Know more about shoelaces

Know more about shoelaces

Know more about shoelaces


They are basically a system that is used to secure shoes and other footwear. It is also known as bootlaces or shoestrings. They are made according to the type of shoes, .i.e. size, and shoe color. They pass through the loops of the shoe to make them neat. The tying of the laces enables your foot to stay firmly inside your shoes. You can easily loosen them when you need your foot to breath. Securing your shoes with laces is something that will make you comfortable all through. Freaky Shoes is there to provide you with the best bootlaces.


Construction of Shoelaces


Shoelaces are basically made from materials like cotton, synthetic fibers, and leather. In traditional, shoelaces were mainly made from leather, hemp, and jute, while synthetic fibers are used in the modern production of the laces. Moreover, shoelaces made from synthetic fibers are generally smooth in appearance than those made from leathers in tradition. Therefore, they are not prone to friction, and this makes them have low chances of rotting from moisture in the case kept in an open environment.


Furthermore, military boots need to be flexible because of their exposure to danger, and the laces used in their shoes are made from specialized fibers like Nomex, which makes their boots safe. However, they are also other elasticized shoelaces like;


  • Knotty laces: - they are the type of laces that can either be tied or left loose; it depends on your liking. They are also flat to enable them to provide restriction of movement throughout the loops. They can also be used as an adjusting tension through the eyelets.

  • Traditional elastic: - they resemble the normal type of shoelace; therefore, they can be tied and untied normally.

  • Twirly laces: - they look like an elastic helix, which does not require a knot when lacing them.


Additionally, elastic laces will typically make your lacing comfortable and straightforward because you don't need to strain. It also makes it easy for you to slip on your shoes without trying them. This is the best choice for athletes and the elderly.


Generally, shoelaces that have flat cross-section easily hold the shoe into a place unlike those that have a round cross-section. Moreover, laces made from leather with squire cross-section are commonly found in boots, and in most cases, they tend to come undone.


The very end part of the shoestring makes it easy for you to hold the string and put it through the loops of your shoes. Your bootlaces can be coated either with aftermarket product or factory; this will enable it to increase the friction that helps the laces stay tied for long. Try not to shy away from because they have the best products on laces for you.


Many people, if not all, find it difficult to in tying their shoelaces, Freaky Shoes have the best type of shoes that will not give you a headache just because of tying them. Lastly, if you find it more complicated, visit a shoe repair man to direct you on how it should be done.


How to Tie Your Shoes


Let shoelace tying be part of you because it is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3. You should not be convinced that this something challenging to do. Generally, there are many ways to which you can use to tie your shoe. Some means may seem to be easier than other techniques. Below are some of the ways needed to be followed when tying your shoes;


Tying using a basic knot


Place the shoe on a flat surface: - this is the first step taken when tying shoelaces. You should let the strings fall to either side of the shoes to make it easy for you.


Tie a basic knot: - in this case, you are required to take both sides of the laces and tie one of them over the other, make them tight to last. You should keenly make sure that the strings form a knot in the middle of your boot.


Make a loop with one of the laces: - you should make sure that the laces are between your thumb and fingers to tie it successfully. However, some people tend to use one hand to tie their shoelaces, which is not right, for you need to have something presentable.


Use your other hand to wrap the other lace around the loop: - do not let your laces off your fingers. Keep on holding around the loops until you cover them towards you.


Pull the shoelace through the hole to form another loop: - pull the laces with your hands to pull them through. Use the gap in between the loops to wrap the lace to enable them to come through the hole.


Holding both loops and pull them tight: - in this case, you only need to pull your laces tight to keep them in point. With this, you would have nicely tied your shoes.


Using the circle technique


Place the shoes on a flat surface: - just like in basic knot, you are required to let your shoelaces fall to either side of the boot. This is going to make your work easier


Tie a basic knot: - using your hand, grab the laces and tie one of them on top of the other, after that, you will be required to pull to make them tight, but you should make sure that the knot formed is at the middle of your shoes.


Tie another knot but do not tighten: - tie the second knot but do not stretch to give allowance between the first and the second knot. When you are keen, you will notice that there is a circle between the knots formed, the circles flat against your shoes, and you use your hands to do so.


Thread one shoelace into the circle: - you should make sure that the thread made passes through the circle but do not make them tight to give them an allowance. You should also make sure that threads do not slide away from the circle.


Pull the loops tight: - pull the loops tight using your hands. Your shoes are now tied. Shoe repair near me provides you with every service you need. If you need more information on how to tie your shoelaces, then visit Freaky Shoes


Helpful tips on how to tie your laces


  • You should practice on thread your laces regularly to make it easy for you when you need to tie them. You can choose to drill through the loops of your shoes.

  • You should also consider on which method of lacing would be the best for you. You can decide to use magic fingers or a basic tie knot, so long as you get to know to tie your laces.

  • Take your time to color your shoelace, but on one side, to make it easy for you to distinguish between the two sides of your laces.

  • It is also essential to make sure that the threads you are using are long enough to take you throughout.


Quick, Cheap & Easy Fix for Frayed Laces


Are your frayed shoestrings making you feel uncomfortable, Freaky Shoes has you covered, with their products to make sure that sneakers are in functional status. However, before you replace your shoelaces, try to fix them with a piece of cotton thread and any glue and see the outcome. Shoe repair will make you feel like you have just renewed your shoes, so visit and be the first to do that.


Furthermore, with this method of fixing your laces, you do not need a lot of content to maneuver with it around. But again, you don't need to stress yourself because Freaky Shoes will always be available to provide with what you lack. The steps to be followed when fixing your laces are as illustrated below;


Apply Some Glue on the Frayed End


For you to have the best results, you need to set a strong foundation. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have all the requirements before you do anything. First and foremost, spread your glue on the frayed part but do it with a tiny amount. Use a paintbrush to dab your glue to avoid getting in contact with it; have the best glue products that will suit your need.


Wrap It Tightly With Thread


Of course, cotton thread is the best type to use. After wrapping the thread around your finger, use the other end to wind it around the tip. You don't need to rush, take your time, and carefully fold the thread firmly and tightly to make sure that no part is left uncovered. The more you wind it up, the more its ends become thinner. However, when you find that you are leaving some spots do not mind, you can come back and fix them later.


Tie both ends of Thread & Leave It to Dry


You cannot use your laces when they are not dried. Immediately you are done with tying the threads on both ends of the laces, leave them for at least 5 to 10 minutes to dry up. You should also be keen to make sure that your laces are not interfered with until they are dehydrated.


Apply Toothpaste & Leave It to Dry


Once the glue has dried, apply a layer of toothpaste to cover it, and then give it a maximum of 5 minutes to dry up.


Make It Neat & Tidy


After the entire component has completely dried, use a paintbrush to wipe off the excess dried toothpaste to make it look neat. Use a piece of rug to snip its tip, thus making it clean and tidy. You will now be free to use your laces.


Advantages of Different ways to tie shoelaces


Freaky shoes has recommended more than a million ways to tie your shoelaces. Therefore, shoelaces are considered essential accessories that are used as a medium of transformation to the users. Below are some of the popular designs that are produced by


The loopback


This looks better in dark-colored sneakers with light-colored strings. Crisscross- it is the best way of tying your laces. When tying up your strings, you only need to crisscross the laces as you go ahead. This method can be used on any footwear, be it shoes or boot.




It is referred to this way because of the position of the laces. Its loops are vertical and diagonal, both occupying loops that are under and over, respectively.




With this, the laces tend to crisscross under and over each other. Its advantage is to reduce friction on the strings, making it easy for you to tighten and loosen them.


Ladder lacing


It makes the lace to look precisely like a ladder. It is used with those who have long shoestrings. Athletes and skaters widely use it since it makes the shoes remain tight on their feet.


Army lacing


When you need to minimize your laces from wear and tear, you are advised to go for army lacing. It also makes it possible for you to turn or rotate your foot inside the shoes. It is widely used in armies since it is prone to prevent the sides of the boot from being held down. Then it will be okay to tell you to visit and get one of your own. They also come at friendly prices.


Display show


They are only used when putting shoes on display. It also has a clean finishing that makes it preferable by photographers.


Double back


When you are tying your lace, you start from the lower end of the shoes and then double back the lace through the loops going back to where you started from.


Bottom Line


Putting on shoes that have laces is the best thing someone would love. However, if you feel that you want the best shoelaces, and then don't hesitate to visit because they will always have you covered. For those with frayed laces, do not be left out, make a step, and have the best for yourself.



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