How to Keep Your Shoe Tongue in Place?

How to Keep Your Shoe Tongue in Place?

How to Keep Your Shoe Tongue in Place?

 Some of you might be crazy to know how to make your own shoes from scratch online. Well, the process has become easier these days with the advancements in technologies. You can design some of the most beautiful shoes to meet your unique style requirements.


Sneakers have become a part of a trend these days, and people love to wear them for almost all occasions. But many people keep on complaining about slipping of sneaker tongue to one side while running. Does this happen with you too? Well, it is high time to learn a few simple tips to tie your sneaker’s tongue perfectly so that it cannot move without your permission.

Tips To Keep Your Shoe Tongue in Place

The simple trick to keep your shoe tongue at the right place

You might have ordered some customizable shoes online but are now eager to know how to fix the tongue at right place. Note that you may find a loop on the tongue of shoelaces that is usually designed to prevent the unwanted movement of the tongue, but for many, it doesn’t work so effectively. In such a situation, the best solution s to loop the laces in the backward direction so that the tongue stays at right place.


When you have purchased custom slides sandals wholesale you can flaunt them in style but only after fixing the tongue issue. A famous YouTuber Jared Ning has recently posted a video with the simple trick to put your laces in such a way that they can keep the tongue of the sneakers perfectly aligned. Generally, we prefer to put laces from one side towards other while keeping the eyelet on the other side.

But Ning in his famous video, suggests putting eyelet on the same side from where you started putting your laces so that it can help to create a backward loop. You need to follow the same procedure for both sides of the lace and gently knot it up.

You can create some feature-rich shoes with a sturdy base and attractive top appeal at FreakyShoes.

Get your custom shoes online

You may find it little complicated at first, but as you start doing it regularly, you can learn a fast way to do so. This is the perfect way to secure tongue on your custom slip on shoes.

However, in case if the tongue of your shoes doesn’t have a perfect loop, it is possible to stitch one as per your need. Some of you may even prefer to use Sugru. It is easier to make your own shoes online free and then customize them to meet your requirements by following some simple home tricks. It can help you to stay in style while ensuring full comfort to your feet.

If you are now eager to find some reliable solutions for how to get custom shoes, it is the right time to check out some reliable websites online. The best thing to know is that the latest technologies have made it easier to custom design shoes online.

How to Keep Your Shoe Tongue in Place?

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