How To Prevent And Treat Shoe Bites?

How To Prevent And Treat Shoe Bites?

How To Prevent And Treat Shoe Bites:

Shoe bites mean rashes on your feet caused by the shoes with design in the result of friction or rubbing against the skin.

Let's explore the ways how we can take preventive measures to avoid painful itching.

Preventive measures against shoe bites

The best and ideal way to prevent shoe bites is to purchase shoes that may fit you properly or buy shoes from a custom shoe company. Don’t go ahead with shoes that cause scraping all day long on your feet.

Hacks To Reduce Friction

Shoe bites occur when there is some space of friction between shoe sole and feet. Try to reduce that friction through these hacks:

  • Toe protectors: These can save your toes from the shoe friction.

  • Socks: Socks can cushion your toes.

  • Paper tape: Sportsman in 2016 found to make custom sneakers by applying adhesive or surgical tape over the painful area. It can save your toes from friction.

  • Shoe pads: These pads can help you to prevent scratch.

How Can You Make Your Shoes Comfortable?

After following the first procedure, try to make your shoe design logo more contented or relaxed. One of the major reasons in shoe biting is that they're new. Therefore, wear them a few times to crack out the initial rigorousness.

Some of the new hacks for making the shoes comfortable (not experienced or claimed by science) are described below:

Do apply oil: Had you gone through the worst experience of shoe bite and want to prevent it from happening again? Do apply some mink oil, neatsfoot oil, olive oil, or coconut oil into the boundaries of leather shoes.

Warm them up: Wear shoes with socks and heat the stiff areas with a hair-dryer.

Stretching: Shoe shapers under the brand shoe logo are available in the market that can gently stretch your shoe to sort out the shoe bite problems.

Molding: Put on your strappy sandals and dunk them into a bucket of water. Leave them for some time in a damp or misty scenario. Walk around in them for a few hours.

Ways To Treat Shoe Bites

Don’t costume your shoes that rub

Shoe bite in the form of a wound would be healed on its own. Avoid wearing shoes until and unless your blister is restored. Save infected areas from viruses and apply a bandage over it.

DIY hacks for healing and relief

Some home remedies to treat blisters or sore spot caused by shoe bites are given below:

  • Petroleum gel: Apply petroleum gel over the infected area.

  • Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera gel is used to heal wounds and act as an anti-inflammatory medicine.

  • Honey: Apply honey on the infected area and dab it gently.

The Takeaway

The above-described ways are used to prevent blisters caused by the shoe bites. If your shoe doesn't respond to home hacks, visit your doctor or a podiatrist. They will suggest you something better than your expectations and homemade hacks.


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