How To Use Tea Bags For Deodorizing Stinky Shoes - Simple Instructions

How To Use Tea Bags For Deodorizing Stinky Shoes - Simple Instructions

How To Use Tea Bags For Deodorizing Stinky Shoes:

Fresh smelling shoes can always freshen up your mind whereas the stinky feet are a huge turn-off. Well, to get rid of the stinky shoes, there is a way you can keep your Nike shoes fresh and smell nice.

Tea bags are the best solution to prepare a shoe deodorizer without washing the shoes. The best part about them is, pick any of your flavors of tea bag you like and get started.

How To Use Tea Bags For Deodorizing Stinky Shoes

Things You Need To Deodorizing Stinky Shoes

  • Tea bags

  • Smelly shoes


This trick even works on new balance Shoes.

How to get started?

You just need to grab some tea bags and easily plop them shoes. You need to add two bags in the shoe. You can either go for 2 tea bags or more for deodorizing and scenting the shoes as much as you want.

Let your customer sneakers or shoes sit with these tea bags, the drier will be insole, the better it will be. The bad odor in the shoes usually gets caused by the bacteria due to warm moisture inside the shoes. The tea bags work well in fighting odor as they are so absorbent.

They can absorb good moisture during the tea brewing. With this easy to follow the method of deodorizing zoom freak 1 shoes, you can suck the moisture and can get that stinky smell out of your shoes. Soon after 24 hours, the shoes get smell free.


How do these shoe deodorizers work?

This method is amazing! After letting your shoes sit for a day, you can even shove your nose boldly to check whether this worked or not. You will be pleased with the smell and you will soon find that this method has worked so well.

The mileage may vary based on the tea choice and stink magnitude, but this is one method to deodorize Nike Yeezys shoe which is worth trying. The tea bags are good especially when you don’t have any other option or way of shoe deodorizing.

For this process, you need materials, as mentioned above, are tea bags and stinky shoes.



  • Get your smelliest shoes

  • Get a pair of tea bags

  • Insert one tea bag in each shoe

  • Let it sit, overnight

  • Remove the tea bags and you will have amazingly nice smelling shoes


Make sure you don’t brew these tea bags else you can face a nasty surprise

Follow these methods stepwise and you will be glad to see your shoes which can glow in dark Yeezy like anything. So what are you waiting for? Say bye to bad odor, grab your tea bag of a different flavor to welcome the sweet scent of lemon, ginger, lavender or any other flavor which you like in your shoes.

Let these experts know how these tea bags work if in case you are willing to fight against the foot smell. You can check out some more hacks or tips to learn how to get rid of the smell in your red Octobers on Freaky Shoes.

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