Nike versus Adidas: Difference between Adidas and Nike

Nike versus Adidas: Difference between Adidas and Nike

Nike versus Adidas: Difference between Adidas and Nike:


Performing an internet search on which of the two brands, Adidas or Nike, is better will never provide you a straightforward answer. Both Nike and Adidas are blessed with the unwavering support of millions of people, and neither brand will back down just like that. From a fashion perspective, it is vital to realize that there will never be a situation where the taste, preference, and choice of people will not differ.


Quite unsurprisingly, a massive rivalry between Nike and Adidas has been going on for quite a long time. Nike is not accustomed to being chased. However, Adidas is doing a remarkable job in causing a setback for Nike in terms of style, innovation, and technology. However, who is presently the leading scorer in this endless battle still seems to be unknown.


Even though Nike has stood in the market as a leader of exclusive sneakers and sportswear for a long time, the circumstances are no longer the same. The Adidas vs. Nike war still continues, and it is crucial to understand whether our minds have changed or whether there has been a change of quality. Though this intense competition between Nike and Adidas is what has been a driver of success for both brands, it is vital to understand the areas in which they both differ.


Adidas Vs Nike: History


Adidas History

Adidas is Europe's largest and the world's second-biggest producer of sportswear after Nike. It was established by Adolf Dassler. Later, Rudolf Dassler, his older brother, also joined him in 1924. Together, they both set up the "The Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory."


  • About the Dassler Brothers


Adolf was strongly passionate about not just one but several sports, including soccer, skiing, boxing, and football, to name a few. Because of his massive interest and knowledge about a plethora of games, he was well aware that each sport is unique. He understood that many sportsmen have to face challenges because they wear the same shoes in different sports.


  • How Adidas Originated


In 1949, both Adolf and Rudolf went through hardships that affected their relationship. Adolf founded Adidas and Rudolf created PUMA, which eventually turned out to Adidas' strongest competitor at the time. Adidas derived its name from the first 2 letters of his first name and first 3 letters of his last name, therefore Ad-Das.


Nike History

Nike is an American based multinational brand that is ranked as the world's biggest producer and supplier of apparel and athletic footwear. It was priced at 19 million dollars in 2014, making it the world's leading brand in the sports industry.


  • How Nike Emerged


Nike was initially named as Blue-Ribbon Sports and was established by Phill Knight and Bill Bowerman. The brand derived its name in 1971, which was inspired by NIKE, the Greek Goddess of success.


Initially, Nike operated as a distributor for Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese shoemaker. Bowerman created the first shoe for Otis Davis and, as a result, achieved two gold medals in the Summer Olympics of 1960.


  • Nike: Just Do it!


However, in 1971, the association between Onitsuka Tiger and Blue-Ribbon Sports almost came to an end. By that time, BRS was quite ready to start their own shoe line with the Swoosh symbol designed by Carolyn Davidson.


The agency launched its very first advertisement with the slogan, "There is no finish line." This was then followed by another ad in 1988 with the slogan "Just Do it." During the '80s, Nike continued to expand its line of business to sports regions worldwide.


Deciding Between Adidas and Nike


To this date, you will not find a globally endorsed shoe brand since everybody's choice differs in terms of taste and preference. Adidas and Nike both are the leading and globally recognized sportswear producers, but the debate between which of the two brands is better still looms in the air.


With passing years, each brand faces changes in popularity, based on how aggressively each brand promotes itself. However, people who face difficulty choosing whether to go for Adidas or Nike should look at some of the general differences to be able to decide better.


Identifying Adidas Shoe Products


A shoe product of Adidas can easily be spotted through the brand's logo. The 3 stripes comprise 3 parallel bars. The bars include different colors which are based on the shoe's color. The purpose is to make the lines stand out.


Unlike its rival, Nike, Adidas does not have any tagline. This is because their portfolio of shoes is not strictly restricted to Adidas. Instead, they also comprise other sportswear giants such as Reebok.


Identifying Nike Shoe Products


On the other hand, all of Nike's products come with their own logo, the Swoosh. This is typically escorted with its catchy tagline, "Just Do it." This one-of-a-kind phrase makes it relatively easy to spot Nike products. Nike shoes are designed particularly on how your body moves and functions and how each shoe feels.


The Differences between Nike and Adidas Shoe Products


Identifying the quoting of the variances between Nike and Adidas' worldwide sanctioned products is a challenging task. The sanction denotes that each brand produces functional quality sportswear, ideal for sports. This can inevitably imply that they both are similar in a lot of ways. However, there are some areas of distinction that need to be noted.


Each producer comes up with a distinctive set of features that classifies the shoes for diverse purposes. These differences are quite evident if you pay heed to the value, style, comfort, and price of both brands.


  1. Areas of Endorsements




Adidas is a preferred means of choice by people into sports like tennis and soccer. Adidas shoes rule these domains since people feel more comfortable with the brand. The credit goes to how multipurpose and flexible the majority of Adidas shoes are.




Contrariwise, Nike is the leading choice and a huge source of inspiration for people who are into sports like running and basketball. Nike comes with an exclusive variety of running footwear suitable for all kinds of runners, such as the Nike Air Vapor Max.


Its product range even includes lightweight shoes like Nike Air Zoom, which is the top choice for basketball shoes. If you are enthusiastic about fitness and running, Nike is your go-to brand.


  1. Quality of the Shoes


Nike's footwear collection is ranked first all over the world, whereas Adidas takes the second rank. Since Nike both brands are leading the market of shoe products, it becomes challenging to identify which ones have more value. Both Nike and Adidas do a tremendous job of bringing satisfaction in their respective field of sports.


Popular Opinion:


Many people find both brands to be of superior quality compared to other emerging brands that are trying to capture the market with low prices. This is why people usually go for both Adidas and Nike when it comes to quality.




Still, Adidas has excelled in the shoe market with advanced and fast-adapting technology for a long time. Hence, people believe Adidas to be better in terms of quality as compared to Nike.


It can be safely assumed that each brand manufactures superb quality products concerning their areas of proficiency. For instance, Adidas' soccer shoes are of higher quality as compared to Nike's soccer shoes. Likewise, Nike's running shoes are much better in quality than Adidas.


  1. Logo of Each Brand


The logo is one of the most noteworthy and attention-grabbing features of any shoe. Adidas and Nike use different logos for their shoe products and sportswear items like pants and shirts. This is how you can effortlessly identify and differentiate each of their products. These logos have been selected carefully to fit your daily routine.


Hence, through these logos, you can quickly identify if it is a genuine pair of shoes or not. This is essential since the two brands spend excessive amounts of money, creating their portfolio of shoes. It is not fair if you end up spending so much money on its dupe or something else.


  1. Design of the Shoes




Amongst all the people, the millennials are personally appealed by the designs of Nike shoes. Nike produces a wide array of shoes that come in unique styles and various colors. With Nike, consumers are aware that they can always choose from a broad range of products that suit their needs.




On the other hand, Adidas’ shoes might not necessarily have that "cool or trendy" element. Still, they are definitely more comfortable than Nike. Hence, there is a quarrel between comfort and style between both.


The majority of Adidas shoes are designed to be comfortable for both genders. With a shoe like that, you can easily pair up with your spouse or beloved, provided that you both have similar choices and needs.


  1. Shoe-size chart


Both manufacturers use different shoe-size charts, based on the places where they are located. Hence, it is absolutely essential to measure your foot size accordingly to know the actual length. This shoe-size chart for Nike and Adidas will enable you to know which size will fit perfectly concerning both brands.




Adidas uses a European based shoe-size chart because it is found in Germany.




Nike uses an American shoe-size chart since it is based in the United States.


Sizing Difference:


The centimeter size that Adidas shoes include contains an advancing linear of 0.5-centimeter variation than that of Nike. For instance, an Adidas men's size 6 shoes will be a Nike size 6.5.


  1. Sole Materials




Most of the time, Nike produces rubber outer-soles, with different patterns to offer increased traction. This is usually what makes Nike shoes so good for athletes. These shoes are ideal for running on trails and being worn in basketball courts.




Adidas incorporates Boost technology within its shoes, where the pallets are constricted and molded while producing a lot of shoes. Moreover, the material acts as a significant factor of extreme comfort that Adidas shoes bring.


  1. Comfort


In a shoe, comfort can be defined in terms of how well a shoe fits your foot. Despite how beautifully and flawlessly a pair of shoes might be crafted, there is no guarantee that it will provide comfort. It needs to fit accurately without any discomfort or excessive rubbings. A shoe that offers excellent arch support can be classified as a shoe that offers comfort.




The majority of people like Adidas as a brand because its shoes are incredibly comfortable. To quite an extent, Adidas' shoes are very suitable for everyday errands. The credit goes to the fact that they are equipped with full-length midsoles that provide increased support for your feet and the entire body.




Contrariwise, Nike is not leaving behind and continues with contemporary product launches. It is gradually catching up with its newest designs that are fitted with inner cushions and midsoles. This is where all the comfort lies, besides the right shoe size. Nike has an exclusive right to safeguard its cushioning technology, so you are assured of getting the best.


  1. Weight of the Shoes


Ever since Adidas introduced the boost technology, it has added the concept of versatility within its sneaker portfolio. These sneakers can be used for different sports and work exceptionally well in your daily life too.




Adidas shoes are light in weight and built with the right cushioning, breathability, flexibility, and arch support. Additionally, Adidas’ shoes are multipurpose.




Nike also includes some lightweight shoes in its portfolio, such as the Nike Free RN FlyKit. Still, it does not include the same level of cushioning that Adidas does.


  1. Price of Each Brand’s Shoes


When you visit a shoe store, you will often notice that Nike shoes are usually pricier than Adidas. Sometimes, you will even come across a few pairs of Adidas shoes priced much higher than some Nike products, such as Adidas Yeezy Shoes.




Moreover, a good pair of Nike shoes will undoubtedly call for a lot of savings. It will be quite expensive on the pocket and probably out of budget. Nike's shoe brands, such as Nike Mag 2016, were sold for as high as $26,000. Hence, it can be said that physical appearance certainly has a price.




The primary differences between Adidas and Nike's shoes have been discussed. Still, how valuable these factors really are is a highly debatable topic. A brand's excellence is entirely a matter of individual preference that differs from person to person. Any shoe brand might be perfect for various needs or might fulfill the same requirements in everyday life.


There is a chance that you might prefer each of the two brands for a particular occasion or task. For some people, these characteristics that people observe and feel between Nike and Adidas are usually personalized. In the end, all the shoes are manufactured differently by both brands.


Technology plays a vital role in the shoe business. Still, the primary factor that remains the same throughout is consistency. Hence, these factors may change from time to time because every brand desires to perform continuous product and quality improvements to stay in the competition.


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