How to Remove Paint From Shoes - Customize Your Own Sneakers

How to Remove Paint From Shoes - Customize Your Own Sneakers

How to Remove Paint From Shoes - Customize Your Own Sneakers


Everybody does its own choice job. Many people are doing a paint job. When they are painting, the paint drops can split into their clothes and shoes. The paint is so much sticky that it is very difficult to remove it from shoes. And it is also necessary to remove paint from shoes. Today, we will discuss some methods with you to remove paint from shoes and also tell you how you can make your basketball shoes. Different shoes have different methods of removing paints depends on the nature of paint and cloth or material of shoes.


How to Remove Paints From Shoes

Latex, Acrylic, and Water Based Paint

First Method


Make your own basketball shoes clean with this method. The material to remove this paint from your shoes is:

  • Knife

  • Toothbrush

  • Warm water

  • Dishwashing detergents or soap

  • Use clean tissues or cloth

  • Nail polish remover

  • Cotton balls or cotton swabs


After collecting these materials, just follow the given steps and make your shoes clean.


Remove the Wet Paint From the Shoes

It is easy to remove the wet paint from the canvas than a dry one. Wipe wet paint from the shoes so that it will become easy to clean. If there is an excess of wet paint on the shoes, wipe it using a small spoon. After that, use dry cloth or tissue to wipe remaining wet paint. You can design your own basketball shoes at Freaky Shoes.


Remove the Dry Paint From the Shoes

Now you have to remove the pain that is dried on the shoes. As dried paint is hard, so you cannot remove it with cloth or tissue. Pick up a knife and try your best to remove all the dry paint from the shoes. Make sure, don’t use the knife forcefully because it can cut or damage your shoes. After this, clean the remaining particles of paint from the shoes using a toothbrush.

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Wash the Shoe With Water

Take a pot and endure some water in it. Warm this water on the fire and put your canvas shoes in this hot running stream. It will remove all remaining particles of paints. If you do not want to wash, use a wet piece of cloth and blot out but it will take time to remove paint.


Sole Scrubbing

You have to use a toothbrush to clean the sole of your sneakers. Remove all paint particles from the sole by scrubbing toothbrush.

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Wash Your Shoes With Soap

After removing all paint particles, wash your shoes with soap to make it shine. Prepare a mixture of detergent or soap with hot water. Take a piece of cloth and dip it into a mixture of soap and hot water. Clean all the spots in which paint particles are present. This rubbing will remove all particles due to hotness and detergents. Repeat this process several times until you notice remove all the particles from the shoes. Rub the entire shoe, including sole.

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Blotting The Spots

All the paint particles will remove with the above steps, but if you found any paint particle, use this method. Take a cotton ball on which some nail polish remover is poured. Use this ball to blot the paint particles carefully until you observe that all of the spots are well cleaned. When all paint particles are removed, wash your shoes with warm water.


Laundering The Shoes

When all the above steps are completed, put your shoes in the washing with cold water and turn the machine on. Pick your shoes out from the machine to dry.

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Second Method

In this method, you need the following materials:

  • Clean cloth

  • Cotton balls or swabs

  • Spoon

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Dish soap

  • Warm water

  • Mineral spirits


Wipe the Wet Paint Away

The same as the above method, use a spoon and wipe the excess wet paint from the shoes. It will be made it easy to clean the remove the paint.


Clean with Cloth

After removing excess paint, use a cloth piece or tissue and make your shoes dry.


Use the Rubbing Alcohol

Now you have to use rubbing alcohol to remove the paint particles. Take cotton balls or swab and soak it with rubbing alcohol. Give squeeze it carefully so that cotton balls should not drip with the alcohol. Now, use cotton swab over the infected spot of the shoes. This will lighten the area at which you will dab it.


If this method is not helpful, use a mineral spirit with a toothbrush and a clean cloth. Use this brush with a clean cloth and blot out all the paint particles thoroughly. Make sure don’t rub it, use it only to blot the spots out because the paint will spread around with rubbing.

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Use Soapy Water to Wash

Create a concentrated mixture of dish soap or detergent with warm water. Use a hard sponge or cotton cloth to rub this over the shoes. Don’t use the soft sponge that is used for dishwashing. If you feel difficult to use hard sponge than use cotton cloth. This mixture will remove all the paint particles from every spot of your shoes.


Laundering and Drying the Shoes

Pour some cold water into the washing machine so that your shoes are dipping easily. Now, wash them using a delicate cycle in the washing machine. After wash, take out and leave them in the air to dry.

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