How to Customize Your Shoes?

How to Customize Your Shoes?

How to Customize Your Shoes?


Learning how to customize your shoes is important because it makes it easier for you to express yourself and show off all kinds of ideas. It’s a very creative aspect and one that has the potential to really help immensely. Here are some tips on how to make your own shoes from scratch and customize everything in a rewarding way.


Should you spray paint your shoes?


Spray painting your shoes is a great way to design shoes to customize and adapt to your needs. You get to spray paint without a problem, and that will make your shoes a lot more interesting. Just figure out the colors and styles you want, then it will be well worth the effort and you will enjoy the entire process in a very rewarding and fun way.


Now, when you design a shoes online, you may also want to consider dyeing your shoes. You can do that too. In this case the dye is soaking into the material and you will get to change the shoe color without that much of a hassle. You do want to take your time and prevent any rush, it will offer the stability and value you want, while still bringing in a tremendous array of quality features for you to explore and enjoy all the time.


Materials you need for spray painting shoes and how to do it


You will need the spray paint you want, a deglazer and acetone, cotton balls or rags, some painter’s tape, newspaper, rubber gloves or drop cloth. The idea here is that you want to be as creative as you can, while also putting your own touch when you customize shoes for cheap. It’s definitely creative and unique, and that’s exactly what makes this so powerful and unique in the first place.


  • Use the cotton balls or rag to apply the deglazer or acetone. Cleaning up the shoes and removing any coating will help you a lot.

  • Then you want to tape the areas that you want to avoid getting sprayed. Your tape needs to be applied adequately and cleanly.

  • Adding some newspaper inside the shoe will retain the shape and it will also prevent any type of mess.

  • Now you need to shake the spray paint before you start, just keep the can close to the shoe and spray them with light motions.

  • After you apply a coat, just let it dry completely, then add a new coat.

  • Lastly, you leave the paint dry for around an hour after you added the final coat. Add a sealant at the end to help cure it all.


It’s nice to spray paint your shoes, it really helps customize the experience and make it stand out. It can definitely bring in a vast range of unique ideas for you to explore. All you have to do is to use these tips and see what works for you. It can be a very exciting, unique way to express yourself and show your own design ideas!

How to Customize Your Shoes?


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