brush for your art work. The good thing with is, they provide you with a permanent marker like sharpie, which is best for making outline on your custom sneakers. Therefore, in this step you are required to use a fine tip to be able to create the best for your custom sneakers.

Lastly, once you are done with creating your outline, you can now put them aside. Check to make sure that every part of your sneaker, both the inside view, the front toes, and the back heels all look well defined just as you wanted them to appear. You will always be appreciated for making the best sneakers. Therefore, when everything is set with your outlined art work you can then proceed to coloring them.

Fill in the Colors

Of course many if not all people would love their sneakers to be colored. Coloring will always give your sneaker an attractive outlook. This is the only part that the artists are able to enjoy their artistic work. They take control of their work as they let their creativity flow on what they are doing. Freaky Shoes has made your work easier by providing you with all types of paints.

As an artist who has experience in artistic work you should know that utilizing the colors selected for your mark paint is very important. However, for beginners you are expected to pick a very simple design that will not give a hard time when painting as it is your first time in artistic work. You cannot go for something that will be challenging when putting it down. If that is not the case then you should save the dark color, and use them at the end of your work in order to cover for any flaws or mistakes you made while coloring.

Immediately you are done with coloring your custom sneakers, it is healthy to give them enough time to dry up. When interfered with, the paints might wear out thus forcing you to restart your work which is not fair. However, there is much confusion in the world of sneakers customization, this is because many artists fail to know the exact time that the sneakers are supposed to take to completely dry up. If you are an artist who is under the same pressure, then you should not worry yourself because is there for you. You need anything, just visit them and they will be glad to handle you.

Fortunately, has come to your rescue. The approximate time needed for your artistic work to dry up is probably three to four minutes maximum. A point to not, when drying up your sneakers, you should make sure that the place is free from humidity and most important it should be at room temperature. This will prevent the paint from cracking especially when you are using a different one from acrylic paint.

Finally, if you are going to apply aerosol clearcoat on your sneakers, then you will have to wait until the second day of its drying process to avoid creating any drips on your sneakers. However, you will have to use a very thin layer when spraying the sneakers.

Show them off

You should be aware that people are judged depending on what they have brought on the table. No one will be able to recognize and appreciate your work you keep them for your own view. Whether bad or good bring it out. Furthermore, you should always be able to welcome any critic negative suggestions people may make, because people learn from mistakes.

Just to let you know that good work never goes unappreciated. You should also be submissive because not every individual will praise your artistic work. By doing this you will be able to make correction wherever they feel that you missed a point.

There are many sneaker enthusiasts online who are just waiting to see the art works that people have created. Fortunately, they might offer to buy you designs only if they are out in the limelight. When you show off your art work you will be selling your concept and you might be amazed to see that you are getting buyer and lots of offers for your customized sneakers.

Moreover, you should always have a positive mind that there is someone out there who will take your piece of art. It really does not matter if they know you or no, so long as it is gone, that is what most of the artists desire.

If you are spray-painting:

When painting your custom shoes, spraying might not be the best option for you at all however easy it may look to you. Spraying is something an airbrush machine can do perfectly. But this is not to say that you cannot use spray paints if you want to work on your sole. Therefore there is just a lot of taping that you will have to do in order to control Montana [spray paint]. Additionally, has recommended the use of airbrush because you can easily control and change the nozzle if you want to.

If you are dyeing:

Dyeing is actually practiced by many artists but they chose to use a specific (shoe) mode for customization. However, not all shoe brands use suede these days, instead they have chosen to use dye for their custom sneakers. Moreover, some people tend to use hot-water bath {how to dye} to change the color of the sole and the outer look of the sneakers. Therefore you need to make a right choice when coloring your custom shoes. In, you will always be given the right paint for your art work.

Bottom Line

Customizing your sneakers and how you should go about it is not something art worker is supposed to strain on. The information given above is to guide you on how to design your own custom sneakers. As an artist you should feel left out because will always be there to give you any material you would want for your artistic work and how you are supposed to apply them on your sneakers. Do not shy away from visiting them because they are the solution to your short comings.

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