How to Paint Nike Air Force Ones

How to Paint Nike Air Force Ones

How to Paint Nike Air Force Ones

Nike Air Force Ones are easily customizable, especially by painting them. Because the shoes are made of leather, they require a specific treatment process so that the paint sticks to your shoes and lasts a long time. Acrylic paint is the best option for painting on leather and they dry quickly. Decorating Nike Air Force Ones is inexpensive and there is a wide range of color options.

I have discussed two ways over here in this article to help you in guiding How to Paint Nike Air Force Ones. First one -The Short Guide- and the second one -The Full Guide- But before jumping to it I would like to give away a little bit information about Custom shoes and apart from this if you want some custom sneaker design online or looking for custom sneakers for sale online or living in Atlanta and need custom sneakers in Atlanta, or even custom air Jordan sneakers and design your own Jordan shoes online, then click on, as they have millions and thousands of custom shoe designs available from their pre-custom library to self-uploading and they ship almost all over the world in cheapest prices available in the market. So no need to worry now about how to customize sneakers or design your own shoes Adidas online. They have thousands of libraries and as well as live 3D preview of custom design shoe. Plus if you want to know how to best prepare your own custom shoe and then sell it online then I have provided some additional content at the end of the article, so try giving it luck as well.

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The Short Guide to How to Paint Nike Air Force Ones

Things you need

  • Detergent

  • Soft cloth

  • Fine sandpaper

  • Acrylic paint

  • Fine brush

  • Water-repellent shoe spray

Step 1

Clean a pair of Nike Air Force Ones with detergent diluted in water and a soft cloth. Let them dry.

Step 2

Use a fine sandpaper to remove the protective finish from the parts of the Nike Air Force Ones you want to paint.

Step 3

Paint small white dots of acrylic paint with a fine brush on the areas you want to paint. Leave space between the dots. This is part of the preparation of a blank canvas for painting.

Step 4

Fill in the spaces between the dots with more white spots. Do this only after the first points have dried. When the area you want to paint is completely white and dry, you are ready to proceed to the next step.

Step 5

Paint any design you want with acrylic paint and a brush. Since you prepared the Nike Air Force Ones by sanding and applying white paint, your designs should last a long time.

Step 6

Apply a water-resistant showspray coating to your shoes as directed on the bottle. Allow the coating to dry before wearing your own Nike Air Force Ones.

The Full Guide

It's easy to create your own personalized Nike Air Force 1s! Just follow these steps to create your own unique sneakers. I'm going to name all the products I used to make my own 90s style Nike Air Force 1.

Start creating your own personalized Nike Air Force 1

The first thing you will need to create your own Nike Air Force 1 is of course a pair of Nike Air Force 1!

But what kind of sense, right?

Next, you will need to think about the design you want to make on your shoes. What colors will you need? Maybe you want to get colored laces to fit your new design?

Once you have an idea of ​​your design and you have all the products you need, you can start customizing your sneakers. The very first thing you should do is to clean your sneakers before applying paint.

Clean your shoes first!

To do this, I used Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer and a microfiber cloth. It is important to take your time to clean and prepare the sneakers; this will improve the end result and ensure that the paint will stick. Don't use too much force however; gently rub your Nike Air Force 1 with circular movements.

Paint your personalized Nike Air Force 1

Once your sneakers are all clean and ready, you can start painting! I used an Angelus brush to apply the paint. You can find an overview of all the paint colors I have used at the bottom of this article. When painting, be sure to apply thin coats. It is better to apply several thin layers than a thick layer; this will make your end result even more beautiful!

I applied purple paint to the side of the shoe and applied the South Beach color to the top of the nose. The South Beach looked good after two or three coats, but the Violet needed 4 or 5 coats of paint. So be patient when you create your custom Nike Air Force 1.

How to Paint Nike Air Force Ones

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