How To Paint Rubber Soles On Sneakers Easy Steps

How To Paint Rubber Soles On Sneakers Easy Steps


Sneakers are made of rubber sole, which produces less noise while walking. Sneakers are very popular among the younger generation and athletes because, typically, sneakers are used for sports purposes.

The rubber sole on sneakers is very popular and useful, and people like to paint their rubber soles to give them a more personal look. One of the popular ways to change the look of sneakers is by simply painting the rubber sole.


Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

Acrylic Paint shows a little resistance to water, but it does not have waterproof characteristics


Painting Rubber Sole Of Sneaker

Follow the following instructions as told, and you will be able to paint sneaker soles with professionalism and accuracy.


Does Acrylic Paint Crack On shoes?

If certain situations are right, then Acrylic Paint does crack on shoes, but if you are careful, you can prevent it. The solution to this problem is by using a thin layer and then let it dry. When the first layer is completely dry, then go for the next layer.

Brushstroke plays a vital role in preventing cracking and making sure the strokes are even and short. Another quick tip is to stick with the best brand and when you find the best paint, then stick with it. Mixing different paint will only bring crack.


To paint a rubber sole, you will need some material that you can buy at your local store.

The materials you need to paint rubber soles on sneakers are the following:


Acrylic Paint

Painter's Tape

Mod Podge

Rubbing Alcohol

This is the material you will need to paint, the sneaker's rubber sole. Painting rubber soles will be easy but a carefully performed task. While painting the sneaker's rubber sole, you will have to focus on avoiding mistakes or low-quality painting.


Painting Rubber Sole Of Sneaker

Follow the following instruction as told, and you will be able to paint sneaker soles with professionalism and accuracy.


1. Clean Your Sneaker's Sole

If you plan to paint your old sneaker, you should wash it or clean it to get rid of the dust. The dirt on the sole will cause trouble and will make the painting look bad and unprofessional so always make sure the sole is super clean.

You can wash the sole with soap and rub it with a brush to get rid of every dirt particle on the sole. Using a brush will get the stain out and make it super clean and ready to get paint.


2. Use Rubbing Alcohol For Further Cleaning

After necessary cleaning and washing, use rubbing alcohol to make it cleaner and suitable for paint, use rubbing alcohol even if your sneakers are new and you never wore them.

Rubbing alcohol is very important because it will keep the paint on the rubber's surface and make it look more genuine and well painted. After applying rubbing alcohol, please wait for some time, let it dry, and then move onto the next step.


3. Use Painter's Tape

We are only trying to paint the sole of our sneaker, and in this process, there are great chances to ruin the area around the soles. It will be a disaster for sneakers, and it will ruin the sneaker design, and we don't want that, so for this purpose, you will need to cover the area around the sole with the painter's tape.

Painter's tape is best because it is specially designed to cover the area around the sneaker, and it doesn't harm the sneaker's color, so you don't have to worry about it. Cover the area around the sole, and you are good to go.

The best part about this tape is that you can cut this tape into shapes and place it on the sole to make designs; it will not let the paint go through it, and that way, you can test your creativity skills. Make cool designs and let your creativity run wild.


4. Now Mix Up Paint

We are done covering the area around the sole and ready to test our creativity now; it is the time to mix up the paint. Usually, paint doesn't stick on the rubber properly and gives a terrible and unprofessional look, which is not acceptable.

We will not allow that; for that purpose, we will mix mod podge in acrylic paint. Mod Podge enables the paint to sit correctly on the rubber's surface and give it a clean, fantastic look.

Now mix acrylic paint with mod podge, and our paint is ready to spread on the rubber surface. Make sure the paint is the one you want to use on the rubber sole, and then mix pain and mod podge.


5. Apply Paint Using Brush

Now it is time to use the brush we bought, and you can choose any brush that you think will work for you and you are comfortable using that brush. After selecting the brush, start applying paint on the sole, and remember you will not get the desired result with one coating; you may need more coating or not because it highly depends on the paint's thickness.

You may need to apply several coats to get the desired satisfying results; before applying another coating, make sure you let the first coating dry and then start applying paint again.


LAST STEP: Let Sneakers Dry

When you are satisfied with the result and think the paint is fine and the coating is enough, let the paint dry and keep the sneaker at a place where the paint can't be disturbed. Make sure it dries well before you touch the sole; the drying part is also essential. Avoid dust and if you have pets, keep it away from pets.

Remember, don't pull off tapes until the paint is completely dry; otherwise, the paint will spread to the other parts of the sneaker, and you will not like it.

When sneakers are dried up now, you are done painting your sneaker's rubber soles, and your sneakers are ready to wear and show off to your friends. Don't forget to take a look at our collection of sneakers at

You will find many beautiful designs here, and the best part is you can design your own sneaker using our 3d software, which will let you design your desired sneakers and shows. You can easily give personalized looks to your sneakers.

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