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Is PUMA Or Fila Better: A Detailed Comparison

Is PUMA Or Fila Better: A Detailed Comparison

No matter how well-reputed brands are, they cannot win the trust of every person as people have different concerns. PUMA and Fila are two luxurious and expensive brands that have gotten a lot of hype due to their vogue designs, high-quality, durability, and customer feedback. 

Despite many similarities and good reputations in the fashion and footwear industry over a century, both brands are pretty apart, making customers think twice before investing. According to PUMA and Fila ratings, Fila ranks #944 in the Global Top 1000 Brands list, while PUMA's brand is ranked #63 in the Global Top 100 Brands list. As far as quality is concerned, PUMA shoes are more comfortable and top-quality than Filas, and due to this higher quality, they are pricier too. Though PUMA beats Fila in quality, Fila has a great collection of designs and a loyal customer base. 

No matter how reputable and unique brands are - in the end, all that matters is the buyers' requirements. Continue reading this article, explore the differences between these shoe brands, and make shopping fun and more manageable.

Fila Is Famous For?

Although there is no second thought that Fila is a world-class sportswear brand, some points still make it stand-alone. Let’s have a quick look at them! 

Stylish And Eye-Catching Design

Fila gains popularity among the general public and professional athletes due to its vintage-style designs and bold colors. It is the first choice of those who love retro-style shoes and other items.

Long Lasting Athletic Shoes

No one will come to your door again if the products have a short lifespan; Fila knows this fact very well. That is why they always make long-lasting athletic shoes that are best in support and comfort and feasible for various sports and physical activities. 

Diverse Range Of Products  

Fila manufactures not only shoes but clothes and various other sports and casual accessories to cater to people's different needs. The noticeable items include Sneakers, Sandals & Slides, Tops, Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Pants & Shorts, Tracksuits, Socks, Tights & Leggings, Bodysuits and Skirts, Dresses & Rompers, and others. 

PUMA Is Famous For?

With a history of more than 70 years, PUMA has established its name as the manufacturer of fast products for the fastest runners on Earth. Plenty of heartwarming factors make this brand unique and unbeatable; let’s unfold what they are!

Environment-Friendly Brand 

PUMA always tries to use sustainable ways of manufacturing various products. As a recognized brand, PUMA has set a target to cut down the ratio of carbon emissions. The company's primary goal is to lower emissions to at least 35% and supply chain emissions to 60% by 2030. 

Advanced Payment Options

With technological advancement, PUMA also opted for new ways to accommodate various customers. They accept all credit cards and have now started taking Apple Pay. You can also use PayPal for PUMA - a secure and authorized payment method.

Third Largest Sportswear Brand 

Due to PUMA’s innovative designs, sustainability, and durability, it is ranked as the third largest brand after Nike and Adidas. Customers across the globe love to wear PUMA products to look stylish and appealing. 

Product Range

PUMA’s product line is endless; you will be astonished to find a vast collection once you get into the website or outlet. This brand is famous for manufacturing Sneakers for Running, Gym & Training, Sandals & Flip Flops, T-Shirts, Polos, Jackets, Sweatshirts & Hoodies, Shorts and Pants, Cricket Shoes (Rubber and Spikes), Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Yoga, Golf shoes, Football Shoes, and hundreds of others items.

PUMA Vs. Fila: Quick Comparison 

PUMA and Fila are the worth swooning brands that offer multiple accessories, but their shoes are all-time favorites - even when the market is overwhelmed with hundreds of brands. 

If we dig out both brands in detail, they are slightly different from each other in material, price tag, and durability.

  • Quality

  • Regarding quality, PUMA shoes have improved texture as they are far more durable and meticulously designed. No matter how much you walk or run, they perform well for years - without showing cracks. If we compare PUMA with Fila, the latter wear out earlier.  

  • Price

  • PUMA is pricier than Filas, but it is worth every penny. Fila has ceded its quality standards to acquire massive market exposure but has not reached the PUMA level.

  • Comfort 

  • When it comes to comfort, PUMA shoes feature better technology than Fila.

  • Style

  • If you are style conscious and prefer design over quality, you can choose Fila over PUMA; it will also help you save bucks by compromising the quality. As an athletic person, if you intend to wear them often, I suggest PUMA shoes ten out of ten times.

  • Transparency

  • PUMA cares for the environment and prefers to use sustainable materials that have made them earn loyalty from large customers. In addition to sustainability, the transparency of PUMA has gained the trust and respect of customers. Fila has also earned the colossal trust of employees, suppliers, and customers.

    For further understanding of PUMA and Fila - you can crack this comparison table.

    PUMA Vs. Fila





    A German brand - founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler

    FILA brothers established this company in Biella, Italy, in 1911




    Current Capital 2023

    $9.53 Billion

    $1.83 Billion

    Material Used 

    Sustainable Cotton and  polyester (certified by either bluesign or Oeko-Tex)

    Polyester, nylon, spandex, and acrylic

    Overall Culture Score 




    Product Quality: 4/5

    Product Quality: 4.2/5

    Pricing: 3.7/5

    Pricing: 4.1/5

    Customer Service: 3.7/5

    Customer Service: 4.2/5

    Take Of The Discussion

    If, being a weekend performer, you want a comfortable shoe collection for extended wear, you can simply rush for PUMA, as it offers a wide range of athletic-styled footwear options. 

    The Bottom Line

    Fila and PUMA are two outstanding competitors - Fila is a lower-tier athletic-style brand that manufactures an array of decent shoes and has an extensive list of praising customers, but PUMA shoes are for frequent runners and athletes. 

    If you want to choose style over substance, you can prefer Fila; otherwise, PUMA is a more powerful and comfortable option than Fila. Although in the last few years, PUMA dropped its quality from its peak; yet, it is a better brand than Filas because Fila misses many of PUMA’s bells and whistles⸺in the end, what you pick, the choice is yours.

    However, if you want to grab something far different and customized, you can contact Freaky Shoes, which offers you a chance to be your own designer. No matter what event you have ahead, Freaky Shoes’ ready-to-wear collection and customized service are available to serve you 24/7 - you can confidently place the order to get your perfect pair of shoes.

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