Place your art printed on the shoes

Place your art printed on the shoes

Place your art printed on the shoes. Did you ever think that your ART can be printed on the shoes of your choice? Visit and learn how can you place your art on high quality customized shoes and sneakers.


Artists have always been unique people on this planet. They create images in their minds and materialize their imagination on canvas. When we think of an artist we usually think of Van Gogh and Picasso but there is an artist inside every human being. What makes artists, graffiti artists, comic book artists, painters, sketchers and graphic designers unique is their aesthetic sense. When we love a famous painting, feel satisfaction while enjoying the raindrops and love beautiful shoes it’s an artist in us which make us feel the beauty of anything.


With time the style and methods of art are evolving. We can see artists showing their work in many interesting forms which weren’t available in past. Tool and canvas are the two most important things which make one piece of art or painting different from others. The tool is an instrument like a pencil, brush, hand, markers etc which is used to create the art while canvas is the surface where artists draw their art. As we can see artists are using different forms of canvas to show their creativity. Have you ever think your artwork to be printed on your shoe? It’s not strange, we at provide you an opportunity to prove your artistic skill and let us print it on our customized sneakers. manufacture customized shoes/sneakers per customer demand. Our shoes are manufactured in the state of art facility and we print whatsoever you love to be printed on your shoes. Whether you are an expert artist or an amateur art lover, here at we convert the shoes on your foot as the canvas for your artwork. We invite all the artists, graffiti designers, comic book artists, painters, sketchers or painting lovers to send us your artwork and let us print it on the shoes of your choice. We have taken the customization of shoes to the next level, where you not only select the color, pattern, and design of shoes but get choice to select whatever you like to be printed on the shoes of your choice.


Every artist wants appreciation for his/her work. For the renowned artist, it is easy to invite people on exhibition in art galleries and receive appreciation for their work. But new struggling artists, art lovers, and people who create a painting with pencil, markers, and crayons in their leisure can’t afford exhibitions. For experts it is an opportunity to wear their art on their foot, take their creativity everywhere and get appreciation from friends, colleagues, relatives, and neighbors.


Did you ever create an interesting drawing while sitting in the backyard of your home? I don’t think that you can exhibit that art for others. Your graffiti or marker sketch can look weird on the paper but let us show you the mock design of that art on shoes. The medium totally changes the look of the artwork. Even your signature or graffiti can create an amazing look at sneakers.


Surprise your kid to let us print his drawing on shoes which get a prize in School competition. Gift him that pair of shoes to appreciate his creativity. You can also select his favorite comic book character to be placed on the customized sneakers and gift him on his birthday. Think how great your lover will feel after you gift her the pair of sneakers which express your deep feelings for him/her in the form of graffiti printed on sneakers. Think the unique designs, make them on paper and let us help you to place them on shoes. Wouldn’t it be amazing that you wear a pair of sneakers on which your favorite painting is printed? Many times paintings and artworks relax your mind and you just need to look down at your sneakers during stress.


For shoes fashion and comfort go side by side. The sneakers manufactured at are manufactured keeping both the aspects in consideration. Their surface is ideal for paintings. Wear comfy shoes customized in a way by printing your favorite painting or drawing on it. It will set new trends of fashion and everyone in your circle will love to follow it.


You have a number of choices to select the area of shoes where you want us to print for you. You can choose a one-panel design, two to three-panel design or four to six-panel design. In one panel design, we print the same design on both sides of the shoe. In two to three panel design you may let us print more than one painting on a single pair of shoes. You may select two different drawings for the inside panel and outside panel. You can also select a logo, signature or same drawing for tongue panel as well. In four to six panel design we let you select four different paintings for a single pair of shoes. Let me tell you how. We have two shoes in a pair having two panels each inside pg famous among dancers, actresses, and DJ’s.


Visit and first select the shoes of your choice, upload image(s) of your painting, graffiti, sketch, drawing or logo. Select the panel option and size of your shoe. We will send you confirmation mail and after confirming your order will send to the production department. it will take 3-7 business days for production and 3-5 days for delivery at your door. Get your favorite painting on shoes at your door and receive appreciation during parties, work and get together for your creativity.

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