How to start a shoe line

How to start a shoe line

How to start a shoe line


To become a successful businessman, you have to learn first how to start a business. Because without learning, you will face many troubles in your business. Today, you will learn to grow your business on custom shoes. Just read and follow the given guidelines.


Research and Brand Identification

Before doing any work or business, you should have a piece of complete knowledge about it. Visit the market and check how many people are doing business in which you are interested. If the number of people who are doing this business is minimum than it is a gap for you. But you have to notice one thing more. Identify the interest of people if they are buying the products that you are going to start. Do the research and check which shoes are people wearing and buying more. And how many shops are there in those styles of shoes.


Create Mood board

In the mood board, you can explain your designs of shoes that are you making. In this, you have to make different designs about which you are thinking. If you do not know how to make designs for custom shoes, do practice on mood board. It will take some time, but it will be beneficial for you. Always try to make different and awesome designs because people love to use new things. Use beautiful and attractive paint for custom shoes.


Brand Identity

All products have a brand identity. Create a brand identity for custom shoes that you are going to sell. Your brand may be your name or other but make sure it should be unique and not be used before by the other company. When you have chosen your brand name, check that domain name and other social media sources with this name are available or not. If you could not find, change your brand name.


Make Shoe Sketches and Designs

Once you have to do practice on mood boards and created different designs, now it is time to make designs for custom shoes. Be creative and think of different sketches in mind. For this take an old shoe sketch and do different changes in it. These changes may include sole of the shoe, back of shoe etc. These things will help you to make a new sketch. Once sketching is complete, go to the Freaky Shoes design generator and design your shoes with different styles. Freaky Shoes will identify if your designs are ready for paint on custom shoes.


Shoe Sample Prototype

This stage is crucial for the shoe line and for marketing your store online and offline. It is the last and most important point of shoemaking. In this stage, your shoe is finally processed with designs and sketches that you have made. All the things should be perfect, including designs, sketches, colors, heel, sole and tape for custom shoes. These all are processed in this stage. This sample shoe will help you to grow your business. You can send this sample to many other companies and on social media to get sales and customers.


Manufacturing of Shoe Designs

In this stage, Freaky Shoes will manufacture the designs of shoes that you have made. This process will start after making a sample for you. Check sample and order Freaky Shoes to manufacture more custom shoes for you. Freaky Shoes can manufacture as many shoes as you want. You can also use your hashtags for custom shoes. Your brand name or company name will be printed on every shoe. Freakyshoes will provide you with all the material for custom shoes. After manufacturing, you will be able to start selling your shoes on different platforms and your store. You will need a generator for your business to keep working without any problem, you can find useful information about best workshop generators on


Brand Marketing

It is not possible to sell your products without marketing. Marketing means to tell people about your products and business. There are two main ways of marketing which are further divided into different ways. One is online marketing, and another one is offline marketing. You can use both methods for the marketing of your custom shoes.


Online Marketing

There are different ways of online marketing; some are given below.


Social Media

There are many social media ways through which you can make a start for the marketing of your custom shoes. These are like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You should create a Facebook page with the name of your brand. This is the basic way of online marketing of your brand.


e-Commerce Store

Besides this, create an eCommerce website for your custom shoes to get rich and targeted customers. It is easy to create a website. Find a domain of your brand name and buy yearly hosting and create a website. To launch an online store for custom shoes, connect your website with Squarespace or Shopify. If you do not know how to do this, hire an expert on the freelance web. Then, write blogs on your custom shoes and do SEO in such a way that it will come in Google search results. Because Google is the most used search engine. If you cannot SEO, you can also find an SEO expert on any freelance website.



The fast way to make the reach of your brand with maximum people in a short time is Google and Facebook ads. Invests some money and run a campaign for your brand.


Offline Marketing

For offline marketing, you have to do some new things given below.


Professional Product Photography

It is necessary to have product photos for offline marketing. Invest some money in photography and make some professional product photos. Photography should be in different colors of shoes and different wearing styles.


Approaching Pop-up Shops, Boutiques and Department Stores

If you have marketed for custom shoes of your store online, that is not enough. You should get customers as many as you can so that your business can grow fast in no time. Go to different shops, shopping malls and boutiques and place your shoe collection there. Spread photos of your brand in different ways like banner advertising in many places, where people come to buy shoes or other clothes.


Packaging and Distribution

The final step to grow your business is the packaging of shoes. The Freaky Shoes provide all material for custom shoes, including boxes and tape for custom shoes. You can add a logo on the box and hashtags for custom shoes. Link your store with Freaky Shoes to get more customers.


How to start a shoe line

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