The basketball game has seen the rise of numerous signature shoes ever since its birth. Many shoe brands are attributed to legendary basketball players, talking of the famous Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

If you take a keen assessment of the game, you will realize that many basketball players have their footwear lines as their success signatures shoes. Nike only has a significant number of shoes brands that were created by the NBA players. This brings us to today's topic, Nike Zoom freak 1.

What the zoom freak 1? After winning the M.V.P. as an N.B.A. player, Giannis Antetokounmpo had the chance to unleash his first signature shoes Nike Zoom Freak 1. This marked as the greatest achievement for Giannis, considering that it's rare for any N.B.A.

player to make it to the level of launching his signature shoes. But what makes it a popular brand among other footwears in the N.B.A.? Are the zoom freak 1s good enough to stand the test of time in basketball? What features make it top the list?

Being the Giannis' first signature footwear, there are critics and encouraging stories behind it, scaling the ladder and being among the highly chosen shoe globally, but that is common in the world of stiff competition.

Therefore, this blog will briefly try to review the outstanding features of Zoom Freak 1.

zoom freak 1 review

Nike Zoom Freak 1 performance Review

Any sneaker's performance is determined by some factors, that their rating in performance must be exemplary outstanding to defeat other shoes in the field.

These assessment factors include;

  • Traction.

  • Cushioning

  • Material

  • Fitness

  • Support

  • Overall review.

These are the same features used to assess Nike Zoom Freak 1 sneakers' performance and gave it the popularity.


For every new signature shoe, the traction ability is the main focus as it offers added stability to the player. Many shoe brands will go deeper to design traction patterns that are both stylish and functional. Mostly, the designer will overlook the functional side and focus more on style.

As for the Nike Zoom freak 1, I noticed that its outsole is designed with both solid and rubber, which in my view, can break or make its performance. The outsole solid rubber pattern is responsible for the perfect solid grip to the floor.

However, the bite's permanence is heavily determined with how dirty the court floor is, meaning if the court is too dirty, there are high possibilities to slide. But, no room to worry since you could take a few seconds to wipe away the dust and continue with the game. Luckily not all dusty floors could make the Zoom Freak 1 slide.

Moreover, the sneaker if fitted with an animal-like translucent outsole. It has widely spread grooves such that the dust had no place to stick. Unfortunately, as a new player, you are required to break in the game to wear down the dust layer and link up with the rest of the outsole for a perfect grip.

Shifty players might also want to hold it up during break-in times because these translucent rubber patterns are the ones that receive much force whenever you are stopping or aiming for a quick lane change.

As an experienced field monster, going for a Nike Zoom Freak 1 with a complete solid rubber outsole would be a perfect choice. Still, unfortunately, the cool colorways mostly use the translucent-rubber combination.


Its cushioning ability defines the structural support of any sneaker. The first time to wear Zoom Freak 1, I was surprised to realize that the shoe has no cushion at the forefoot. Instead, it has double-stacked Zoom Air heel. Giannis calls it the rectangle style Zoom Air.

I think Giannis took more time wearing Kobe's, and he had to choose his signature to be exactly as Kobe's footwear. I would suggest to place one Zoom unit both at the forefoot and the heel to balance the cushioning feeling. As for the Kobe’s, the player favored the court feeling than the forefoot cushion, and that exactly what Giannis did to his footwear.

Knowing your preference as a player will help you determine what the zoom freak 1 offers in terms of the cushion. I will not recommend you to go for it if you prefer a shoe that will cushion you from the forefoot to the heel. Nike Zoom Freak 1 is perfectly designed for those players who value the court feeling and not the shoe's general cushion. It has proved my notion that not all shoes are created for positions.

It all depends on player choice and preferences. For the field giant like Giannis, it serves it right. All he was concerned with was the bonding with his court for incredible performance and not the soft feeling in his shoes. If you ask me, 'Are the zoom freak 1s good in terms of cushioning?' I won't hesitate to say yes, depending on my love for court, which might be opposed to your choice of comfortability by no surprise.


You might be concerned with how the material of the sneakers could impact its performance. The material used to make any shoe determines its durability and the comfort of your foot inside. As a keen observer in any footwear, you will notice that most basketball shoes are made of either textile or leather. This is no different from any Nike sneakers.

As for the Nike Zoom Freak 1, the shoe is made of textile material mesh that is durable and lightweight. The shoe also features a few touches o neoprene-like material on its tongue and its ankle collar's rare sections.

We cannot forget its heat-welded plastic shroud covering the textile mesh from the toe to the heel. Noticeably, the plastic shroud does not compromise the shoe's softness and fitting ability, and no break-in time is needed to mold your foot for a custom fitness.


How do you like the fitness of your shoe? Too tight or a bit large. Ask me again, and I will choose the tight-fitting sneakers. Luckily that's exactly what Zoom freak 1 has to offer. Nike Zoom freak 1 is absolutely a perfect blend between the renown Kobe 11 and Kobe AD Exodus.

If you know what Kobe 11 and Kobe AD fits the player's feet, you would know how Zoom freak feels. From its double-stacked zoom air confined at the heel, the shoe might feel heavyweight, but blends in nicely with the entire shoe due to its smooth mold of the midsole. This offers the perfect hill to toe traction. The shoe’s construction is created to sit super light on your foot.

From the player's experience, general fitness will reflect the overall performance of the game. However, Zoom freak 1 is not the lightest sneaker if you are looking for the light pair to fit your feet in the arena.

When comparing Nike Zoom Freak 1 and Nike Zoom Kobe 6, I realized that the more you wear zoom freak 1, the more they adjust to fit your feet. Are the zoom freak 1s good for fitness? The answer to that entirely depends on wit how you find them the moment you wear and join the game.


Any player would want his foot to be placed exactly at the footbed. That is what zoom freak 1 offers. The shoe has a foot-like shape with enough width for additional stability.

For the perfect support, the shoe has a midsole sculpt that keeps your feet right at the footbed. Its base is quite nice and flat, offering small outrigger, although they don't promote much stability as experienced in shoes like Adidas D.O.N. Issue 1 or Dame 5.

However, some players might use these models more exaggerated and a bit clunky. It is no surprise that this kind of shoes with a solid flat platform running from the toe to the heel might lack the shank plate.

But the question is, why does this kind of boots need a shank plate for? For instance, many Nike brands and others lack this special feature, but there has never been an issue.

It is only one time in history where the wearer of Jordan XX8 had some heavier arches begin to fall at their midfoot. The Jordan XX8 had to improvise its tendrils to prevent the falling of the arch while providing the player with the mobility.

Therefore, any shoe with this type of flat tooling cannot be collapsed at the midfoot by the wearer's weight. This explains why Nike Zoom freak 1 lacks a shank plate but has a lot of rubber wrapped around its medial and lateral sides that prevent the foot's over-twisting.


On wearing the Zoom freak 1, it felt like the lightest basketball sneakers that have ever been used in the field. Its unit weight is estimated at 355g. Any player looking for the lightest shoe suitable for the tremendous activities should consider Nike Zoom freak 1.

The key feature of Nike Zoom Freak 1.

As a shoe brand of its own, Zoom freak 1 boots have its outstanding features that specifically define the owner. These features include;

  • The shoe has Giannis signature ‘I AM MY FATHER’S LEGACY’ that is molded into the outsole.
  • It has a geometric traction pattern that offers perfect bit to the floor during quick stops, starts, and even changing the direction.
  • There is a detailed design on the midsole and outsole to honor the player's parents and four brothers. It is evident that Giannis values his family most.
  • An extended rubber clip from the outsole up to the lateral sides for maximum support.
  • Roses inspire the outsole in honor of his late father.

Why you should buy Nike Zoom Freak 1.

After spending a few hours trying to evaluate these shoes' performance, it came to my notice that the pump is one of the leading sales in the footwear industry. I came up with these reasons why I think you should also go for it;

  • Fitness and lockdown are really remarkable.
  • They are quite comfortable to play in.
  • Their traction power works perfectly on clean courts.
  • They offer awesome feeling with their double-stacked Zoom unit, which, according to many wearers, they are very bouncy and offer a ton of impact protection.
  • They are worth every penny.
  • Since many players like the upper textile material's softness and flexibility, they say that the material requires little or no time for break-in.
  • Those who love to feel the court claim that the shoe feels like a guard shoe and the forefoot cushioning is precisely receptive.
  • Zoom freak 1 shoes are also suitable for outdoor use.


  • Many players dislike the translucent part of the outsole as they perform miserably on dusty floors. According to many wearers, the translucent section easily collects dust and requires wiping recurrently.
  • The textile material looks cheap and not durable.
  • Lack of Zoom unit at the forefoot is a disappointment to many.

Bottom Line.

How do you find this type of sneakers? Are the zoom freak 1s good for your game? As a professional basketball player, you will understand the difference in this type of sneakers either on the positive side or the other way round.

After all, the boot's performance depends on the wearer, and nobody should decide for you. I have to admit that what the zoom freak 1 offers in the field is not the same as what you will experience; that is when you review it differently.

For instance, many players would prefer something that offers complete cushion from the toe to the heel. Something they cannot find in Zoom freak 1 since this shoe only offers cushion on the heels as you feel the court.

To avoid regrets at a later stage, its recommended you should know what you are looking for in a basketball sneaker, or preferably go ahead and test every shoe on the shelve before settling for one. We are looking forward to more surprising deals from Nike Shoe brand and see who will win the game.

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