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How to Design, Market and Sell Custom Shoes

How to Design, Market and Sell Custom Shoes

How to Design, Market and Sell Custom Shoes

Custom shoes are those shoes that are made, especially on-demand. These shoes are not easily available in the markets. Most people made these shoes by own and sold at online stores and offline markets.

If you are the owner of an online store or you are thinking to create an online store, it is very good. Before starting, you should have some knowledge about how to design, market and sell custom shoes.

There are many ways of designing shoes online and offline, but today you will get the right way to design easily. You will not need to worry about marketing and selling custom shoes. Before start selling, be aware of custom shoe prices. If you are looking for that, who makes custom shoes than visit Freak Shoes, a great online shoe-making and designing platform. Just read the given methods and get success in your shoe business.

Scope Shoe Spec

It is the rule of every business that you should have complete knowledge of it before starting. This thing is also applied in the shoe business. You should learn complete knowledge about shoe design, prices and styles. For all of your learning, Freaky Shoes is the best online shoes marketing platform. Freaky Shoes provides the best and all kinds of shoes with good quality of heels, rubber, and sole. Visit Freaky Shoes and check all the things related to shoes. These shoes are custom shoes which include sneakers, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, high-heels and many more.


Consider Design Layouts

When you are confident that you have learned each and everything about the spec of shoes, the next step is layout designing of shoes. Layout designing is very important. If you have good layouts, you will be able to design beautiful custom shoes. Layouts make the shape of shoes. Every shoe has different layout areas. Some have four, and some have eight. Creativity is important in layout designing. The best place to design the layouts of custom shoes is Freaky Shoes. If you have no idea about layouts, don’t worry. There are many layouts, but some of them are given below. These layouts are being sold mostly than others.

  • All-Over Design
  • Separate Quarter Design
  • Complementary Design


You can use all these design layouts in Freaky Shoes for your custom shoes. You can train yourself in designing layouts at the design generator of Freaky Shoes.

Set Up Design Files

Designing the files is as important as the layouts. You have to design the files for layouts of custom shoes. As layouts are divided into four or eight portions, you have to design every portion. There are many different software that are used for designing, like GIMP and Photoshop. If you have no idea about this software, use the design generator of Freaky Shoes. When you have created and designed all the required files for layouts, upload them on Freaky Shoes and make custom shoes of your own design. You can also add your shoe company logo on every pair of shoes. You have to upload a shoe company logo with layout files.


Shoot Your Pictures

Everybody has their own style and place where he goes wearing shoes. You cannot check everybody when he goes outside. You have to identify yourself which shoes are perfect for which style and at which place. It is not easy, but it can be easy. Wear your custom shoes and clothes, go to different places and shoot your pics in different styles.

The places are in the room thinking it is an office and outside in the garden or park and many more like roads, streets etc. These styles and places will help you in designing and making your custom shoes. Now, look at all your pictures and check which style is suiting at which place.

Also compare shoes with style and place. This comparison will help you to identify the interest of people to wear custom shoes according to styles and places. Choose the best pictures and make shoes of that design and style. Go the Freaky Shoes and use a design generator to design your custom shoes with your desired design.


Promote Your Custom Shoes on Different Platforms

When you create your online store, nobody knows about it except you. You maybe worry about how to sell custom shoes because you have an idea. If you link your store with Freaky Shoes, you will get a lot of customers for your store. Except this, you can also promote your custom shoes on different platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more.

You can do this promotion free and paid. In free, you have to share it as much as you can on different people’s timelines and in their inbox. The paid method is a little expensive but easy. Create and run the campaign of your custom shoes and your online store with Google and Facebook ads. This will get many customers to your store.


Make Your Thoughts Seasonally

It is natural that everything has its own time, and it is expired when its time is completed. Make your thoughts seasonally and look at the changes that are occurring around you. Every shoe is worn in a particular season. In summer, people like to wear cool and open shoes, and in winter warm and close shoes are like. So, when every season changes, you have to change the variety of shoes.

If it is summer, keep open and cool shoes in your store and prepare yourself for hot and close shoes as it will winter after summer. This thing will keep your store up-to-date, and people will be able to find seasonal shoes first in your store.


How to equip custom shoes in NBA 2K20?

NBA 2k20 is a video game in which you can change your custom shoes and clothes. When your game is open, you will see different options to change the clothes of your character under the clothes section. You can change all accessories, clothes, caps, and custom shoes by scrolling down the piece of outfit that you want to change.

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