Basketball is among the coolest sports today. Anyone can still have fun playing it regardless of age and gender. Its strict regulations don’t make it less enjoyable. When it comes to basketball, all you need is skills, which you can learn, and passion, which will motivate you to play.


If you are a basketball fan, how much basketball shoes cost is not the only thing to worry about. Where you can practice your skills is another piece of stress. Getting a basketball set up can be expensive, but that doesn't mean that you and your family lose a chance of enjoying the sport. This article will provide all the inexpensive ways of getting a basketball court in your home and the instructions you’ll need to do the project.


Mount a basketball hoop in the garage


You don’t have to stress your mind brainstorming where to install a basketball in your home. It's easy to change your garage into a sports ground. This is one of the cheapest ways of creating a happy place for you and your family to exchange basketball tricks. How much basketball shoes costs depends on the style and size and any other extra quality. Similarly, how much you’ll use in setting up a well-put playground is determined by your garage’s size, where you buy your hoop, and the materials you’ll use.


This is what you should do to have a simple but satisfying basketball setting in the garage:


  • Select the right location in the garage. Before choosing, look at the choice that’ll provide a well levelized playing ground.

  • Keenly look for anything that may block your project. If it’s a mechanical item, remove it before it presents vast destruction to your project.

  • Measure the height of the loop. As much as your set up is homemade, ensure you apply the basketball rules. The acquired height between the basket and ground is ten feet. Your measurements should be accurate. Since you want to have the same practice as that of standard games such that you'll manage to comfortably if taken to a professional court.

  • Using a ladder, mount the bracket to your preferred location. Connect the bracket to the garage, ensuring you are following the directions given in the hoop kit.

  • Connect the backboard and rim to the mounting bracket per the kit instructions.

  • Make sure the backboard is rightly attached, and the rim is fixed horizontally. Confirm whether the height between the hoop and ground is ten feet. If not, this is your chance to adjust.

  • Finally, connect the net to the rim.


What to keep in mind:


Remember to confirm if the installation is correctly fixed before using it. If there is any problem presenting itself, fix it first.


  1. Make good use of an extra room


Do you have an extra room in your home and cannot find a useful way of using it? We’ve got an idea for you. Turn it into an indoor basketball court. This is the closest way of having a playing surface like that of NBA players. However, there are factors you must consider before continuing with this idea.


  • Confirm the room is located in the right place and choose the one furthest from busy rooms.

  • The room should be big enough for a comfortable playing experience

  • Being an indoor surface, ensure the flooring supports basketball. Use the right floor, which can suit any type of footwear. The floor’s material shouldn’t be frustrating to make you worry about how much basketball shoes should I get?

  • Once you’re sure everything is in check, use the garage's mentioned steps and install your hoop in the room. The steps are the same, but this needs more work considering it’s done inside your home. The last thing you want is to damage your house while trying to create a sports room. This idea is limited to the chosen few; individuals ready to try designs that sound crazy yet seem incredible.


  1. Gym


The gym is not for body-shaping workouts only. You can transform it into an admirable basketball ground. If your gym is large enough, section off to remain with a big space for your sport. However, this may mean you sacrifice your gym section. Balancing between the gym and the game is almost impossible, considering they both need a generous space. With basketball in your gym, your bored kids will have a good time while you also get an excellent escape from your tedious workouts. These two activities are almost similar; you may even use the same footwear if you wonder will basketball shoes fit the same purpose.


All you need is to buy the necessary equipment for the setup and organize your venue. Use the installation process recommended for garage and extra room.


How do you make a homemade basketball pole?


If you are in love with basketball, installing its pole in your home is the best way to create fun for you and your family or friends. Buying a new basketball setting is already expensive, without counting other costs like how much basketball shoes should I get for the practices? Why go costly when there is a cheaper alternative that provides the same service with a better experience? Instead of having to purchase expensive materials, you'll only need a hoop, homemade backboard, and a wooden pole. This is what you’ll do:


  • Dig a two feet-hole, with a length of two feet and a depth of two and a half feet.

  • Following the instructions provided by the manufacturers, mix the concrete thoroughly, and seal the holes.

  • Push the pole inside the hole at least two feet deep and make sure it’s standing straight and not bending.

  • Let the pole stay for about two days until the concrete dries

  • Fix the backboard against the pole while ensuring the rim is ten feet away from the ground. Make marks on the pole to indicate the holes in the backboard assembly meant to connect the backboard.

  • Create openings in each mark you made

  • Fix the backboard to the pole and tighten them using nuts and bolts


What do you need to know when making your basketball court?


When it comes to DIY, it's not always about a do-what-you-want affair. You need to follow certain things to come up with the best project of your life. Homemade basketball court may appear easy, but ignoring essential guidelines may earn you the biggest disappointment. Here is what you should do when building a basketball court in your home


  • Ensure you have all the materials you'll need. You want a durable court that’ll be used by your generation. Go for the best quality when buying the following:


  1. Two basketball pole hoops

  2. Masking tape, spray paint, tile surfacing kit

  3. Tape measure

  4. Four stakes

  5. Twine

  6. Concrete

  7. Shovel


  • Select the right location and approximate the size you’ll build. The standard measurement for NBA court is 94 feet by 50 feet while the high school playing surface is 84 feet long. It’s unnecessary to use the same sizes in your home. Unless you’re planning to host NBA games in your compound, don’t create big courts. Use half of those numbers to install your court. Choose a flat surface to make the installation process less frustrating.

  • Buy the hoops. The kind of hoops to use depends on your budget affordability. Since you are determined to have a dedicated basketball game experience, settle for the best quality. It’s better to buy hoops that have adjustable heights. If you're installing a full-court, go for two hoops.

  • Calculate your dimensions. Use the four stakes and mark your court’s proportions using a tape measure. Alternatively, you can use a surveying level. Once you make the dimensions, ensure everyone knows the place is out of bounce. You won’t wish for your effort to get reversed back to square one.

  • Level the playing surface. Here you may have to get ready for loud sneezes and coughs. Remove all the dirt in the zone you marked. Ensure the ground is dirt-free and equally levelized.

  • Make a concrete mixture. You may require about 36 hours for the concrete to dry and become perfectly set for use. Install the pole hoops about 1-2 feet into the ground and fill it with concrete. The main thing is to guarantee the concrete is well dried; otherwise, you'll get the biggest mess. If you’re unsure of your capabilities, look for a nearby concrete company to assist you. They can even install the hoops if you are clueless.

  • Painting. This will be an easy thing if you have a stencil kit. If you don’t, get ready to tire out. Take your masking tape, spray paint, and the tape measure and use the following measurements when painting:


  1. The outer part surrounding the whole court should be painted 2-3 inches thick

  2. Paint the center line horizontally from one side to the other

  3. Paint the free-throw, 4.57 meters from the hoop and must be 12 feet long


To make it fun and satisfying, use attractive colors. It’s more creative to use your favorite team color or that of your squads’ personal team.


  • Check on your surfacing. The flooring of your court matters a lot. Look for a surfacing that’ll support your practices and add some catchy looks on your driveway, garage, or whichever place you’ve installed your court. You can consider using rubber flooring, custom floors, or asphalt. It should be appropriately surfaced so that how much basketball shoes should I get become the least of your concerns.

  • Add accessories. Accessorize your court to pronounce your passion for basketball in a louder manner. There are various ways of inserting creativity in your court, depending on your sense of style. If you are out of ideas, paint a logo on the court, or stick your best player's picture. Alternatively, you can fence it stylishly. Anything can work as long as you don’t overdo it by changing the court into an over-decorated art-looking surface. To make your experience much unique, ensure you step on your stylistic court with fancy shoes to psych yourself up. Start by finding out how much are Kobe basketball shoes. They are one of the fanciest pairs to wear while playing.

How much will it cost you to install your basketball court?


There is no specific amount for installing the court, it all depends on how you do it. Still, expect to spend less than what is used in a well-established basketball court, similar to the one used by NBA players. Here is what determines the cash you’ll lose in your pocket:


A half-court or full-court?


Since most homes don’t have a big space for full courts, they choose to build half-court with measurements of 47 by 50 feet. Such size may require $8,600 to $ 38,000 budgeting.


The surfacing type


Most homeowners prefer to use asphalt since it requires fewer expenses than concrete. Placing asphalt on a full-court cost between $14,000 to $18,000. You'll spend less if you have a half-court. Concrete is $15,000 to $ 45,000 in a full court.




If you wish to add lights or any other styling to your court, you’ll spend more. An average payment for lighting your surface that has a low-voltage system is $ 1,500. If it’s non-electrical lighting, you’ll use $450-$550.


Ground leveling


An outdoor setting will require level surfacing. The price of leveling ground is approximately $ 3,400 per project. Adjusting your backyard’s slope may cost you $1,900.


Extra factors


If you want to add cooling and heating ventilation, you’ll need $1,100. For remodeling basement, get ready to free $19,000 from your pocket.


The Bottom Line


Installing a basketball court in your home is one of the best ways to provide fun to you and your family while perfecting your skills. Ensure you use materials that have high quality if you want the best-looking court. While working on your court, don’t forget you’ll also need to rock with what you wear.

Your tip-off should be to find out how much are Robe basketball shoes, then roll in them as you create memories in your own-made court. Count the installation project as your significant achievements towards achieving your sports goals. Now, create a cute name for your home team, grab the ball, and have fun!



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