Basketball is a game that requires a pair of good shoes to play your best, which takes care of your feet and eases you so you can be able to do whatever you want on the court. More tough the game is, the same hard work is done by your shoes to provide your feet with comfort and protection. So those shoes need care for themselves as well.

The number one method to preserve your favorite pair of basketball shoes is to clean them. You can use expensive products to improve traction and stickiness, but over time, any pair of shoes get worn out. By cleaning them daily, you can enhance traction and can conserve the soles of your shoes.

You must take care of your basketball shoes, whether it is a 2 or 3 years old pair of shoes or a new pair. But the first step in the process is to clean them daily.

Everything requires maintenance, either its basketball shoes or technical object. When you are playing basketball, you always focus on your shoes and the quality of the ball. When your favorite shoes need to be clean, what will you use, and which method will you take to clean them?

There are some techniques and tips regarding how to clean the basketball shoes, which will be discussed in this article so that you can take proper care of your shoes that they deserve.

The Extrinsic Side of Basketball Shoes

When you clean the exterior of your shoes, you want to start by removing debris, small rocks, dirt, or other items that might be stuck on the shoes’ soles. Once you’ve done this, take a soft brush, you may use a toothbrush, and clean the outer side of your basketball shoes.

One method is to mix warm water with a small amount of liquid detergent that you use to clean your clothing.

  • Detergent must be with a light fragrance cleaning solution. Create a soapy mixture and dip your brush into the solution you’ve created.

  • A soft cloth or sponge must be used to wash the sides of the shoes.

  • Apply a small amount of the solution onto the sponge, and sweep away dust or other dirt on the sides and sole of your basketball shoes.

  • To remove this soapy solution, use a clean damp small cloth after cleaning the entire shoe.

  • After removing the soap from the shoes, allow it to dry for some time, to avoid damage internally and externally.

  • Once finished, keep your basketball shoes in a dry place or put them in your closet.

If there are still some stains or dirt on the shoes, you can repeat the above steps to remove dust.

The Insole of Basketball Shoes

While you are cleaning the insole of your shoes, you need to put some effort to avoid odors and gaudy scents. So, remove the insole i-e the bottom of the interior of your shoes after each use.

You can use the same soapy mixture made above to clean the outsole to clean the inner sole of your shoes.

Let the insole to dry completely before keeping it back inside the shoes. There is another option, which is you can purchase substitution insoles if, after several attempts, you won’t be able to eliminate odors. But cleaning them daily can eliminate this problem.

Sanitize Your Basketball Shoes


When you want to clean your basketball shoes, you need to be involved in sanitizing and removing dirt and scuffs.

One best way to disinfect your basketball shoes is to use vinegar. For years and years, Vinegar has been used to clean things. It is a common household item readily available at your hands reach when you need it. Vinegar will sanitize your basketball shoes, but it will also help eliminate stubborn smells caused by bacteria and sweat, but it couldn’t be easier to use.

The essential part of your basketball shoe that needs to be sterilized is the insole since it is the part that is most likely to absorb your sweat and take on odor. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water in a container or directly in your sink. Remove the insoles from your shoe and place them in the solution, completely engulf it in the solution. Leave them for about three hours.

  • Your insoles would drift in the solution, so use a considerable amount of vinegar so insoles may not be harmed.

  • After the three hours, remove your insoles from the solution.

  • Rinse your insoles to completely remove the solution and allow it to dry.

  • Once your insoles have completely dried, you can place them back in your basketball shoes.

  • Add a few drops of essential oil to vinegar and water mixture.

  • Essential oils come in a large variety of smells, from lavender and mint to tea tree and pine.

Cleaning the Leather of Basketball Shoes

The soapy solution mixture can’t be applied when cleaning leather. So leather cleaners can be used. Apply a small amount of solution on a damp cloth, and rub it into the dirty areas of the leather.


Toothpaste is another method used to remove leather stains on shoes. Simply take a small amount and apply it to your fingertips. Rub this to the dirty areas on your shoes, until the stains aren’t visible, and quickly remove the paste with a damp cloth.

Use Of Washing Machine To Clean Basketball Shoes

Washing Machines can be used for cleaning your basketball shoes. This method is risky as this method can damage your shoes. So, this method is usually avoided. If the manufacturer of your basketball shoes allows you to wash it in the machine, go for it.

If you want to wash your basketball shoes, then separate shoelaces and insoles. Put your shoes in a machine that contains cold water and use less amount of cleansing agents. In addition to that, add some towels to prevent them from damage. After washing, dry your shoes in the open air and avoid putting the shoes directly into the sun.

Specific Cleaning Solutions

When you purchase the new pair of football shoes and clean them with cleaning agents, make sure you read the labels of your shoes before applying these cleaning agents. Some agents may cause damage to the sole, leather, or other areas of the shoes, so simply read the instructions given on the bottle of the shoe cleaner, and follow those instructions while cleaning.

Some Tips To Keep Your Basketball Shoes Clean


White Soles: If you have white basketball shoes, you can brighten them by adding a small amount of toothpaste to the soapy solution, used to clean the shoe soles.

Spot Clean: If you have a stain on your basketball shoes, clean them as soon as possible. Gently remove the stains with any of the techniques above but don’t scrub the materials too hard as they can cause damage.

The Do’s


Remove Stones: If you play outdoor basketball, probably stones can get stuck in the soles of your shoes. You can remove them with a toothpick.

Wipe off Dirt: Use an old toothbrush to wipe any dust and dirt from the bottom of your shoes.

Mix Soap and Water: Clean your basketball shoes with some warm water mixed with detergent, and gently rub your shoes with a cleaning cloth.

Rinse Thoroughly: Rinse your shoes with washing cloth in warm water and remove any leftover detergent from your shoes.

Dry Naturally: Pat dry the soles of your basketball shoes with a paper towel or let them dry in the open air.

Wash Laces: Wash your laces in a mixture of soap and water solution. If they are torn, then replace them with new ones.

Air-dry The Insoles: Remove the insoles of your basketball shoes to air dry them. This will keep the odor away. If your shoes continue having a stinking odor, wash and dry them. A tip for you is to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the insoles as they help to soak up the smell.

The Don'ts

Wash Them In A Washing Machine: This can damage your basketball shoes or discolor the material.

Dry Them With A Dryer Or Heater: Heat can change the shape of the rubber, so always dry your basketball shoes at room temperature to keep their shape.

Use Of Reliable Cleaning Products: Chemicals, alcohol or bleach can crack the soles of your shoes. Use softener or scented detergent to make sure your kicks get clean without damage, and they don’t have a greasy residue left on the soles. Greasy shoes can make them slippery, which will spoil your stability on the court.

In this article, some tips have been shared with you on how to clean your basketball shoes so that their life can be prolonged. Keeping the shoes clean, odorless and in shape will help you save money as you will not need to buy shoes for a long time if you properly take care of them. Give the shoe what it needs, and it will surely give you what you need. Save your investment on your shoes by cleaning and caring for them.

Why Is It Essential To Clean Basketball Shoes?

The first requirement of the best performance on the court is a clean and tidy pair of shoes. Cleaning daily protects the shoes from any permanent stains and damages. Cleaning ensures more extended use of shoes. Regular cleaning protects the shoes from any permanent stains. It lets you enjoy maximum utility from your spent money.

How Often Should You Clean Basketball Shoes?

It must depend on how often they are used. Many people wear basketball shoes casually. So, basketball shoes get a lot of wear. Other people only wear them indoors for basketball games. They may wear different shoes as they are entering and exiting the building and walking outdoors. If this sounds like you, your basketball shoes may need to be cleaned rarely.

There are also many people who wear basketball shoes to play basketball outdoors occasionally. These basketball shoes would need to be cleaned rarely but not too often.

How usually you wash your shoes should depend on how often you wear them and where you are wearing them? You also may need to remove your basketball shoes for unique situations. If you stepped in mud or spilt something on them, those are good reasons to clean your basketball shoes.

What Are Basketball Shoes Made of?

Basketball shoes are made light in weight. They are durable as it gives support. These shoes were made entirely from leather, which allowed the shoes to last longer and made them much more massive.

Newer and latest brands are making shoes of synthetic mesh material that provide the players with the same amount of support as their leather correlative. Synthetic leather, mesh, knit, canvas are some of the materials used for making basketball shoes.

The soles are usually made up of rubber because of their traction capabilities on wood and asphalt courts. Zippers, laces, and ankle straps, etc. help add extra support and shock absorption for your ankles and knees.

An appropriate cleaning method must be chosen according to the shoe material so that your shoes are not damaged during cleaning.

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