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How To Prevent Acrylic Paint From Cracking Shoes?

How To Prevent Acrylic Paint From Cracking Shoes:

Many people would want to know how they can prevent acrylic paint from cracking shoes—being a fantastic product to use means that you will not have to deal with bad odors. They are cheap compared to oils, and therefore they come with cheap brushes in handy. However, acrylic paint can crack on shoes under certain conditions, which is probably not suitable for your shoes. This brings the idea of you looking for the right paint for your shoes to avoid cracking. Do not freak out in case this happens because prevention is the key to solving this.

For your information, using thing layers might be the solution to keeping acrylic paint from cracking. Additionally, making sure that you go for the right paint that is meant for your design will surely prevent the acrylic from cracking. When using layers, you should always make sure that you let the first layer dry before adding another. For you to have the best outcome, make sure that the brush used is even. Furthermore, in a situation where your shoes tend to re fade, you are likely to use a thin layer. This might not look better for some people; it will as well prevent the cracking.

Acrylic paint takes the shortest time to dry up. Therefore you don't need to add an additional layer to it before it dries because it will surely affect the outcome. In some cases, people tend to use hair dryers to dry the paint faster, but what they fail to understand is that heat causes cracks in paints. You ought to take precautions first before using something because has you covered.

Perhaps you would like to go for acrylic paint for designing own shoes. Visit Freaky Shoes to have your shoes decorated whichever choice you may want to have. Moreover, you may love to go for the cheap stuff, then the student's quality is an excellent preference. However, they might not be the artist's quality because there is no enough color to pick the best for your need. A point to note, the artist's quality contains different colors that make it difficult to crack. This is undoubtedly the best quality of paints because they tend to be efficient compared to the student's.

Acrylic paints are basically not the right choice for leather shoes. If at all you are considering painting your shoes, then you should prepare them accordingly before you apply the paint. Deglaze might be the right choice for prepping your shoes. Therefore, for you to have the best results, then you are supposed to wait until deglaze is wholly removed. It might take days for the paint to dry, but you know patience always pays. It will surely come out to be the best despite a long time you would have waited and a lot of work you had to put on it to customize your own basketball shoes.

This paint is actually the right choice for you. Therefore, if you need to add some artistic vibes to your shoes, you should consider having acrylic paint. Finally, remember to follow all the instructions given to you to ensure that the paint does not end up cracking.

A Little Something About Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint was first made available in 1934 after it was invented by Dr. Otto Rohm, a German chemist with counterpart Otto Haas. Acrylic resin before it was named to acrylic paint. Sam Golden and Leonard Bocour invented the modern acrylic paint by mixing mineral spirits under Magna Paint as the brand name.

In the 1950s, the acrylics were made commercially available. It remained a top choice for many artists ever since it gained popularity across the world. Many artists tend to use it because it’s high quality. The print that was available in 1940 was referred to as the polymer-based house paint, which was drawn from liquid plastic.

A dozen artists use this type of paint as a substitute for watercolors and oil paints; this is because it can easily be manipulated to resemble oil and watercolors. It has numerous features, which is something artists prefer.

A lot of paintings that are done in acrylic come out to be the best an attractive, for it is known for producing reliable and vibrant colors. With this, it has caught people's attention, thus making them want to use it.

Andy Warhol was known for pioneering pop art and concept movement, which made him famous, as his paintings were full of acrylic. Campbell’s Soup Cans and other arts, just to mention a few, were the ones that made this artist very influential and recognizable across the world.

Substances such as sand, rice, and gels can be used to produce acrylic paint to make it have different textures. Artists with a lot of experience will tend to use different samples of substances to add to the paint in order to see what outcome it might bring out.

After painting your shoes, you should make sure that you add another layer to it. This will prevent it from being damaged because it has the tendency to attract dust.

Surprisingly, acrylic paint is used not only to paint shoes but also to surfaces like; plastics, glasses, metals, fabric, woods, houses, cars, and extra. You can apply in a huge variety of surfaces. With this, you have the surety that you will not have to go looking for other paints other than acrylic paint.

Since it tends to dry faster, you can choose to slow it down by adding a retarded to slow down the whole process. You can surely get the same result in the end, whether it is drying slowly or faster.

If you want your painting to look more realistic, then you should go for acrylic paints. They make your work look very clear and bold, thus being attractive and presentable.

It also contains pigments that are suspended in a polymer emulsion blinder, thus giving it its color. The blinder mentioned above is what holds the pigment and emulsion together. Click on the Freaky Shoe website,, for more information.


Canvas is a durable, plain-woven fabric used in the production of tents, sails, and marquees. It is also support for painting. Materials are classified into three categories, namely; synthetic fiber, cotton duck, and linen. However, canvas might also mean anything that the artist put on their artwork. For example, a muralist can describe a brick as a canvas. You should go to an old school canvas if you want to paint your shoes, and for you to accomplish this, Freaky Shoes is behind to support you.

Additionally, canvas shoes have always been meant to be flexible and loose. Gesso is a type of masking tape used to cover the surfaces on your shoes that you don't want to paint. You should apply it thinly to keep it from cracking. When you use it, allow it to dry up first before you do the painting. When you are going for gesso, do not pick the one with a high concentration of calcium carbonate. Below are some of the best painting canvases you are likely to find in Freaky Shoes


Best painting canvases

Cotton Duck Canvas

It is the cheapest and most common. However, they seem to be loosely packed, which means that they can easily distort when they are stretched. It is available in and all sizes.

Raw Canvas

It is meant to protect fabrics from paints. They also prevent deteriorations of the structure, which might be caused by oil paints and always be able to customize sneakers online.

Canvas Panel

It contains a primed fabric that is stuck on the board. It holds the painting into place by providing rigid and textured support. You can buy it in Freaky Shoes.

Canvas Formats & Sizes

They are available in all sizes. They can be nailed to the stretcher rather on wedged, the back, or on the sides.

Roll of Canvas

It is ideal because it is readymade. This is the best canvas to use when you need to work on unstretched canvas. It has a larger dimension, thus making it suitable for your work. You are welcomed to buy it on the Freaky Shoe website;


Get Cracking, but Keep from Cracking

Acrylic paints are not only flexible but weak as well. Their weakness may lead to cracking under some alarming conditions. Therefore, you should never be discouraged from using it. When using it, keep in mind that a thousand-mile journey begins with one step. Use the tips below to make your artistic footwear look attractive and presentable.

Use even and short brushes: - you should always prefer using this to bring out what you intend to have at the end. Of course, if you want the results to look good, you will use brushes that are even to avoid mix-ups. You should also remember to put thin layers where the colors might have faded. With the use of the brush, put a lighter color layer before you introduce the darker one. Visit to get the best brush for your artwork.

The Type of Paint to be Used

Here, there are only two acrylic paints; the student's quality, which is cheap to afford, and the artist's quality. You should know that in times artist's quality comes in a wide range of colors, which comes from many pigments blended together, unlike the student's quality.

Heavy body acrylic that has buttery consistency: - this type is perfect for creating and blending washes. They contain slightly thicker consistency compared to watercolors. Therefore, it might be challenging to get the thin layers you need for your artwork.

Paints with smoother consistency: - the colors are vibrant because this type of paint makes it easy for the artist to blend and layer the paint. However, good work should be granted to the artist and not the paint.


Facts on Leather Shoes

Leather is a flexible and durable material created by tanning animal skins. The mostly used leathers come from cattle hides. It is used to make a variety of products, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, clothing, and books, just to mention but a few. It is not well known when leather shoes were first made, but according to researchers, the earliest shoes were excavated from a cave by an Armenian archaeologist. The shoes were estimated to have lived for 5,500 years.

For decades, leather has been known to be the primary producer of classic shoes. Therefore it has remained to the superior material for shoes; other materials are only processed for price reasons. Unlike other shoes made from different materials, leather shoes are long-lasting. Be free to visit the Freaky Shoe website,, to get leather shoes of your choice.

Moreover, there is a wide range of leather care production for shoes, and for that case, most retailers tend to offer their company-branded shoe care products. However, there is always a continuous production and choice of the leather type on footwear. Freaky Shoes has you covered on this, so feel free to visit and know more about leather shoes.

How did the Natives do it?

To begin with, the natives are from America, and it is also believed that they did not have acrylic to paint their shoes. So the question here remains how did they manage without the paint. If you need to know how they did, then sit and listen. The word native comes from nature, which means that they widely depended on nature for many things. Therefore, they had to use what was available in the environment.

Additionally, clay bowls were used with natives who lived in inland, while those who lived around the shores used clamshells. They mix things from the environment, then come up with a thick and creamy substance. The commonly used pigments were; sand and numerous types of dirt. Finally, they also used seeds from sunflowers, which were cheap and readily available.

Bottom Line

Surely who on earth does not love artwork? I would gladly say no one. So you should always find it fun when you are painting shoes. Everyone loves to come up with pieces of stuff that will attract people's attention. If you feel left out, then visit to get the best for yourself.

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