Quick Tips to Resole Your Favourite Shoes

Quick Tips to Resole Your Favourite Shoes


Quick Tips to Resole Your Favourite Shoes

You might have heard about custom design running shoes. The trusted professionals at FreakyShoes provide services to help you create shoes of your choice. Now, some of you might be eager to know how to start your own sneaker brand. It can help you serve people with some of the most creative pair of shoes for different occasions.

Well, it is easier to customize gym shoes and your running shoes. But before that, it is important to learn how to resole your favourite shoes. Sole is the most important part of your shoes that maintains its sturdiness and desired level of comfort for the users. Here we are going to discuss a few easy ways to help you resole shoes in less than 20 minutes. It means your favourite old comfortable sneaker clubs shoes can get back a new appeal fast.

  • Flatten the soles:

Before adding a new sole, it is important to get rid of all the dirt and debris accumulated on the bottom portion of your shoes. You can use a disk sander or belt sander to clean the area. The idea is to make the surface flat by taking away all the residues.

  • Trace sole material:

As you have to prepare a new sole for your shoes, it is first important to know the size and dimensions. For this, you may need to trace the material accurately. Simply put your shoe on the ground paper and trace the edges using a pen.

  • Cut the sole:

Once you are ready with the traces to create my own sneakers, it is time to cut the sole into desired dimensions. You can use a sharp knife to achieve this task but make sure you leave some extra material around the edges for better fixing. Experts prefer using an electric turkey knife to cut the soles for shoes.

  • Use contact cement:

You can make use of high-quality contact cement to fix the glue on your shoes. It will help you stay away from all the brain damage, headaches and explosions. Before applying this, make sure you sit in the ventilated area and wear a mask with special organic vapour cartridges. Now follow directions given on the box.

  • Apply glue:

It is time to apply glue on the surfaces. Prefer to use a brush to paint the mating surfaces of the soles and the shoes. But don’t put them together immediately; rather, let the glue dry for a while. It will help you to ensure perfect bonding.

  • Join the sole:

Align the sole and shoe perfectly before mating them. Then apply pressure to attach them together. You may need to hold it for a while to ensure perfect contact.

  • Dance around:

In order to ensure solid contact between both mating surfaces, just wear your shoes and stomp around. It will help you get a fine feeling while fixing your shoes tight.

  • Get rid of the edges:

Once your sole and shoes are perfectly attached, it is time to remove the additional material. You can use a trimming tool to remove the edges and make sure you give it a nice finish.

Your shoes are now ready to wear. After learning the procedure for designing sneakers, you can even put the logo of shoes on the pair to flaunt the customized look in style.


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