How To Seal Custom Painted Shoes?

How To Seal Custom Painted Shoes?

How To Seal Custom Painted Shoes?


Painting the shoes gives them a customized makeover, no matter how they are customized. The artwork looks fabulous before you wear them, once you wear them outside while on a walk, they are subjected to moisture, scuffs, and even dirt, based on the outside conditions.

The acrylic sealers are the one which protects the painted work in various cases and you can make the best use of a sealer which are specifically designed for leather or shoes.


About the sealer

The acrylic sealers help in protecting the painted finishes on art canvases, shoes and fabrics alike. The craft stores have assorted acrylic sealers, which add a glossy finish over paint and shoe material.

Check the packages for ensuring that the sealers are compatible with material type, with which your shoes are made. The acrylic sealer works greatly on porous fabrics, canvas, leather, and man-made materials.

Some of the leather shops also possess acrylic sealers which are specifically designed for leather. The shoe sealers are best designed for protecting the sneakers from moisture and even help in sealing painted projects.

While these sealers also offer the added protection. They keep the artwork clean and don’t even wear out quickly.


How to protect painted shoes?

You work for hours and long days in tracing the design, laying layers, fading colors properly, to get the finest details on shoes. But after some time you see that these new designs and colors start cracking, peeling, chipping and gets washed away after some time.

Here are some of the best ways with which you can best protect your new kicks.


Preparing the shoes

Preparing the shoes is the most important thing for a customized shoe painting job. The amount of preparation work highly depends on the materials that you require for painting. For most of the shoes, the painting job will be involving factory coated leather.

Painting over factory coating is not effective enough as the glossy painting prevents the paint from chemically bonding to leather itself. So apply leather preparer and deglazer properly with a soft rag and cotton ball.

Rub this factory coating until a waxy substance starts accumulating on the surface of the shoes. Once this coating has worn away, let your shoes air dry and you are all set for starting the painting.


The application of a sealer

The application of a sealer for protecting the painting job plays an important role. Once you have applied all the thin paint layers, let them air dry. Once it is dried, use a finishing sealant that is available in various finishes range. This includes,

  • High gloss

  • Normal

  • Satin

  • And, matte


Whole no customized shoe painting job can be durable and tough as a finish which is straight from the factory. If you use the right supplies and follow proper guidelines, the customized painting job can rise more to that durability level.

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