How to Remove Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes

How to Remove Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes

How to Remove Deep Scratches from Leather Shoes:


If not all, many people have responsibility for making sure that they maintain their leather sneakers. Of course, shoes are one of the footwear that you can always find in people's wardrobes. This is an indication that they are special and consequential in human lives. Since they are invented, they have significantly grown in popularity across the world.

This is something that has been made possible by the companies involved in the production of footwear. Such companies include Freaky Shoes Moreover, both men and women would love to have shoes that look great and ones that can be worn on any occasion, be it in office, meeting, party, or work. They are made not only to protect the wearer by covering their feet but also to comfort them.

The shoes' worthiness has been proven by those who have often visit footwear stores to buy a pair or two. This has increased the demand for shoes globally, forcing the shoemakers to work extra hard to make sure that they reach up to their customers' threshold.


It does not go without recognition that Freaky Shoes and some other shoe producing company have played a good role in ensuring that they make high-quality sneakers. Most importantly, they have ensured that they concentrate on both the features and comfort of the shoes. The designs of most of the footwear have been changing since they were first produced. Just like leather, other footwear like sandals, have also improved in their production quality.


Furthermore, for decades now, shoes have acted as a comfort source for many who can afford them. Due to social classes and all that, shoemaking companies have ensured that they set a price that anyone can afford. Leather is one of the most used materials in making long lasting shoes due to its durability. This has really impressed many who do not have time to visit the stores regularly.


Keeping measurements of different sizes and shapes has enabled shoemakers to reach up to many people's demand because more than a person cannot wear a single size. However, if you want to keep your shoes free from scratches and other damages, make sure that you handle them with care. Generally, you cannot expect your footwear to last for long when you barely maintain them as it is recommended. You should also store your sneakers well, especially in places where they will not get scratches easily.


Additionally, you need to make sure that your shoes are in the right status. If not, look for remedies that would help you change this. However, they are a group of people who would not care if they have ragged shoes because, at some point, they like it that way. Scratches are not elegant at all, and this is why you should make sure that you something to your footwear and ensure that you get rid of the scratches for good. Leather shoes are one of the most expensive footwear, and this is why you are supposed to take good care of them in making sure that they are free from scratches.


Can You Fix Scratched Leather


Footwear is an essential part of fashion; therefore, nothing is quite great, like shoes made of leather. Your sneakers are not 100% perfect, and consequently, they can easily be scratched over time if you are not careful with them.


Moreover, if you notice that your leather sneakers are looking a bit worn out, even after caring for them, however, before you decide to throw your shoes in a pit, why don't you look for some remedies at home that will help you get rid of the scratches easily. When you use these home remedies, you will probably get your scuffed or scratched sneakers looking great within a short time.


However, before you start, you should make sure that your shoes are clean. You should also consider checking the appropriate cleaning agent before you apply any. Freaky Shoes has the best-specialized cleaners that will probably suit you in your washing process. Visit this site and order one that will help you clean your shoes.


When you go for a simple approach, you can use a brush to get rid of the dirt on your leather boot's uppers and then use a rag to wipe. You will then trim the visible scratches on its surface, and then use a clean piece of cloth to wipe the particles off your shoes. When you are done with this, leave them to dry before you start to repair.


Dealing with Minor Scratches


When your leather shoes have minor scratches, you will need to use the following to eliminate the scratches;


Eraser: -

a rubber will help you make the surface of your shoes smooth again without any challenges. In most cases, an eraser works well in suede that in any other type because they naturally have soft surfaces. The recommended rubber is a light-coloured one or white; however, you should do it gently. The use of force might damage the sneakers. When you are through with rubbing, wipe them the tiny particles of the rubber. However, you should consider doing it repeatedly if you want to have the best results.



This is only appropriate for getting rid of the scratches on your footwear's uppers. However, you should set at a warm heat and then use it to blow over their surface. Using a clean, soft cloth, gently massage your leather. The combination of massage and the temperature will get rid of the scratches. Do it until you notice that there is a change in the uppers of your footwear.


Petroleum Jelly: -

for you to turn your shoes from old to new, you will need to grab your petroleum jelly. However, you should make sure that it does not have multiple colours that might damage your footwear. Massage the oil on your canvas's uppers using a clean piece of cloth, and then leave them for about twenty minutes before you wipe them off. Lastly, dry them when you are through before you store them.



This is a commonly known product for domestic use only, but to some extent, it can be used as a remedy to remove scratches from our shoes. It is mostly used in getting rid of minor scratches. It can be used in both synthetic shoes and patent leather. Put a small blob of toothpaste on your brush, and then gently scrub your boots in a circular motion until the scratches are completely off your sneakers. Wipe the paste off your footwear before you put on or store them.


How to Get Deeper Scratches Out Of Leather Shoes


In cases where the scratches are deeper on your sneaker, you will need extra help with the use of finishing products that can easily get rid of the scratches for good. However, before you apply them, you should make sure that your shoes are clean. Consider using cleaners that will not damage your shoes at any cost.


However, you can now choose the best product for your work, such as leather makers, glue, cream, or re-colouring balms. Pick one that is suitable for you and use it to scrub your scratched footwear. If the scratches persist, consider doing it repeatedly until they are off your shoes completely, leaving a smooth surface.


How to Fix Scratched Faux Leather Shoes


Leather sneakers are always hard and durable; therefore, it is difficult to damage them, thus being easy to fix than any other material. However, if there are scratches on its surface, they are supposed to be removed before they worsen and throw your shoes in the end. Before you start taking off the scrapes, make sure that your boots are clean. You can use sand pare, shoe spray, shoe polish, a nail clipper, paint, paper towel, or shoe goo. Below are some of the steps you need to follow fixing your scratched faux leather shoes;


  1. Wipe Down The Area With A Soft Cloth And Warm Water


You should make sure that the surface is wiped well before you apply your remedies. Use distilled white vinegar and massage a thin layer on the areas that are affected. You can also apply it on a paper towel then apply it around the affected areas. The vinegar will get rid of the scratches leaving the surface soft and free from the scratches. You can also vinegar to wipe off stains such as salt.


  1. Buff The Area With A Colourless Shoe Polish


You should wait for your shoes to dry immediately you are through with cleaning and applying the vinegar, and then use clear polish to colour them. However, you should apply it in a circular motion so that it can spread evenly over the affected areas. You should also consider doing it gently to prevent you from damaging your sneakers. Most importantly, you are using clear polish because this type cannot change the initial colour of your footwear. The buffing of the polish will help get rid of the scratches.


  1. Pick up some acrylic paints that match the colour of your shoes.


The most important thing you need to do is look for the paint that matches your shoes if you want to retain the initial colour. However, you want to avoid the cost of buying a variety of colour to compare. Then it will be better if you range them first before you make an order. Acrylic paints will always be the best option for your leather sneakers.


  1. Buy A Bottle Of Shoe Goo At A Craft Store


You can only make it possible and right when you match your shoes' sheen before you make an order. You can use shoe goo on multiple crafting projects; however, it can also work well in treating your scratched leather boots. It is also used to seal, glue your shoes. Once you apply it on your leather, it dries and becomes flexible and strong material. However, the good thing is that most of them dry clear. The damage of your shoes will always determine what you are supposed to use to treat them.


  1. Apply A Small Bit Of Your Paint To The Scratched Area


Apply your paint once the polish has dried. When you put a small layer of the paint on your shoes, you will know which colour will blend well with the colour of your shoes. In case it combines, then you will be sure of what colour to purchase for your footwear.


How to Fix Scratched Suede Leather Shoes


Suede is a woolly type of leather that many people love due to its outlook, and it looks great when worn. However, it is one of the most delicate materials used in making shoes and can be damaged easily. It is quite challenging to treat them once they are damaged. Moreover, if you notice something wrong with them, use a suede brush to brush them as it will help you treat the scratches. The following step can be used to fix the scratches on your suede leather shoe;


1. Use Suede Brush to Wipe off Dirt on Your Suede


You should always consider purchasing a soft brush when you are dealing with suede shoes. Brush it in a circular motion to make sure that you sweep all the dirt around your sneaker. This should be done before you start doing any treatment on them. Consider going for a suede treatment kit, and you will always be accompanied by cleaning eraser and a soft brush. You can only find the best in Freaky shoe store where they produce variety. If it does not work for, you can try a nylon toothbrush.


2. Scrub Scratch Marks to Remove Them


Since your brush, if soft, you will need to scrub your suede quickly around the scratched areas until they are off. However, you will do it repeatedly to make the whole surface smooth and even. You should also be careful not to brush on the unaffected surfaces. Rub on the damaged spots only. You can also use an eraser to rub off the scratches because they are meant for restoring suede’s texture.


3. Scrape the Scratch Marks with a Dull Knife If It Won’t Come Out


When the scratches are too matted, you can consider using a blunt knife to remove them. However, you should do it slowly and gently, ensuring that the blade does not touch places that are not damaged. You can also use a plastic razor if you don't have a knife around. You should not use a sharp object when you are dealing with suede leather. This will reduce the chances of damaging them.


4. Wipe the Buffs in a Circular Motion with a Brush


Use a nylon toothbrush or suede brush if your sneakers still have creases on them. You should do this repeatedly until it becomes smooth. You should also consider treating your suede shoes before the scratches are too much; this will probably prevent you from using a lot of energy trying to get rid of them.


5. Heat Creases and Stains with Steam If You Still Can’t Remove Them


Firstly, you should cover your suede leather shoe with a towel, and then set the iron on. Use the iron to move it around the towel to make the scratched area of your suede more pliable. However, you are not supposed to apply the iron directly on your shoes because it will easily damage it. Also, you should take a short time to do that. Similarly, you can also choose to boil water and hold your shoes over it. Leave it for some minutes then scrub them using a soft brush.


How to Fix Scratched Patent Leather Shoes


For people who are more concerned with their shoes, they will do anything to make sure that they are in functional status always. The most embarrassing thing is when your footwear starts to develop scratches after an accident. However, with patent leather sneakers, you need to be careful with the product you use to get rid of the scratches. Moreover, the most common product use to treat scrapes on patent leather is petroleum jelly or patent leather conditioner. The following steps will help you to get rid of the scratches easily;


  • Apply petroleum jelly onto the patent leather, and it will help to remove the scratches and leave you shoe shining. In some cases, it is used to prevent your sneakers from cracking due to cold weather.

  • Pour mineral oil on a clean, soft piece of cloth and then use it to wipe onto the patent leather scratches to remove them altogether. However, you might consider doing it repeatedly if you want to have the best results.

  • Apply a patent leather conditioner with a soft, clean rag to take off the scratches. This conditioner can also be used to prevent the scratches from appearing, thus keeping your leather shoes smooth and clean always.


Alternatively, you will find some people using milk to get rid of the scratches from their boots, and it has worked for them. This is one of the tips that will probably make your sneakers look new once you are done treating them.


How to Fix Scratches Oiled Leather Shoes


This probably one of the most expensive types of leather footwear, and this is why a specific class of people owns it. As most people find it quite challenging to afford them. However, the most surprising thing is that they are the easiest to maintain as someone does not need to spend much on taking care of them. Generally, you will only need to use a damp finger to rub the scratches off your oiled leather footwear. You might also consider using mild soap and a wet soap to do the same.


How to Fix Scuff Marks On Leather Boots


In most cases, the scuffs occur when your shoes get in contact with a sharp object. For example, someone might have stepped on your sneakers unknowingly with their rubber sole, thus leaving a scuff mark behind. However, it may be the best scuff because you can easily get rid of them without any challenges. The best way to do it gently is when you gently remove them without damaging the material.


To remove these scuffs, you will need to do it with the following methods;


Shoes Brush


You will need to use a soft one to prevent you from damaging the material. Most of the brushes used are designed to help you in removing scuffs from your shoes. However, if you want to have the best outcome, you should consider doing it repeatedly.


Use of Pencil Eraser


It works well for removing minor scuffs. Apply minimum pressure and use the eraser to rub on the surface of your sneaker; however, you should do in a circular motion to ensure that you rub all the areas that are damaged. Most of the erasers are soft so, you will not have to worry so much about your leather.


Magic Eraser


This is a piece of melamine foam that is used to get rid of stains on different surfaces. However, you can carefully apply it to remove scuffs, but you are supposed to do it gently and careful not to damage your shoes.


Baking Soda


If you want it to work well for you, you will need to mix it with water to create an abrasive paste. Then, massage this paste on the uppers of your leather and then leave it for some minutes to remove the scuffs. When you are applying it on your leather, do it gently to prevent your footwear from getting damaged.


What Is Leather Filler?


This is a designed product that is meant for repairing shoes with scratches, holes or tears. It is formulated in a way that it can be used to make the surface of your leather smooth and look new. You can also consider mixing it with a dye that probably matches the colour of your footwear.


How Do You Fix Gouges in Leather Shoes


Professionals can only do it; however, the price is close to that of the shoes. You will need to have soft cloth, leather conditioner, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, liquid leather repair and a garment glue. Follow the instructions below;


  • Apply alcohol on the damaged areas, and then leave it to dry when you are through.

  • Use your glue to cover the damaged surface; however, you will need to hold it with your finger until the glue is firm.

  • Use the soft cloth to apply liquid leather repair and then massage it in a circular motion. Do it repeatedly until all the spaces are covered, and then leave them to dry.

  • Wipe away the alcohol-soaked swab; make sure you do not leave any part.

  • Use a soft cloth to wipe off leather conditioner. Do it in a circular direction, making sure that you remove it all.


What Cause Leather Shoes To Crack


This happens when the leather is not taken care of after trapping dust or dirt. When leather material is not polished or wiped, it will probably crack. In some cases, when the paint used to colour it is not appropriate, it might increase the chances of cracking. You need to condition your leather sneakers often because they will crack when there is lack of moisture.


How to Fix Cracked Leather Shoes


In most case, when leather shoes are conditioned, it prevents it from cracking. However, you can also choose to follow the following steps to prevent your leather material from cracking.


  • Brush off all the dust from the surface of your leather using a piece of cloth, and then apply leather cleaner using a bristle brush. The leather is supposed to be flexible and soft once you are done.

  • Fill the cracked space with neat foot oil; however, be gentle for the oil the get into the cracks.

  • Add more leather conditioner to prevent your leather from cracking again. You should consider doing this once in a month to have the best results.


Is Olive Oil Safe for Leather?


Olive oil is not recommended for leather shoes. However, it works well in baseball and saddles. When it is applied to leather shoes, it is likely to stain it or make it supple. Also, it will make your leather sneakers to have a weird smell. Moreover, you can choose to use on shoes that do not show visible stains like black sneakers. You cannot apply them on light-coloured footwear because the stains will be visible.


Would Mink Oil Fix Scuff Marks


Yes, this product can magically turn your scuffed leather sneaker to a new one. It is a natural substance that lubricates your leather by protecting them from damage. However, before you apply it on your footwear, you should make sure that they are clean, and then use a clean cloth to massage on the uppers of your leather shoes. Leave it for some minutes for it to penetrate and then dry them once you have wiped the excess mink. Furthermore, this product can only be used on dark shoes.


Does Shoe Polish Cover Scuff Marks


Most of the black shoes can be maintained by polishing them because that is all they need. However, you should make sure that the polish you are using matches the colour of your shoes. You can also visit Freaky Shoes to get the best polish for your leather sneakers. You will only need to use a brush to apply the polish on them, but before you do that, you should make sure that your leather boot is free from dust or dirt. Similarly, if you don’t have the polish with you, you can consider using sprays or toothpaste.


How Do You Condition Scratched Leather


In most cases, when you condition your leather, it will prevent it from getting scuffed. However, you can add a conditioner to your leather once you have fixed the scuff; this will keep your shoes from damage or getting deep scratches. For you to perform this, you will need to have a soft, clean cloth, which you will use to apply the condition with.


Moreover, you need to make sure that the surface of your leather footwear is clean and smooth before you apply the conditioner on it. This can be done by ensuring that you fill all the scratches on the surface of your leather and then use a clean cloth to rub the conditioner and leave it for some time to dry. However, when doing this, you should be careful and gentle not to damage the material.


How to Protect Leather Shoes From Scratches


You can easily protect your leather sneakers from scratches. But first, you will need to avoid your shoes from getting in contact with water directly. Water is one of the factors that when not taken care of can easily damage your leather shoes. Therefore, you can easily prevent this by making sure that you keep your leather away from water. If you want to moisturize your leather, you better use a conditioner to do that because this is the product that is recommended by Freaky Shoes


Additionally, you can also prevent your leather boots from getting scratches when you use a creamy polish; it significantly prevents your shoes from damage. The other product that will also help you with the same purpose is Beeswax, and it will protect without seeping into them. However, you should remember to unlace your boots before you do anything to your footwear.


Bottom Line


It does not matter if you need your leather to be rugged, debonair or both. It will always depend on what you want them to appear. However, it is also vital that you take care of your shoes by making sure that you keep them clean and attractive at all times. Leather is considered as the hard material, but that does not mean that it cannot be destructed especially those that are soft like suede. You can also find it at a friendly price and this why you will always buy another pair because the other one is scratched.


Lastly, leather shoes are not only great for a specific group but to those who have also found comfort in them, and this is why the demand for leather sneaker has increased. However, when your leather is scratched, you can visit Freaky Shoes and get the best products that can be used to treat them.

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