How To Start Your Own Shoe Line

How To Start Your Own Shoe Line

How To Start Your Own Shoe Line


Starting your own shoe line will be a complicated process, as every successful business. Before starting a new business, you must have clarity in your mind about your goals. Businesses are difficult, and you will face many hardships and challenges, and clarity in mind will help you survive in difficult times.


Footwear Market size is 365 billion dollars and expected to reach 530 billion dollars in 2027. Source: Alliedmarketeresearch


This is the best guide on the internet to help you start your shoe business, the best part is that we are shoe business owners, and we design shoes from scratch. In short, if you want to design and sell your own shoes, then you will get plenty of useful information by following these steps.


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Follow the following steps to start your own shoe business. Luckily We have done the research for you to make your business successful.


Start A Shoe Line Following These Steps


  • Planning

  • Form a Legal Entity

  • Register For Taxes

  • Open Business Bank Account and Credit Card

  • Set Up Business Accounting

  • Get Essential Licence and Permits

  • Business Insurance

  • Define Your Brand

  • Business Website


1. Planning

When we are starting a business, the most important part of starting any business is planning. You should be aware of everything you will do to make your business successful. Any business without a plan is nothing and will fail for sure. No businessmen should ever go into business without a plan.


Plan out everything about your business, and make sure you consider these points.

Startup and Ongoing Cost?


Quality comes with a price; the more you spend on quality, the more your expenses will be. If you are targeting a market where competition is high, then only the material will be costly. Your startup and ongoing cost will rise, and you should consider this point.


Ongoing Expenses


You can face these ongoing Expenses.


  • Shoe Material

  • Production Charges

  • Marketing Cost

  • Salaries

  • Retail Space


What Is Your Target Market?


Everyone wears shoes, and it doesn’t matter how much money they earn. People who buy trendy shoes, their market is vast. People who purchase inexpensive shoes they go to retail stores.

While keeping your market in mind, you can develop a strategy for inexpensive shoe buyers and trendy shoe buyers. This way, you will be a step closer to your goal.


How Shoe Business Make Money?


Every pair of shoes will make a profit, and the customer will pay for the material used and the time spent on the design and effort a designer makes to design a beautiful shoe.

You can set your price based on your efforts and material you are using for your shoes.


How Much To Charge Customers?


You can charge based on your effort and material quality. Some companies making designer shoes can sell their shoes between 250 to 550 Dollars. Medium quality can be sold for 75 to 200 Dollars. And some stores are selling shoes for 15 to 50 Dollars.


Business Profit Margin?


On average, businesses make 40% profit from a pair, now it depends on you how much you sell for 40% profit, and how much you make in a year.


How To Make Business Profitable?


You can make your business more profitable, with minimal effort. If your business is established and making money, then you should consider selling relater accessories to shoes.

Up-sell in your shoe business; for example, if you are selling a burger, then try to sell drinks. Mean try to sell accessories that your shoe customer might need as well.


Business Name


It is up to you to decide the business name, but you should make sure that the business name is available and also its domain name available. You will sell on the internet as well, so consider buying your domain in advance so nobody else can take it.


2. Form A Legal Entity


You would not be liable if your company sued if you have established a legal entity business. There are many business structures you can choose. Some business structures are the following.



Also, use a registered agent service to protect your privacy and stay compliant.

Register For Taxes

Every business needs to be registered before they start working, get registered for federal and state taxes.


Apply for EIN to get registered for Taxes, this is free and easy.

Open Business Bank Account and Credit Card

Always use dedicated bank accounts and credit account to protect your personal assets. If personal and business accounts are mixed, then your personal assets will be at risk when your business is sued.

Business Account


  • Will make Tax filing and accounting easier.

  • Will separate personal assets from the business.

Set up Business Accounting

This is very important for your business. It will help better understand your business performance and source of income. It will make annual tax filing easier as well.

Get Essential Licence And Permits

You should have a necessary license and permits so you can run your business without being worried about being shut down or hefty fines.

Business Insurance

Business insurance is a must for any business owner, and you should consider getting insurance for your business. It will be beneficial for you.

Define Your Brand

The brand is what makes your business unique from others, and a strong brand will be more successful than the competitors. Define your brand and make it strong.

Business Website

You should consider making a business website to let people learn about your business and help them understand your services. Also, you should use social media to build your brand known and famous; this way, you can attract more potential customers.


Hiring The Right Team

The right team always plays a vital role in the development of business. So in the shoe business, you also have to pay special attention to find the right team. It is essential to follow the rule of thumb and always select the right person for the right job.

Now we are going to do the proper paperwork for the selection of the team. The best thing to sort out first is what type of jobs are necessary to run this business, make a list of jobs, and then write competencies required for each job. I am also going to explain some jobs below, which are necessary for shoe business.

Expert Shoe Designer

Find a good shoe designer, who can draw your designs on paper as required professionally. For this purpose, the best option is a specialist shoe designer who has experience in the fashion industry.

While selection must ensure that the person you are going to hire can understand your ideas and fulfill all required competencies.


Graphic Designer

Now you require a Graphic Designer who helps you to promote your business online as well as also make templates for your manufacturing team. These types of people can easily be located on online markets and social media freelancer’s pages.


Now check the market of manufacturers who especially do work for new businesses and according to your decision. Because you will find most of them working with big, established setups, some of them are specialized in new start businesses.

Online suppliers are also available on different sites like Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Bambify.

Marketing Experts

Marketing is key to the success of every business. So while selecting the marketing team, you must hire some professionals or keep in touch with some friends already involved in this field. They can help you to hire the best available team for marketing.

Network With People Already In This Business

Always keep in touch with you well wisher friends or mentors who are already doing such type of business. While selecting all kinds of professionals, they always help you make a perfect team that can boost your business according to your planned targets.

These people are well aware of the persons you required for each job. So network with sincere and expert friends is also beneficial as other aspects are.

Attend Fashion And Shoe Events

Attend fashion and shoe events to find the best business leads. These events provide opportunities to meet successful business players. These events also help to make connections in the retail industry to sell out your product quickly. Sometimes you also found good business ideas to make changes according to upcoming trends in the fashion industry.


Is This Right For You?

Fashion is not complete without shoes; shoes are the dominant player in the fashion industry. The global market is vast, and the new business owners will have a lot of opportunities waiting for them in this shoe business.


The shoe market is enormous in volume, so you can easily find your niche. For example, you can start formal shoes, men wear, sports shoes ETC.


To start a shoe business, you should have a great taste about public footwear interest. You should also have a great sense of how to create footwear to fit various types of feet/body types.


Advantages Of having a shoe store


Owning a shoe store is a time requiring work, but the margins on shoes are often excellent, making the business profitable and famous for many operators.


Simple Operations


The best thing about this business is that its operations are very simple. You have to follow simple operations to make it work. When you are starting your business journey, all you have to do is start small and then build it up to the big business. You should hire inventors and marketers to get business into the global market.


Limited risks (Resale Operations)


Most people don’t know about this advantage of resale operations and having a limited risk. The second-hand shoe business is also a good option unless the shoe’s condition is near to excellent.

Multiple Sales Opportunities


Multiple sales opportunities are the latest opportunity to sell shoe products online and also in stores. If you are good at e-commerce, you can even make an online store. The whole world is crowded with online retails. So, you can increase your business by using this opportunity.


Skills That Will Help You Build A Successful Shoe Line


In every field of life, people experience many things. Successful designers will have a significant impact on the shoe business. In the shoe line, business designers have experience in fashion. Many experienced designers will say more about the creation of shoes more you will understand the process of production.

Shoe designers also have experience in other fields, such as handbag designs, clothing, etc.


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